As China’s top peripheral manufacturer, Rapoo is now in place to control the market, and its product line division and positioning have very precise user groups. Some time ago, the i300 wireless bluetooth earphones launched by Rapoo has an exquisite overall design and is aimed at music users. Today, the Rapoo VM700 wireless bluetooth earphones we are going to show you has a cooler appearance and is targeted towards game users. Evaluation content of this earphones.

Appearance Design

The charging case of the Rapoo VM700 bluetooth TWS backlit gaming earphones is 72mm×35mm×38mm, which is larger than the bluetooth earphones I have used before. This is because its battery capacity reaches 800mAh, which can provide an additional 6 for the earphones. Charges. In this way, plus the earphones itself can be used for 5 hours, the total battery life reaches 35 hours, which is enough for daily commuting or business trips to enjoy the use of the game.

The earphones charging case uses a TYPE-C fast charging interface, and it takes about two hours to fully charge. There are 4 power indicator lights on the front of the charging case, which represent different power levels. When the earphones is placed in the charging case for charging, the corresponding indicator lights on both sides will light up. For earphones, it can be charged at any time. When not in use, it can be charged directly in the charging case, and it can be taken out when it is used again.

I have used the Rapoo mouse and keyboard before, so I am quite familiar with its style. However, this is the first time that the Rapoo earphones has been used. The color of the earphones I got is black, and its appearance uses an organic combination of corners and arcs, and the style looks very tough. The touch area of ​​the earphones uses CD pattern processing. The V-shaped LOGO backlight design should be one of the characteristics of this earphones. The cool lighting effects also bring more immersive experience to the game. However, it may be due to power-saving factors. The lighting effect of the earphones is relatively single, which is still different from the mouse.

Although the shape of the Rapoo VM700 earbuds looks tougher, it uses an ergonomic design, especially the surface contacting the ear has been cut and polished countless times to make the earphones more fit the auricle, and then join the appropriate eartips, you can Better improve the wearing comfort of the earphones. It’s just that the black eartips are very easy to get dust, and the default M size eartips on the earphones need to be improved in terms of details.

Use Experience

It just so happens that spring is blooming, and the beautiful scenery also needs the company of music. Although the Rapoo VM700 is a gaming earphones, it is not exclusively for men, and women wear it to reflect its business atmosphere. Regarding the appearance of the earphones, because everyone has different aesthetics, you can look at the wearing effect diagram. The test is mainly aimed at the comfort and firmness of the earphones.

Through this test, the wearing comfort performance of the earphones is still very good. A single earphones weighs only 5g. After more than 3 hours of continuous wearing, the ears will not feel heavy. In addition, I tested by running, shaking my head, etc., the earphone did not fall off, and it should be no problem to deal with the regular operation. In terms of control, the touch of the earphones is sensitive, and the switching of different functions can be correctly fed back. However, in order to prevent accidental touches, many headphone manufacturers have set the play/pause function to double-click, which I personally feel is more humane. I hope that the Rapoo earphones can support the mobile APP setting button function or customize the backlight effect in the later period, so that it will have more advantages in the game earphones.

Rapoo VM700 uses the Qualcomm QCC302X bluetooth 5.0 connection scheme, and it will automatically enter the pairing state as long as the charging case is opened. After the first use of the pairing is completed, it can be automatically paired next time you turn it on. The connection speed of the earphones is still very fast, and it supports seamless switching between single and double ears, which can be used flexibly. The experience of this is also very good.

Before playing games, I mostly use wired earphones, and sometimes the entanglement of wires will inevitably affect the operation of the game. This time, the biggest advantage of using Rapoo VM700 is undoubtedly that it frees the shackles of both hands, and I can’t feel the delay in the game. However, the sound positioning of the earphones is accurate, and the sound effects are also very good.

It may be that the earphones is too optimized for games. For the sound quality of the earphones, when I listened to some light music and Chinese style songs, the performance of the earphones was acceptable. But when listening to some heavy bass music, the shortcomings of insufficient low-frequency extension of the earphones appear. However, the earphones is still very good for the detailed resolution of music. If you like light music or Chinese songs like me, this ear is also very suitable.


As a gaming earphones, the Rapoo VM700 wireless bluetooth earphones performs quite well. The addition of lighting effects can highlight its esports style and bring users a differentiated experience. Low latency and accurate sound performance give it an innate advantage in the game, and the core demands of players can be met. Moreover, the 35-hour use time of the Rapoo VM700 earphones provides users with a strong battery life guarantee. Compared with products at the same price, the overall performance can be satisfactory.

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