Soundcore C30i review: Earclip transparent design with 10 hours playtime

Soundcore C30i is indeed a great budget open-ear headphone worthy of recommendation. It left a deep impression on me with its unique appearance design, comfortable wearing, excellent sound quality and long battery life.

Soundcore C30i specs and features:
  • Bluetooth 5.3 & Multipoint connection
  • 10 hours playback of per charge
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 2 times
  • IPX4 waterproof rating (rain and sweat resistant)
  • Comes with 2 sets of ear grips, USB-C cable, user manual
  • $69 -Check latest price on Amazon US, Amazon Germany, other Amazon countries or AliExpress

Design, Workmanship and Comfort

The Soundcore C30i charging case is made of frosted plastic, which feels round and fits well. In order to highlight the design beauty, the case lid is designed to be translucent. The middle LOGO adopts a hollow design, which is low-key and highly recognizable. The frosted shell can increase friction and prevent hand sweat.

Soundcore C30i earbuds adopts a transparent plastic shell design, so you can clearly see the internal structure. Each earbud weighs only 5.7g, and the built-in 12mm*17mm racetrack-shaped titanium-plated diaphragm driver is 57% larger than the circular speaker, and the sound area is increased by 80%.

The front of Soundcore C30i is the speaker and sound outlet, while the back is where the motherboard, chip, microphone and touch control area are concentrated. At the same time, the motherboard is equipped with a dual-mic call noise reduction function, which can effectively filter out environmental noise, highlight the vocal and make the call quality clearer.

Soundcore C30i earbuds adopt the earclip open-ear design and equipped with detachable ear grips to match different ear shapes, which can further improve stability. With the IPX4 waterproof rating, it can handle sweat or light rain. I tried it on and could hardly feel the weight, and there was no discomfort when wearing it for a long time. If you wear it for a long time, you can also adjust the angle to relieve ear fatigue.

APP Support, Control and Battery Life

Soundcore C30i supports the Soundcore App for Android and iOS – once the App is installed and opened, it will automatically connect to the earbuds.

There are not many functions in the APP, including power status, 3D surround sound, control settings, multi-point connection, reminder sound and white noise settings. I like listening to white noise, especially when I have difficulty concentrating and insomnia. The preset white noise in the APP is very stress-relieving, and you can also DIY white noise.

The gold circular area is the touch control area of ​​the earbuds, which is very simple and sensitive to operate. Double-tap to play/pause, triple-tap to switch tracks, and long press to reject call or activate the voice assistant. Plus, you can customize the control scheme in the APP.

The battery capacity of the charging case is 470mAh, and the earbud is 65mAh. The single battery life is up to 10 hours, and the total battery life when used with the charging case is up to 30 hours – enough for daily music and gaming experience. Plus, the earbuds support fast charging function, and charging for 10 minutes can be used for 3 hours.

Sound Quality and Leakage

Soundcore C30i has a stronger and more shocking bass performance. Especially when listening to concert music, the bass is thick and powerful, with good elasticity and deep extension. The treble has strong resolution, high restoration and transparency. The mids is relatively not as good as the treble and bass, and the overall feeling is a bit dull.

Plus, the Soundcore C30i provides 360° panoramic surround sound function, which makes the spatial effect and directionality of the sound better when listening to concert music or videos. When watching movies at home, the spatial and three-dimensional sense of the sound is stronger, and you can clearly feel the immersive surround sound effect.

Soundcore C30i uses Directional Accoustic technology, which can accurately control the movement of sound waves, achieve the effect of accurate sound waves entering the ear, and greatly reduce sound leakage.

There will be no “sound leakage” in scenes such as outdoors, offices, libraries, elevators, etc. When the earbuds volume is adjusted to the maximum, it can still be heard in absolutely quiet scenes.


The 12mm*17mm racetrack-shaped titanium-plated diaphragm driver, 360° surround sound and directional sound transmission technology all reflect Anker’s attention to consumers. Although there are still some shortcomings, it does not hinder the excellent workmanship and sound quality of Soundcore C30i.

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