With the popularity of wireless Bluetooth earphones today, what attracts me to wired in-ear earphones? As a mobile game player and Switch player, I want to have a better gaming experience everyday. I find that most wireless Bluetooth earphones on the market have a little delay in the game. This is especially true when you are playing shooting games or team games. Even though wireless earphones manufacturers will always promote our low latency, there will always be latency.

In addition, the Switch is a gaming device without Bluetooth, so a wired earphones with a 3.5mm interface or a Type-C interface should be considered when choosing a earphones. So I recently bought a Philips TAG4115 gaming earphones, with an in-ear design, with two microphones attached to it to facilitate my timely communication with teammates in multiplayer games. In addition, it uses a Type-C interface external surround sound processor design, which is convenient for Android users and Switch users. The virtual 7.1-channel design, the experience in daily video watching is also good. After using it for a period of time, I will share it with you. In the end, when wireless earphones are popular, are wired earphones still worth choosing?

First impression:
The packaging of the Philips TAG4115 gaming earphones is still very atmospheric. The blue packaging is also Philips’ consistent color scheme. The main selling points of this earphones are on the front of the package: ergonomically designed wearing experience, dual microphone design and support for virtual 7.1 surround sound design.

The earphone parameters are printed on the side of the package, 20~20KHz frequency range, 99dB sensitivity, 16Ω impedance, 3mW maximum power input, 10mm speaker driver.

Open the package and you can see the TAG4115 gaming earphones with black and red color matching. In-ear earphones with dual microphone designs are also rare.

The gaming earphones is a small in-ear earphones with a 10mm high-sensitivity dynamic driver design. It can be directly connected to a single 3.5mm interface such as mobile phones and notebooks through the 3.5mm interface. In addition, a Type-C interface external surround sound processor is included in the accessories.

The external audio processor with Type-C interface is convenient for Android phones. Of course, I will also play games with Switch more. Both Type-C interface and 3.5mm headphone jack can be used for Switch.

It can be seen that the Type-C interface external surround sound processor can realize three different function switches. The button in the middle of the Type-C interface external surround sound processor can realize the switch of four sound effects. The default is music mode. In addition You can switch between theater mode, multiplayer strategy mode, and shooting versus mode.

On both sides of the Type-C interface external surround sound processor are the headphone volume adjustment and microphone volume adjustment switches. In addition to adjusting the microphone volume, the microphone volume switch can also mute the microphone.

The earphone part adopts the fin-shaped earwings design, which is stable to wear. The soft silicone eartips at the front are designed with in-ear design, which is quite comfortable to wear. Three pairs of eartips of different sizes are also included in the box for easy replacement.

Philips TAG4115 is equipped with a dual microphone design, one is located at the earphones line control, which is convenient to use when connecting mobile devices such as mobile phones; the other is a detachable microphone design that can be connected to the left earphone. 2.5mm interface design, support 360° adjustment, highly sensitive all-round radio, intelligently identify non-human voice frequencies in the environment, and ensure pure and clear voice communication.

Application experience:
The addition of the Type-C interface external surround sound processor allows Philips TGA4115 to have more application scenarios. After all, many Android phones now cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the design of the two interfaces is more convenient for users to choose.

In addition, you can also use the Type-C interface external surround sound processor to play games with the Switch. The game experience of “Pokemon” and “ARMS” in the theater mode on the Switch is good.

Of course, choosing this gaming earphones to play a shooting game experience like “PUBG Mobile” on the mobile phone will be another feeling. After switching to the shooting game mode through the Type-C interface external surround sound processor, you can clearly feel Gunshots and footsteps around him were very obvious.

The biggest advantage of wired earphones compared to wireless earphones in playing games must be lower latency. After all, wireless Bluetooth earphones cannot bypass the latency problem. In shooting games such as “PUBG Mobile”, hearing the opponent’s footsteps earlier and judging the direction of the gunfire can give you an advantage in the game and increase the game experience.

In terms of audio and video entertainment, if you want to experience virtual 7.1 channels on the mobile phone, you need to turn on the phone to experience it. Of course, the experience may be somewhat different from true 7.1-channel headphones, and you also need to determine whether your phone supports this feature.

In terms of voice calls, the additional microphone also supports ambient sound shielding, which can better record human voices and facilitate communication with teammates in the game. Timely communication with teammates in games such as “Honor of King” or “PUBG Mobile” is also very important, and the current voice communication environment is much more efficient than the original voice communication on the computer.

In terms of daily wear, thanks to the fin-shaped earwings design, it is still very stable for daily wear, and it is not easy to accidentally slip off in general sports. However, it should also be noted that the earphone cable is longer, and the length of the cable has increased a lot after using the Type-C interface external surround sound processor. It is necessary to consider the storage of daily outings.

In terms of experience, the design of dual microphones is indeed very rare. The addition of a separate microphone does make voice communication clearer, especially in games, which can effectively shield the keyboard and the noise of the surrounding environment. The addition of the Type-C interface external surround sound processor also allows Philips TGA4115 to have more application scenarios, such as it can be used with Switch or directly used by computers with Type-C interfaces. Here is also a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of this product for your reference.

1. Dual microphone design, clear voice communication;
2. Type-C interface external surround sound processor adds application scenarios for headphones;
3. One-key switching of four sound effect modes, easy to use;
4. The fin-shaped earwings design is stable for daily wear and not easy to fall off;

1. With the Type-C interface external surround sound processor, the cable is long and inconvenient to carry when going out;
2. Few earphone color choices;

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