Sanag B5S PRO over-ear active noise canceling headphone review


In recent days, the whole city has been cooling down. I planned to buy an earmuff to protect my ears. After all, the weather is too cold in autumn and winter and the ears are prone to frostbite. But after seeing this Sanag B5S PRO over-ear active noise canceling headphone, the idea of ​​buying earmuffs was dispelled.

Sanag B5S Pro

As a digital enthusiast, I knew for a long time that the sound quality and noise reduction effect of over-ear headphones are better than almost all headphones. After a few days of trial, this Sanag B5S Pro did not disappoint me, now let’s review it.

|1. Unboxing & appearance

The Sanag B5S Pro I bought is a black over-ear wireless active noise canceling headphone. This headset also has a nice name called “Dark-Tailed Gull”, and the whole body is made of classic black.

Sanag B5S Pro

In terms of material, although the body of the earphone is made of plastic, this kind of plastic is different from the plastic we usually touch. It feels very comfortable and does not have that cheap feeling. Moreover, the weight of the earphone is moderate, so it will not be burdensome to wear.

|2. Experience & Feel

①. Sound quality performance

For over-ear headphones, most people will have noise reduction needs, and this headset is no exception. Sanag B5S Pro supports ANC (active noise reduction), which I think is also its core highlight. After all, if you want to listen to good sound quality, good noise reduction is really good. When you put it on, you can immerse yourself in the world of music to your heart’s content, and the noise and interference next to it are almost inaudible.

You can take it for daily commuting and business trips, especially on airplanes. I believe anyone who has taken an airplane will have a deep understanding. If you often take an airplane or are often in a noisy environment, it is conceivable how important it is to have a pair of headphones that support ANC.

Sanag B5S Pro

Not only that, Sanag B5S Pro also supports transparent mode, which allows you to reduce noise when you need noise reduction, so that you can turn on transparent mode at any time when you don’t need it. There is a button on the right side of the headset, you can switch between transparent mode and active noise reduction mode with just one click.

②. Call performance

In addition to active noise reduction in music mode, Sanag B5S Pro also supports dual-mic high-definition calls in terms of call noise reduction. This headset is equipped with call noise reduction technology, which can accurately pick up human voices, allowing you to improve the sound quality and clarity of people talking during a call, while reducing the interference of external noise.

Sanag B5S Pro

③. Voice tuning

The sound quality tuning of the Sanag B5S Pro headphone is still very good, especially after running in, the sound quality is even better. Good sound quality comes from a good acoustic structure cavity. The Sanag B5S PRO over-ear headphone adopts the second generation SANAG-ACavity acoustic structure cavity with a built-in 40mm dynamic sound unit, which can create a wide sound field.

Sanag B5S Pro

Therefore, the overall sound is thick in low frequencies, clear in mid frequencies, and bright in high frequencies. Especially in terms of sound details, the performance is rich, and the level of sound quality is also very clear, which allows you to listen to pure and natural 3D stereo sound and brings you an immersive experience.

④. Wearing experience

Because the earphone surface is made of protein leather earmuffs, a reinforced version of the sound insulation material is added to the earphone, which can make the whole sound insulation effect better.

The soft protein skin is like a pair of earmuffs with your hands lightly touching, soft and comfortable, with good sealing properties, and a high degree of fit with the ears. I wear glasses, but I don’t feel pinched ears even after putting on the Sanag B5S Pro headphone.

Sanag B5S Pro

The self-adaptive fine-tuning design can satisfy users with different head shapes. The telescopic arm is matched with the rotating adjustment earmuffs, which can automatically adjust the head pressure according to the size of the head. Different head types can also be worn comfortably.

⑤. Connection performance

Sanag B5S Pro supports dual-mode connection, wired and wireless switching. Whether it is a wired AUX audio connection or a bluetooth wireless connection, it is supported.

⑥. Endurance performance

The Sanag B5S Pro headset uses a low-power bluetooth solution and a high-performance battery, which can bring 30 hours of battery life. The charging time is expected to only take two 2.5 hours, and when the bluetooth and ANC modes are turned on at the same time, it can support about 20 hours of battery life. After the bluetooth mode and transparent mode are turned on, the Sanag B5S Pro has a battery life of 30 hours.

Sanag B5S Pro

|3. Summary

Sanag B5S Pro over-ear active noise canceling headphone sells for less than 400 RMB. But it supports ANC and transparent mode, which is also great in terms of battery life. The highlight is that it is close to the ears and comfortable, suitable for petty bourgeois, tasteful youth and white-collar office workers.


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