If you are talking about the pursuit of noise cancelling and sound quality, the TWS noise cancelling headphones that are used the most every day are not as good as over-ear headphones in terms of sound quality, noise cancelling effect, battery life and ear protection. It may be said that for over-ear headphones, in addition to portability limiting its wider market and breathability limiting its usage scenarios. But only for the experience, over-ear headphones are almost crushing the TWS earbuds. It is precisely for these reasons that some people turn their attention to over-ear headphones.

For the choice of over-ear noise cancelling headphones, buy the most expensive if your budget is sufficient. In the audio market, you get what you get for every penny, and there are few challenges to leapfrog (except for luxury goods and Internet celebrity products, where marketing expenses account for too much, resulting in poor sound quality). However, if the budget is limited, you need to look down and look at specials or low-middle products of various brands, such as Sony WH-XB910N.

The Sony WH-XB910N is an iterative product of the WH-XB900N, and its design and appearance have been slightly adjusted compared to the previous generation. And this small change and adjustment can be regarded as a separation of the appearance of the WH-XB series and the WH-1000X series.

The process continues the previous frosted treatment, and the feel and touch are as clear as before, but it still can’t get rid of the shortcomings of the Sony XB900N’s strong plastic feel. The sponge on the head beam and earmuffs has been optimized and thickened, the wearing comfort has been improved a lot, and the toughness of the head beam has also been adjusted to a certain extent.

In terms of noise cancelling, it basically meets the needs in daily use. In particular, the improvement of wind noise suppression can also isolate noise in complex environments, but compared to the noise cancelling experience, it cannot reach the level of the WH-1000X series. If you don’t pursue the ultimate noise cancelling, then the Sony WH-XB910N can deal with many environments and scenes without pressure. Used with the software, it can support 20-level noise cancelling and adaptive noise cancelling, and can automatically switch the noise cancelling mode according to the scene.

In terms of sound quality, thanks to the head-mounted headphones that can install a larger drive unit, the Sony WH-XB910N uses a 40mm dynamic driver unit, which, together with the Sony Extra Bass sound tuning, improves the downward extension and impact of music. If you like Hi-Pop and rock, then you will love this tuning style. In addition to Sony’s exclusive sound effects, the Sony WH-XB910N also uses the DSEE digital sound enhancement engine, which can complement the lossy music through algorithms, improve the sound quality, and satisfy a higher music experience. It also uses bluetooth LDAC decoding and transmission, and can enjoy almost lossless sound quality in the case of wireless bluetooth. In addition, in the case of cooperation with the APP, two-way 10-level sound effects can be customized to meet the listening experience of various music styles.

For other functions, the comprehensive battery life of the Sony WH-XB910N is up to 50 hours, and it can also be up to 30 hours when noise cancelling and sound effects are turned on. At the same time, it is equipped with fast charging technology, charging for 10 minutes and listening to songs for 4.5 hours. Sony WH-XB910N adopts Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which improves the connection distance and stability. At the same time, it also supports the simultaneous connection of two devices, which can achieve seamless switching. This function is a very practical function for many office workers.

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