An excellent true wireless noise-cancelling bluetooth headset can not only indulge in the joy of music, but also isolate the hustle and bustle of the outside world and restore inner peace. As Xiaomi’s first flagship noise-canceling headset, Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro not only has hard-core noise reduction capabilities, but also supports Snapdragon Sound™ technology. The excellent sound quality performance can bring a high-quality wireless listening experience to each user.

Immerse the sense of listening, make music sound beautiful

Excellent structural design and material selection are the hardware foundation for beautiful sound quality. Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro uses an 11mm ultra-linear dynamic speaker, and the sound unit adopts a high-resilient diaphragm and a centering piece design, which can bring shocking and surging sound, and the full immersion is like being on the scene.

The Mi Audio Lab also professionally tuned the Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro, and fine-tuned the acoustic parameters by referring to the influence of the head, auricle and other factors on the sound, so that it has a more fidelity sound quality and restores pure music. Sense of hearing.

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro is also the world’s first headset to support Snapdragon Sound technology. When connected to Xiaomi 11 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Ultra that also support Snapdragon Sound, both can achieve industry-leading sound quality, voice calls, latency and connection stability. Performance and ultimate end-to-end experience. Includes 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution audio playback supported by Qualcomm aptX™ Adaptive audio technology. Ultra-clear voice call realized by Qualcomm aptX Voice 32kHz ultra-wideband voice technology. And industry-leading ultra-low latency of less than 89ms, which can support the ultimate immersive gaming experience.

All-round, let the experience continue to surprise

In addition to multi-speed noise reduction and excellent sound quality, Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro has also done everything in terms of daily use experience. For example, after connecting to a mobile phone, users can select different noise reduction modes and configurations for Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro through the pop-up window, and wake up the voice assistant. By long pressing and short pressing the headphone handle, functions such as pause/play, previous/next song, mode switching, etc. can also be realized, and the headphones can be easily controlled.

For users who often need to switch connected devices, the dual-device smart quick connection of Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro allows the headset to connect to two devices on different platforms at the same time, and will not miss important calls from mobile phones when using a computer to work. As a flagship headset, Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro also supports fit detection, audio sharing, headset search and other functions, fully taking care of the user’s daily experience.

Reduce noise interference, clear calls

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro also supports three microphones to reduce noise during calls, and the feed-forward microphone, feed-back microphone and call microphone work together. Paired with Qualcomm QCC5151 ultra-low power bluetooth audio SoC, it can achieve refined processing of external environmental sounds and call sounds, and accurately capture human voices while reducing noise interference, bringing a very clear call experience.

Whether in terms of sound quality, noise reduction or user experience, Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro has achieved industry-leading standards. With the blessing of Snapdragon Sound technology, it brings users a consistent high-quality wireless audio experience. It is indeed a flagship TWS noise-canceling headset.

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