Sanag G6S review: Comfortable wearing with 48 hours battery life

Whether it is outdoor workout, commuting, or in the office, bluetooth headphonrs are loved by users for their convenience and wirelessness. Among many brands and models, Sanag G6S has attracted the attention of many consumers with its unique appearance design, excellent configuration and excellent user experience.

Sanag G6S specs and features:
  • Bluetooth 5.3 with SBC/AAC codec
  • 10 hours playback of per charge
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 3-4 times
  • IP55 water resistance rating (sweat and dust proof)
  • Polymeric titanium low-frequency diaphragm driver
  • $99 – Check latest price on AliExpress (Official Store)

Appearance Design, Comfort and Control

The Sanag G6S charging case adopts a square rounded corner design, the upper part is made of matte frosted material, and the lower part is treated with piano lacquer, which is smooth and textured. The middle of the bottom is matte frosted material again. The USB-C interface is designed on the back of the charging case, and the indicator light is on the front. The thickness of the case is only 27mm, and it can be easily put into the pocket of jeans when carrying it out.

Sanag G6S earphones adopt a minimalist open-ear design with smooth overall lines. The ear-hook design is not only ergonomic, but also makes the earphones more stable when worn and not easy to fall off. You can take it with you for running, cycling or mountaineering without worrying about losing it. A single earphone weighs only 5.4g, and you will not feel uncomfortable wearing it for a long time. The earhook part and the sound unit are connected by soft silicone skin-friendly material, which is soft and not easy to deform.

The operation of Sanag G6S is touch-sensitive – just tap the sanag logo area. You can achieve different functions by single-tap, double-tap, long pressing, etc. The actual operation is very responsive, with almost no response latency.

Connectivity, App Support and Battery Life

The G6S uses Bluetooth 5.3 technology and supports SBC and AAC codec. When connecting for the first time, just select “sanag G6S” in the bluetooth device list of your phone to quickly connect. When you use it again, open the lid to automatically connect to the successfully paired bluetooth device. Unfortunately, Sanag G6S does not support multi-point connection.

Sanag G6S support the Sanag App for Android and iOS – once you install and open the App, it will automatically connect to the earphones. The app provides remaining battery display, EQ adjustment, headphone positioning, control customization, game mode, digital enhancement mode, Sanag AI, and more.

The battery capacity of the charging case is 370mAh, and the earphones are 35mAh. Their 10-hour battery life can last a whole workday, and the charging case can fully charge the earphones 3-4 additional times. The case charges using USB-C charging.

Call, Game and Video Playback

Sanag G6S uses AI call noise cancelling technology, via the built-in high-sensitivity microphone, it collects environmental noise and call voice respectively, and then uses DeNoise noise cancelling technology to specifically reduce environmental noise to achieve clear transmission of vocals in noisy environments. When making calls in stations, airports and shopping malls, the other party can hear relatively clear voices.

The Sanag G6S plays videos without issues on both Android and iPhone. There’s lipsync performance in video apps like YouTube and Apple TV.

The G6S also has a dedicated low-latency game mode you can activate from the Android or iPhone app. This helps to synchronize the sound effects with the action on your screen, and the latency as low as 50ms.

Sound Quality and Leakage

Sanag G6S uses polymeric titanium low-frequency diaphragm driver, combined with sound digital enhancement engine (SSQVP-EX) and ACS virtual mixed reality soundstage algorithm, which gives you an immersive feeling when listening to music.

Although the Sanag G6S earphones are open-ear design, the hearing is still remarkable. Thanks to the sound driver and dual-engine panoramic soundstage they use, the layering and depth of the audio can be enhanced – the hearing is quite good, and the sound is very clear and bright. I feel that the G6S performs better in the midrange and highs. Although the bass extension depth can be felt, the shock/power is a bit lacking.

The midrange has good stereo, transparent and resolution. Plus, the vocals and instrument details are very well restored, and both male and female voices can be clearly presented. The highs is dynamic and transparent, and it will not be too harsh even at high volume. When listening to pop and rock songs, Sanag G6S can present a full and layered sound.

Each earphone of Sanag G6S has two speakers, one facing inward and the other facing outward, which can better gather the sound. With the DT directional sound transmission technology, it can effectively block 99% of the sound leakage. I tried it, and when I was on the phone call in the office, my colleagues next to me couldn’t hear the content of the call, which can better protect our privacy.


Sanag G6S performs well in appearance design, configuration, sound quality and comfort. They not only have a stylish and simple appearance design and excellent configuration, but also enhance the user experience via a series of innovative technologies.

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