In order to satisfy audiophiles who are more critical of sound quality, QCY has launched a “dynamic+armature” combination of true wireless earphones with complementary advantages. It combines the wide sound field of dynamic driver and the exquisiteness and richness of armature driver. It is suitable for popular, All genres of rock, classical, etc., perform well in low, medium and high frequencies, and have HiFi-level stereo surround sound effects. It is the QCY T11 true wireless bluetooth earbuds!

QCY T11 true wireless bluetooth earbuds is equipped with dynamic+armature hybrid dual speaker, using AAC high-definition audio coding format, outstanding sound, strong sense of layering, and true details; applying binaural four-microphone noise reduction technology, using internal digital signal processing algorithms, It can effectively suppress the background noise of the call, relatively enhance the human voice, and achieve a clear call; the low-latency mode can be turned on, with a delay as low as 120ms, whether it is playing games, watching live broadcasts, or watching short videos, bringing the ultimate fun entertainment experience! In addition, it also supports 21H ultra-long battery life, binaural fast charging, pop-up window pairing, touch operation, Hall switch, magnetic charging and other practical functions. It is a true wireless bluetooth earphones that keeps up with fashion trends.

Let’s introduce this “dynamic+armature” true wireless bluetooth earphones from the aspects of product packaging, appearance details, functional experience, audition and wearing, etc.!

1. QCY T11 earbuds unboxing

The QCY T11 true wireless bluetooth earbuds adopts a simple packaging style, with a hanging hole at the top, which is an obvious shelf product. The front of the box is a high-definition large picture of QCY T11 earphones and charging case, dark night black color matching, deep and elegant; the upper left corner is the green QCY brand Logo; below the picture is the product’s bilingual name——T11 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

The back of the box is the product information, including product name, communication distance, charging time, standby time, music time, charging parameters and support agreement, etc. In addition, the product on the back of the box includes four colors of black, white, blue, and pink, and there are a variety of colors for users to choose from.

The three selling points of QCY T11 are printed on one side of the box, namely bluetoot v5.0, fast pairing, and voice assistant; the other side is printed with the QR code of QCY APP download and the QR code of the official website.

Open the box. Inside is a white plastic tray. Two earphones are placed in the long groove at the top, and the charging case is placed in the rectangular groove at the bottom. In addition, the product manual, TYPE-C charging cable, and 2 pairs of eartips of different specifications are placed on the back of the tray.

Finally, everything in the box. Black QCY T11 earbuds, charging case, product manual, TYPE-C charging cable, 2 pairs of black silicone eartips.

2. Appearance design

The charging case of QCY T11 true wireless bluetooth earbuds is pure black, small and light, with dimensions of 55mm, 40mm, 25mm, rectangular shape, four-corner rounded design, plastic material, piano paint coating, bright and shiny.

The charging case is a clamshell design. The back is a black plastic shaft with the same color as the shell. Below the shaft is an oval physical multi-function key button. Long press can cancel the pairing, restore the factory settings, and complete the reset operation.

The white QCY brand logo is printed on the top of the charging case. The black and white contrast is large, the contrast is obvious, and the brand recognition is high. There is a long groove at the seam of the charging case, which can be opened from here; there are also 3 pinhole LED indicators directly in front of the charging case.

The bottom of the charging case is very flat and can be placed upright; the bottom edge is an elliptical protrusion, which can well protect the product information printed on the bottom surface and avoid wear; product information includes product model, charging parameters, battery capacity and other information.

The charging case has a built-in magnet, which is fixed by magnetic attraction, which is tightly attracted and easy to open and close. Inside the charging case are two symmetrical charging grooves. Put the earphones into it to automatically absorb and start charging.

3. Detailed features

QCY T11 true wireless bluetooth earphone is stylish and exquisite, small and unique; the black piano paint shell is bright and smooth, with a strong mirror effect; the short handle design, extremely light shape, a single earphone weighs only about 3.7g, light as if nothing.

The earphone adopts ergonomic design, small and exquisite, with soft silicone eartips, it is comfortable and stable to wear. There is a circular pressure relief hole inside the earphone, which can balance the internal and external air pressure, ventilate and ventilate, effectively alleviating the stethoscope effect.

The inside and outside of the earphone are designed with different coatings, and the inside is a skin-friendly frosted coating. The bottom of the inside of the earphone handle is also printed with “L” and “R” logos to distinguish the left and right ears.

The bottom end of the earphone handle is a magnetic charging contact and a microphone pickup hole. The charging contact is golden yellow, which is flush with the shell and is not easy to accumulate dust; the microphone is a pinhole type, and when wearing it, it faces the mouth and has a sound reception effect. Okay, the call is clearer.

The QCY T11 earbuds adopts a touch operation mode. The touch panel is located at the top of the earphone handle, which is the position of the LED indicator, which can achieve precise control. In addition, a noise reduction hole is designed on the outside of the earphone, which cooperates with the microphone at the bottom of the earphone handle to accurately distinguish between human voice and environmental noise and achieve clear calls.

The eartips are designed with a soft double-layer structure, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. Remove the eartips, the front end of the earphone is a fine silver metal cover net, which can effectively prevent foreign objects such as earwax from entering the earphone. The sound guide tube of the earphone is naturally inclined, which is compatible with the human ear canal, and the top is shaped like a mushroom head, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly of eartips.

4. Function trial

The charging case of the QCY T11 true wireless bluetooth earbuds has a built-in lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 600mAh, which can charge the earphones 5 times when fully charged, with a total battery life of up to 21 hours. When charging the charging case, the bottom LED indicator will automatically light up, and the light color will be red; when fully charged, the red LED light will be off, and the top LED indicator will light up and the light color will be green.

There are 3 pinhole indicator lights directly in front of the charging case, arranged from top to bottom, and the colors of the lights are green, blue, and red. When the button on the back of the charging case is tapped, the indicator light will light up the indicator light of the corresponding color according to the amount of power, and the remaining power of the charging case can also be estimated based on the color of the indicator light.

When the earphone is put into the charging case, the earphone will automatically enter the charging state. At this time, the LED indicator on the earphone will light up in red and stay on. After fully charged, the indicator light turns green.

Open the charging case and take out the earphones. The earphone will automatically turn on and enter the pairing state. At this time, the indicator light on the earphone flashes alternately in red and green. After the pairing is successful, the indicator light goes out.

At this time, open the bluetooth interface of the mobile phone, the device name of “QCY-T11” will be automatically recognized, and click the pairing prompt window that pops up to show that the pairing is successful. Android phones will automatically adopt the AAC audio encoding format and display the percentage of the earphone power.

QCY T11 true wireless bluetooth earphones also supports personalized customization and pop-up prompts using the QCY APP of the same name. In the earphone setting interface, you can not only reset the control function of the touch button, but also switch the music balance mode, turn on/off the low latency mode, find the headphones, firmware upgrade, restore the factory and other functions. The pop-up prompt function is convenient for users to check the power of the earphones and charging case.

5. Wearing experience

QCY T11 adopts dynamic+armature hybrid dual speakers with technical flow. The characteristics of dynamic+armature are complementary and complementary; the low frequency is full and heavy, the middle and high frequencies are crisp and high, the high, middle and low frequency bands are outstanding, the layering is richer, and the details are more realistic.

Another feature of QCY T11 is binaural four-mic noise reduction technology. Each earphone has two beamforming microphones, one on top and one on the bottom. The noise reduction hole at the top is responsible for picking up environmental noise, and the internal digital signal processing algorithm is used to suppress the background noise of the call; the microphone at the bottom mainly picks up the human voice, relatively enhances the sound, and achieves a clear call.

QCY T11 is also equipped with a low-latency mode, which can be turned on by triple-clicking the right earphone or in the QCY APP. After turning on, the delay is reduced to 120ms. Whether it is playing games, watching live broadcasts, or watching short videos, it brings the ultimate enjoyable entertainment experience.

QCY T11 adopts touch control mode, and presets the function of avoiding accidental touch. It can be turned on/off, answering/hanging up/rejecting a call, music playing/pausing, and switching tracks by double-clicking, triple-clicking, and long-pressing. , Wake up the voice assistant, turn on the low-latency mode and other operations.

QCY T11 supports connecting the left and right earphones to different mobile phones. Both earphones can be used independently, that is, they can be connected to two mobile phones to realize two-person sharing. In addition, each operation of the earphone is equipped with lights and tone prompts, and the working status of the earphone can be viewed in real time.


Through the trial, the QCY T11 true wireless bluetooth earbuds has achieved a comprehensive upgrade of appearance, sound quality and functions, especially after one month of use, the dynamic+armature combined speaker performance is very amazing, the low, medium and high tri-band are true and natural, delicate and full , HiFi sound quality is beautiful. In addition, the call noise reduction enhancement effect is obvious, and the voice is clear, just like a face-to-face conversation!

1. Appearance. Plastic material, piano paint coating, sleek body, stylish and exquisite; short-handled shape, extremely light design, a single earphone weighs only about 3.7g, which is as light as nothing; with the same color silicone eartips, side-entry wear, perfect fit The ear canal is stable and comfortable.

2. Hardware. Built-in hybrid dual speakers, where 7mm dynamic speakers bring full and heavy low-frequency sound effects, and the mid-to-high frequencies of armature are crisp and bright; equipped with binaural four microphones, each earphone has two beamforming microphones, one on top and one on the bottom, and the noise reduction hole on the top. At the bottom is the vocal microphone.

3. Function. A total of 21 hours of long battery life, 600mAh charging case can charge the earphone 5 times, and supports fast charging, charging for 10 minutes can listen to songs for 1 hour; 120ms low latency mode, manual opening can bring the ultimate entertainment experience; can be customized The touch control method is integrated, and the function of avoiding accidental touch is integrated. It supports double-click, triple-click and long-press operations, easy to use and simple to operate.

4. Wear it. Classic style, stylish and exquisite, comfortable to wear, compact and close to the ears, with silicone eartips to form a stable support, and the angle can be fine-tuned according to the user’s situation, so that it can be worn firmly even when exercising.

1. The QCY T11 charging case does not support the wireless charging function of the Qi protocol, and the wireless charging pad cannot be used for charging. It is recommended that the charging case be upgraded to a wireless charging mode compatible with the Qi protocol.

2. The appearance of QCY T11 earphones and charging case piano paint is extremely smooth and easy to stain fingerprints. In order to maintain a beautiful appearance and prevent hands from slipping and falling, it is recommended that the charging case protective cover should be included in the accessories.

Finally, I must point out the cost-effective advantage of QCY T11 true wireless bluetooth earbuds. The price is less than 200 RMB. It is definitely the most sincere product among dynamic+armature hybrid dual speakers on the market, and it is excellent value for money.

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