Redmi K50 Pro Review: Is this a flagship mobile phone?


Redmi K50 Pro

The high-end configurations at the Redmi K50 series conference are indeed full of sincerity. The whole system comes standard with a 2K screen, OIS optical image stabilization, and the flagship Dimensity chip. Finally, the starting price of Redmi K50 Pro 2999 RMB is even more unexpected. Netizens in the barrage are sighing that “this is the real flagship”.

However, is the performance of the Redmi K50 Pro really so bright? After a week of in-depth experience, I want to talk to you about my true feelings.

Appearance: Want to pursue quality? You may be disappointed

When I hold the Redmi K50 Pro in my hand, my first feeling is “heavy”. This is not because of the weight and thickness of the Redmi K50 Pro. After all, although the weight of 201g and the thickness of 8.48mm are not outstanding, they are still within the pass line. What really caused this problem was the design of the Redmi K50 Pro. It uses a right-angled bezel similar to the iPhone, and the back cover is relatively flat. Such a design amplifies the heaviness of the Redmi K50 Pro, and it is a minus points item in terms of feel.

Redmi K50 Pro

Another major flaw in appearance comes from the frame. The Redmi K50 Pro uses a plastic middle frame, and uses a bright design on the upper and lower sides and edges, which looks very low-level. In addition, there is a very obvious black plastic bracket between the middle frame and the screen, which makes the transition between the screen and the middle frame not smooth enough.

Redmi K50 Pro

Different from the current mainstream mid-range models, the Redmi K50 Pro uses a side fingerprint design. Whether side fingerprints are good or not has been debated for a long time, but I personally don’t like side fingerprints. The reason is simple, it is too easy to touch by mistake. With the phone in your hand, the fingerprint recognition module on the side can easily misidentify the texture of the palm, and after five misidentifications, the phone will ask you to enter a password to unlock it.

The side fingerprint module is easy to touch by mistake

Enough said, let’s take a look at the good aspects of this phone. The first thing to praise is the screen of the Redmi K50 Pro. 2K resolution Samsung AMOLED flexible straight screen, support 120Hz high refresh rate, Dolby Vision and a series of functions. Redmi officially claims that it has broken 16 records in the DisplayMate A+ certification. In my actual use, the overall look and feel of the screen is excellent, and I can clearly feel the improvement of high resolution on display fineness. However, it is a pity that the LTPO function is not supported.

Redmi K50 Pro

The stereo dual speakers of the Redmi K50 Pro also perform well. The sound is loud and the three-dimensional effect is obvious, which can provide a good experience in entertainment scenes such as watching movies and playing games. The infrared remote control function of the Xiaomi series is also not absent, which is very practical when you need to temporarily remote control some household appliances.

Redmi K50 Pro

Stereo speakers and infrared modules

Redmi K50 Pro

The SIM card slot is located at the bottom of the fuselage

Overall, in terms of appearance, the Redmi K50 Pro has few design highlights. What we can find is more of a compromise on details at a low price. However, the excellent screen of the Redmi K50 Pro and the excellent dual speakers can indeed add a lot to daily use. Whether the trade-off in details is worth it is a matter of opinion.

Performance: Dimensity 9000 is really strong, but the heat dissipation of the phone is not good

The performance, to be precise, the performance of the Dimensity 9000, is believed to be the most concerned by users who are going to buy the Redmi K50 Pro.

The first is the running score, AnTuTu scored 957539 points, GeekBench single-core 1301 points, and multi-core 4494 points. The overall performance is close to that of the mainstream Snapdragon 8 flagship model, which is not much different from the previously released OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity version.

Redmi K50 Pro

As the most demanding performance requirements of most users in daily use, games naturally best reflect the performance of mobile phones. Considering the identity of the Dimensity 9000 flagship processor, we directly used the ultra-high quality +60 frame setting of “Genshin Impact” for a 30-minute test. The measured results are as follows:

Redmi K50 Pro

“Genshin Impact” game frame rate

From the perspective of frame rate, the Redmi K50 Pro using the Dimensity 9000 processor can basically maintain around 60 frames in the first 18 minutes (the stutter of about 10 minutes is caused by transmission). There is a slight lag in the middle, but it is not obvious, and it basically does not affect the game. After 18 minutes, the game begins to drop frames, the frame rate will drop to about 40 frames for a short time, and then return to 60 frames after one minute, the game can feel the frame rate drop more obviously.

Finally, let’s take a look at the heat of the phone. After 30 minutes of the highest quality “Genshin Impact” test, the maximum temperature on the back of the Redmi K50 Pro was 49.5°C, and the maximum temperature on the screen side also reached 47.7°C. Fingers can clearly feel heat when operating. For gamers who pursue extreme image quality, it is better to add a cooling back clip to the mobile phone before playing for a long time.

Temperature of the front of the fuselage after 30 minutes of gaming

Temperature of the back of the fuselage after 30 minutes of gaming

In terms of performance, the Redmi K50 Pro can indeed provide users with relatively good performance. However, the lack of heat dissipation limits the performance release of the Dimensity 9000 chip, which is somewhat regrettable.

Image: Just only enough

Let’s talk about the image part again. Although users who bought the Redmi K50 Pro may not have as much demand in terms of imaging, we still have to look at this part of the Redmi K50 Pro. The K50 Pro is equipped with a 100MP Samsung HM2 sensor as the main camera, and OIS optical image stabilization is not absent. However, in comparison, the other two lenses are nothing outstanding. If the 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens still has a certain practical value, then the 2MP macro lens is suspected of making up the number.

The real performance depends on the actual shooting performance. Let’s take a look at the proofs of the Redmi K50 Pro. Let’s look at the main camera first. Thanks to the high pixels, the proofs perform well in terms of resolution, and even if you choose to do 2x cropping, there will be no blurring problems. The color is slightly dull, and even after the AI ​​camera is turned on, there is not much improvement.

Redmi K50 Pro Redmi K50 Pro

As for the 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, there is a relatively obvious smearing phenomenon in the picture, and a lot of details are lost. Coupled with the low pixels, the whole photo looks a little blurry. At the same time, for scenes with a large light ratio, the HDR of the Redmi K50 Pro is not strong, and the highlight suppression performance is not good.

Redmi K50 Pro

The 2MP macro lens, due to its low pixels, has almost no room for zooming in and cropping. At the same time, the picture quality is also relatively ordinary, which is basically better than nothing.

Redmi K50 Pro

In the night scene, the smearing of the Redmi K50 Pro causes the picture to lose a lot of dark details, and there is a slight glare problem. In terms of color, it continues the more bland style in the daytime proofs. While the colors themselves are relatively accurate, they are not eye-catching enough.

Redmi K50 Pro

If the price of 2999 RMB hurts which part of the Redmi K50 Pro the most, it must be the image. As can be seen from the above proofs, the imaging performance of the Redmi K50 Pro is basically the level of a 1000 RMB mobile phone, which can meet the basic needs of recording life, but it is far worse than the flagship mobile phone.

Battery Life: 120W+5000mAh

Finally, let’s talk about battery life. The battery life of the Redmi K50 Pro is indeed commendable. It is equipped with a 120W fast charge and a 5000mAh battery in a not too heavy body. Presumably the Redmi official is also very proud of this, and even printed 120W directly on the box.

During the actual measurement, the fast charging performance of the Redmi K50 Pro was excellent. After turning on the fast charging acceleration, it can be charged to 35% in five minutes at 1% power, and it takes 20 minutes to fully charge. This speed performance even exceeds the Xiaomi 12 Pro. The Xiaomi 12 Pro takes 22 minutes to fully charge with the smaller battery. However, it should be noted that after the fast charging acceleration is turned on, the heat generation of the mobile phone will increase to a certain extent.

Redmi K50 Pro

Considering that the Redmi K50 Pro has a 5000mAh battery, I have high expectations for its battery life. It didn’t disappoint me after the actual test. Under the five-hour heavy battery life test, the remaining power of the Redmi K50 Pro is 53%, which ensures that there is no problem in the use of one day.

The fast charging and battery life of the Redmi K50 Pro are excellent. The 120W fast charge is definitely the first echelon in terms of speed, and the 5000mAh battery can also guarantee a day of use.


It is estimated that you can also feel that the Redmi K50 Pro is not really a flagship phone. The design is not refined enough, the shooting performance can only be considered sufficient, and the trade-offs and shortcomings brought by cost constraints can be felt in various details.

At the price of 2999 RMB, the Redmi K50 Pro still retains the strong performance of the Dimensity 9000, the 120W fast charging experience and the 5000mAh battery. Although the shortcomings in appearance and image are insufficient, they can still reach a passing level. Overall, this is a cost-effective mobile phone that provides users with a performance and fast charging experience comparable to flagship mobile phones in a mid-range mobile phone of 2999 RMB. It is a good choice for those who do not have high requirements for appearance and image experience.

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