Following the hot sales of realme mobile phones, realme is now beginning to vigorously promote the realme headset series, such as the recently purchased realme Buds Air 2 Neo and realme Buds Air 2, which are the most important in addition to continuing the previous affordable price and powerful hardware configuration. Both of these models support “active noise reduction”, and this is Realme’s first ANC headphones in 2021.

Realme Buds Air 2 Neo & realme Buds Air 2 features three main features: “active noise reduction”, “ultra-low latency”, and “fashionable appearance”. And on this basis, it is necessary to continue the ultra-low price, deep hearing, and clear call that young people can easily buy. Then can these two real me headsets do it?

These two headphones have the same color, but there are some differences in their appearance and internal structure. Let’s take a look at these two realme headphones out of the box.

Except for the difference in appearance, the two headsets are not much different in specifications. It can be seen that the outer box packaging of these two headphones is in yellow tone, and the highlights of these two headphones are active noise reduction, long battery life, and Hi-Fi Bass lossless sound quality. There is only one Neo difference between these two headphones. We can choose their different appearance designs directly according to our own preferences, such as realme Air 2 for those with tails, and realme Air 2 Neo for those with noise reduction beans.

Here I mainly introduce the realme Air 2 Neo headset, which feels the most close to the people. This is also my personal preference.

Compared with the previous generation of realme Buds Air, it has been one year since the newly launched realme Buds Air 2 Neo, and this new product is a compact noise reduction bean design. It is equipped with a 10mm Hi-Fi Bass driver unit. Its appearance is like a pebble, and the rounded body design is very attractive.

The gray version on hand, you can see that this gray is like cement gray, the appearance is processed by technology, fingerprints are not easy to leave “marks”, it can be said that it has a good texture.

The highlight of the realme Buds Air 2 Neo’s appearance is that the two large pieces on the earphone shell look like pearl shells, especially when the charging case is opened, it is like the shell opens with pearls!

When the charging case is opened, the damping feel is very good, and it will bounce to the positioning with just a light lift. Powerful magnets are buried in the charging case. It will not open accidentally and can be easily opened through the groove on the front. However, in actual use, it may be difficult to open the lid with one hand, and it feels better to operate with two hands.

In the charging case, the earphone is fixed by a magnet, so it will not fall even if it is placed upside down. The charging/power/Bluetooth pairing indicator is located on the front and can be displayed without opening the cover. The reset/Bluetooth pairing button is located on the inside after opening the cover.


The realme Air 2 Neo charging case uses a USB-C charging port. Its battery life can reach up to 28 hours. It can be charged for 10 minutes and can be played continuously for 3 hours. At this time, I can’t help but think of the “charging for 2 minutes, talking for 2 hours” ad. language.

Realme is equipped with ENC dual microphone call noise reduction, and the noise reduction mode will be turned on by default when wearing it. It supports touch operation, long press can switch noise reduction/transparency. Its noise reduction range can be as much as 25db. Specifically, it is like eliminating the motor rotation sound of an electric fan with strong wind. Because the noise of the environment is reduced, the immersion of listening to music will be improved, and the sense of coolness will be improved. It is also higher, creating a better environment for listening to music.

This time, realme Buds Air 2 Neo inherits the spirit of “dare to surpass” and releases the first active noise-canceling headphones in 2021 at a affordable price. I believe that with this headset, we can run, listen to music, and enjoy With the pleasant sunshine on the weekend.

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