QCY T21 FairyBuds review: Stylish and sophisticated tws earbuds, a heartwarming gift for your girlfriend

QCY T21 FairyBuds are true wireless earphones mainly for female friends. It has a fashionable and exquisite appearance, compact body design, lighter, more comfortable, and more suitable for users with small ears. Such a stylish and exquisite TWS earbuds is worth considering for friends who want to give their girlfriends gifts but don’t know what to give.

QCY T21 FairyBuds specs and features:

  • Bluetooth 5.3 with SBC/AAC codec
  • 10mm titanium plating dynamic driver
  • 6 hours playback of per charge
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 3 times
  • 68ms game low latency
  • $28 – Check latest price on AliExpress or Banggood

Appearance Design

In appearance, the charging case adopts the design concept of flowers, showing a beautiful arc, and the surface of the upper cover is equipped with a gorgeous nano-lithography texture. The surface of the charging case is treated with a high-gloss NCVM vacuum coating process, which brings a good metallic texture and a warm and smooth touch.

There is an indicator light under the front opening of the charging case. On the back is the hinge connecting the upper and lower parts and the Type-C charging interface. There are three point-like protrusions on the bottom to reduce wear on the bottom surface.

The earbuds adopts a handle-shaped semi-in-ear design, which has undergone thousands of ergonomic simulation tests and try-on investigations, only to better fit the female auricle. The sound cavity shell and headset stem of QCY T21 FairyBuds are treated with different processes, and the overall look and feel is good. The headset stem has its own curve, which is more flexible under the refraction of light and shadow. Integrated touch operation, you can also remotely control the phone to take selfies with one button.

The inner sound cavity shell of earbuds is provided with a pressure relief hole, which can balance the internal and external pressure, maintain the natural circulation of air, and improve the acoustic performance of earbuds. There is a microphone hole at the upper and lower ends of the inner side of the headset stem, and the charging contact and L/R logo are in the middle.

After actual measurement, the overall weight of QCY T21 FairyBuds is about 43.2g. The weight of a single earbud is 3.8g, and the weight is well controlled, which greatly reduces the burden on the ear when wearing it.

Connectivity & App

QCY T21 FairyBuds adopts Bluetooth 5.3 technology, which has good compatibility, stable connection, lower latency and stronger anti-interference ability. Support AAC audio decoding, more sound details can be preserved when listening.

When connecting for the first time, just select “QCY FairyBuds” in your phone’s bluetooth device list to quickly connect. For subsequent use, open the charging case to connect to the paired bluetooth device. The earbuds can be charged by placing them in the charging case and automatically disconnected when the cover is closed.

After downloading and installing the QCY APP, you can also experience the pop-up animation customized for QCY FairyBuds. In addition, there are 7 pop-up animation to choose from, you can change them by yourself in “Settings-Personalized Pop-up Animation Theme”. After connection, you can check the connection status and remaining battery power of the device in the “Status” column on the homepage of the QCY APP.

In “Sound”, there are 6 preset EQs and 3 sound effects to choose from in the music equalizer, providing a rich and diverse listening experience.

In “Settings”, you can also customize the touch gesture settings, and you can set frequently used functions as one-key switching. At the same time, the QCY T21 FairyBuds supports the “Find Earphones” function, which can help users find the device by turning on the earbuds disconnection location recording function and playing the sound. Sleep mode can shield the touch function of earbuds to avoid misoperation during sleep.

Sound Quality of QCY T21 FairyBuds

The QCY T21 FairyBuds earbuds have a built-in 10mm composite titanium-plated dynamic driver and are equipped with a unique bass catheter. It supports AAC audio decoding, the mid- and high-frequency analysis is more accurate, and the low-frequency is more solid, with a good sense of rhythm and atmosphere.

In the actual audition session, I randomly selected some popular music for audition. The performance of QCY T21 FairyBuds is stable and the three frequencies are relatively balanced. The bass of the earbuds is punchy and full of rhythm. In terms of mid-high frequency, the sound has high clarity, the vocals are pleasant and clear, and the resolution is good.

With good sound quality and comfortable wearing experience, it is a good choice for daily listening to music and watching videos. It is not easy to produce foreign body sensation after long-term use.

Battery Life & Game Latency & Calls

Use a power tester to test the QCY T21 FairyBuds wired charging, the charging power is about 1.31W. The earbuds have a single battery life of up to 6 hours, and the charging case can fully charge the earbuds 3 additional times, and the comprehensive battery life can reach 24 hours.

In addition, QCY T21 also supports game mode, and the full link latency is as low as 68ms. When it is usually used to watch videos and play games, it can make the audio and video more synchronized and the operation more convenient. At the same time, QCY FairyBuds supports dual earbuds 4-Mic ENC call noise cancellation function. The support of the professional fluid mechanics anti-wind noise structure can effectively reduce the impact of noise and wind noise in the environment, and the voice of the call is purer and clearer.

QCY T21 FairyBuds also developed a one-button remote selfie function for female friends who like to take pictures and record videos. You can think of earbuds as a bluetooth remote control for selfies, to meet the hobby of female friends who like to take pictures.

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