QCY T17S review: Let you feel the listening feast brought by technological innovation


QCY T17S Earbuds

QCY T17S continues the advantages of T17’s compactness and lightness, and has been upgraded in appearance, making this earphones more delicate and beautiful. The configuration has also been upgraded, so that the sound quality, battery life and stability have been improved. It also won the WTMR award (World TechMedia Recommendation) in CES 2022, and it is a product worth trying.

Accessories & Specifications

QCY T17S Earbuds

The accessories in the box include: charging case, earbuds, instruction manual, Type-C charging cable, 3 pairs of eartips (including a pair pre-installed with earbuds), and an activation reminder card with the method of activating earbuds printed on the card.

QCY T17S specifications:
  • Bluetooth 5.2 with Qualcomm aptX
  • 7.5hrs of playback, 26hrs total battery life
  • IPX5 Waterproof Rating
  • 127ms Low Latency
  • Type-C charging port

Appearance Design & Wearing Comfort

QCY T17S Earbuds

The charging case has a strip-shaped design, and the exterior design is said to be inspired by sports car lights, and it looks more like a “space capsule”. Sleek clear lenses that allow you to see the outline of the inner earpiece.

QCY T17S Earbuds

The earbuds have a bean-shaped in-ear design, with a smooth surface, somewhat like a piano-painted texture. A closer look also reveals a slightly raised silicone design around the edges, but not as exaggerated as fin earwings. This is for a firmer, ergonomic design when worn.

QCY T17S Earbuds

In terms of wearing experience, a single earphone weighs only 4.2g. The stability is also very good, such as running and jumping, there is no need to worry about the earphones falling. The small and rounded shape of the earphones is also very natural and elegant in terms of wearing aesthetics.

Connectivity & Battery Life

QCY T17S is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, and low latency ensures consistent sound and picture during audio-visual entertainment. In terms of transmission, the application of Bluetooth 5.2 + Qualcomm 3040 chip increases the connection range and transmission speed by 50% and 125% respectively, minimizing power consumption and stronger anti-interference ability.

QCY T17S Earbuds

The charging case adopts the Type-C charging interface and has a built-in 380mAh battery, which can charge the earbuds for about 3 additional times. The QCY T17S has a single battery life of about 7.5 hours, and the total battery life with the charging case reaches 26 hours.

Calling & Game Latency

QCY T17S is equipped with Qualcomm® cVc 8.0 4-mic noise cancelling algorithm, built-in noise cancelling software in earphones and 4 microphones of high-definition monitor array (2 on each side). With AI neural noise cancelling algorithm, accurate reverse noise cancelling, whether it is riding, commuting or outdoor sports, you have a great call experience.

T17S adds a low-latency mode, which can be switched freely through touch or QCY APP, making this earphones not only a commuter tool, but also a gaming headset. And the latency of QCY T17S is as low as 127ms.

Sound quality of QCY T17S

QCY T17S Earbuds

QCY T17S uses Qualcomm aptX audio decoding. Compared with AAC/SBC, Qualcomm aptX audio decoding presents more delicate sound details, and with polymer composite diaphragm, the sense of presence is extremely shocking. In the presentation of music with low delay, rich details and strong presence, more sound details can be presented, and the sound quality can be restored in a high proportion. In the process of daily listening to songs, you can experience the highest level of music effects.

In terms of sound quality, the sound field of the QCY T17S is atmospheric and open, and the sound style tends to be warm and smooth. Especially in terms of details and analysis, it feels very rich, the amount of information is sufficient, and you can clearly feel the delicate feeling. Its high-frequency part is ethereal and gorgeous, with decent sharpness. At the same time, in terms of low frequency, there is no excessive pursuit of extended depth. The overall feeling is still very balanced, and various types of music styles can be well displayed.

QCY APP & Controls

QCY T17S also supports QCY APP for use. Through the APP, we can find more ways to play, such as sound effect adjustment, touch preferences and so on.

Touch Control of QCY T17S:

  • Double tap R/L earbud: play/pause music, answer/hang up
  • Long press R/L earbud for 1.5s: previous/next, Ignore call
  • Triple tap L earbud: voice assistant
  • Triple tap R earbud: low-latency mode

Earbuds QCY T17S QCY T17
Bluetooth Version 5.2 5.1
Battery Life 7.5-26 hrs of playback 7-26 hrs of playback
Gmaing Latency 127ms low latency
Audio Codec aptX AAC
Waterproof Rating IPX5 /

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