Philips TAA6708 review: Better than TOZO OpenBuds?

Wearing comfortable and stability are the biggest highlights of Philips TAA6708. The second is that as an open-ear sports headphones, it has better sound performance than bone conduction headphones.

Philips TAA6708 specs and features:
  • Bluetooth 5.3 with SBC codec
  • 6 hours playback of per charge
  • 21 hours of total battery life
  • 14.2mm dynamic driver & multipoint connection
  • IPX5 waterproof rating (rain and sweat resistant)
  • $102 – Check latest price on AliExpress

Appearance Design, Comfortable and Battery Life

The appearance design and craftsmanship of Philips TAA6708 are quite careful – the headphone cavity is roughly oval-shaped and relatively long and flat. The size of the headphone cavity is not small, but the weight is very well controlled. Although the material is plastic, the texture is relatively smooth and delicate, basically taking into account both lightweight and beauty.

The biggest highlight of Philips TAA6708 is the well-designed wearing experience – using the limited space to create an earhook with a considerable adjustment range (biaxial adjustment design): It provides 6 levels of adjustment space vertically, and the adjustment angle is approximately 90°~ 130°, which is more consistent with the structure of the ear. You can also rotate the earhook direction horizontally to adjust the angle between the earhook and your ears. In addition, the size of the earhook is well controlled, the texture is soft and elastic, and it is very friendly to users who wear glasses.

The headphone cavity has a certain thickness and width, but thanks to the more scientific earhook design and the fact that the material is quite light (a single earphone only weighs 10.3g), there is no obvious burden when wearing it. After finding a suitable wearing angle, the cavity will be stuck outside the auricle at a slight angle, and it will be fixed very firmly – even if you shake your head or run, it will not loosen. After wearing it, the sound unit just sticks to the ear canal, which will not compress the ears, but also ensures a clearer listening experience.

The Philips TAA6708 has a single battery life of up to 6 hours and the total battery life of up to 21 hours. It support IPX5 waterproof rating and is splash-proof, sweat-proof and wash-proof.

Connectivity, App Support, Control and Calls

Philips TAA6708 support Bluetooth 5.3, but the transmission protocol only support SBC – this is something I am very confused about. But in terms of sound performance, you won’t feel that the density and quality will be very poor. Also, Philips TAA6708 support multipoint connection and can connect mobile phone and computer at the same time.

The Philips TAA6708 support the Philips Headphones App for Android and iOS systems – once you install and open the App, it will automatically connect to the headphones.

There are only 4 preset EQs: Bass, Clear, Strong, Treble. But I must emphasize that Clear really enhances the overall texture of the sound and relatively improves the cohesion of the tri-frequency. Compared to the unopened state, I suggest you set Clear EQ as the default.

The upper part of the earphone is the touch control area, which can perform basic operations such as music control, call control, and volume adjustment.

The control scheme is comprehensive:

  • Double-tap R earbud: play/pause music
  • Triple-tap L/R earbud: previous/next track
  • Long press L/R earbud 1s: volume-/volume+
  • Single-tap L or R earbud: answer call
  • Double-tap L or R earbud: hang up call

Each earphone is equipped with two microphones for sound pickup and noise reduction, and the call effect is really good in noisy environments. It also supports automatic switching of master-slave function for single earphone use. However, because it is an earhook headphones, the ambient sound cannot be eliminated.

Sound Quality of Philips TAA6708

The sound characteristics of Philips TAA6708 should be low-frequency and soundstage. The 14.2mm large dynamic driver and directional acoustic technology can indeed create a very huge soundstage, and the low-frequency quantity and depth are excellent.

The performance of mid-frequency vocals is still very obvious, and the atmosphere and hearing in normal mode are already good. The resolution is still a bit fuzzy, but after turning on Clear EQ in the APP, the cohesion of the sound is enhanced.

Philips TAA6708 uses directional acoustic technology to make the wearing experience even better – the sound position can be fine-tuned according to different people’s wearing needs, and it always accurately corresponds to the ear canal, further improving the stability of the sound.

Feature Comparison: Philips TAA6708 VS TOZO OpenBuds

TOZO OpenBuds

The biggest competitor of Philips TAA6708 is TOZO OpenBuds, which has the same appearance and the same two-axis adjustment design, but the price difference is US$40. In addition, there is no huge difference in sound quality between the two – both are open-ear sports headphones.

The Philips TAA6708 has a battery life of 6 hours and the total battery life of 21 hours. TOZO OpenBuds has a battery life of up to 12 hours, and the total battery life of up to 42 hours. TAA6708 support IPX5 waterproof rating, and OpenBuds has IPX6 waterproof rating.

They all supports APP, Bluetooth 5.3 and multipoint connection. Philips TAA6708 support SBC code, ant the TOZO OpenBuds supports SBC and AAC codec.


Philips TAA6708 is excellent open-ear sports headphones. It has the advantages of comfortable wearing experience, excellent sound quality, AI call noise cancellation function, IPX5 waterproof rating and long battery life.

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