QCY has specialized in earphones for 12 years. As a Chinese brand, QCY continues to introduce high-value, high-performance, and cost-effective earphones. Today I bring this QCY T17 in-ear true wireless bluetooth earbuds.

It is also QCY’s iconic packaging box. The front is a rendering of the black T17 true wireless bluetooth earbuds and the three selling points of “Bluetooth 5.1”, “AAC” and “Low Latency Mode”.

On the back of the package is the product-related information in both Chinese and English.

Why it is said to be a lovely youth bean? This is the first thing you see when you open the package. The two earphones look like little beans, symmetrically on both sides of the earphone compartment. Accessories also include TYPE-C charging cables, eartips and instruction manuals.

QCY T17 is an in-ear bluetooth earphones with a bean-like shape and a “small ear” fixed ear studs, stylish, cute, stable and versatile. A single headset weighs only 4.2g, which is equivalent to the weight of a piece of white paper.

After successfully pairing with the mobile phone for the first time, both earphones can be the main earphones, which can be flexibly switched at any time during use and automatically connect to eartips of large, medium and small sizes. You can choose the eartips that suit you to wear, which is comfortable and stable to wear, and it is not easy to fall off.

AAC high-definition audio coding + professional three-frequency adjustment, high, medium, and bass levels are distinct, and the music details are truly restored. Listening to music in your free time is all immersive.

Bluetooth 5.1 technology allows QCY T17 to have better transmission and connectivity. Whether it is watching movies, Tik Tok or playing games, the low latency of QCY T17 can perfectly guarantee the synchronization of picture and sound. After I got the headphones, I tested several different styles of songs. The sound quality is great, and the sound and picture are synchronized. After playing a few games of “Game For Peace”, the sound of gunshots, footsteps, and forward friction in the game can be clearly distinguished and reacted quickly.

ENC call noise reduction, I wear headphones for walking, exercise, and even when I buy in the mall, the voice of the call is very clear, as if talking face to face.

Battery life is one of the key concerns when purchasing a bluetooth headset. QCY T17 can be used continuously for about 7 hours when it is fully charged. With the charging case, it can guarantee uninterrupted use for 26 hours. The battery life of the QCY T17 is sufficient for our daily use, and there is no need to worry about the battery life of the headset even when traveling. And it’s the TPYE-C charging port, so it’s enough to use a charging cable with your mobile phone when going out.


QCY T17 true wireless bluetooth earbuds, mini cute, stable to wear, bluetooth 5.1, ultra-low latency, high-definition call, two headset master-slave switching, long battery life, the most important thing is the low price of QCY T17.

Earbuds QCY T17S QCY T17
Bluetooth Version 5.2 5.1
Battery Life 7.5-26 hrs of playback 7-26 hrs of playback
Gmaing Latency 127ms low latency
Audio Codec aptX AAC
Waterproof Rating IPX5 /

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