High compatibility and strong listening power: Rapoo VH520C RGB gaming headphone is launched


In the game, in addition to peripherals such as the keyboard and mouse that affect the feel of manipulation, headphones and microphones are also getting more and more attention. Especially for PUBG and FPS games, sometimes a footstep and gun sound can determine the overall situation, and the voice in the dark is also particularly important. A professional gaming headphone becomes your first choice.

Rapoo VH520C

Realistic sound effects, insight into the enemy’s position

The Rapoo VH520C is equipped with a 50mm loudspeaker unit, which has ample power and transient explosive power. With a closed earmuff design, it presents dense big sound effects, analyzes complex game sound effects, and can achieve the effect of listening and distinguishing. Know where the enemy is at any time.

360° adjustable noise reduction microphone design, can freely adjust the angle of the microphone, highly sensitive and all-round radio, intelligently identify non-human voice frequencies in the environment, and suppress them, clear calls, realize real-time flexible command, and perfectly match teammates .

Rapoo VH520C

In terms of the details of the workmanship of the headphone, the VH520C also does not lose the identity of the big brand of Rapoo. Large-size soft earmuffs, combined with high-density inert sponge, soft and delicate touch, better wrapping effect can reduce the interference of environmental noise, stable and comfortable; the head beam part adopts a hollow flexible steel beam design, and a floating head is designed below it Brings a fixed head to reduce the pinching feeling; automatically adapts to the size of the head to achieve uniform distribution of gravity.

Rapoo VH520C

The ring-shaped RGB breathing backlight system, under the background of the mesh metal, brightens your gaming colors, and shines brightly in the dark night. Dual 3.5mm headphone/microphone audio interfaces, adapt to traditional PC devices, add 3.5mm audio conversion cable, adapt to mobile phones, tablets and other headphone 2-in-1 devices, enhance device compatibility, and can go back and forth between multiple devices Switch, control the game, leisure and entertainment, think whatever you want.

Rapoo VH520C



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