I am a person who likes music. More often I will wear my headphones to enjoy the happiness that music brings me. I often think about what makes me addicted to headphones. I think I can feel a piece of it when I wear headphones. It’s my own world, where I can relax in the music without being disturbed by the outside world. If you want to experience pure music, high-quality headphones with noise reduction may be your best choice.

Want good sound quality and excellent noise reduction may be at the expense of portability. Is it true that to enjoy music, you really have to wear bulky headphones and endure the shackles of the headphone cord? Maybe you can try Philips T5505 true wireless noise canceling Bluetooth headphone.

First of all, the exterior design of Philips T5505 is calm and atmospheric. The earphone box is small and portable and can charge the earphone three times, providing 15 hours of battery life.

In terms of sound quality, Philips T5505 uses an 8mm neodymium drive unit. Neodymium magnets have become more and more popular in the professional audio field in recent years. The main reason is that it has the characteristics of small size, light weight and large magnetic flux. Equipped with powerful hardware, after careful tuning by experts in the Philips design team who are sensitive and recognizable to subtle changes in sound, the Philips T5505 has a good sound quality performance: the specific performance is that the bass is not strong enough, and the potential is at the same level. The advantages of the headphone are obvious, the mid-frequency performance is natural, and the high-frequency has better resolution.

Another feature of Philips T5505 is its noise reduction performance. Yes, it has the noise reduction function under such a small headphone size. The use of headphones in daily life is more often a noisy surrounding environment. After the surrounding noise is filtered through active noise reduction, all you can hear after wearing the headphones is the music you like. Its noise reduction principle mainly realizes intelligent digital noise reduction through ANC. It uses feed-forward microphone and feed-back microphone to capture the surrounding environmental noise, and then uses the anti-noise output chip to analyze the noise and generate the opposite frequency sound to realize the function of canceling the noise.

In addition, Philips T5505 is equipped with its own exclusive smart APP. In this APP, in addition to intuitively checking the power of the headphone, it can also provide personalized definition of sound effects. By fine-tuning the sound quality of different frequency bands, the music performance can be more satisfying for personal listening. In addition to adjustable sound quality, the noise reduction mode can also be switched, and 5 ranges of adjustments are provided in the ambient sound mode.

After the noise reduction is turned on, the low-frequency noise in the environment can be effectively eliminated, and the medium and high-frequency noise can also be filtered (such as the voice of a person). Wearing headphones is a space that belongs to you only. Of course, for the safety of the headphone, in addition to the noise reduction mode, the headphone also provides a normal mode and a safe mode. For example, wearing headphones for shopping everyday, using the safe mode can realize that you can hear the ambient sound clearly even if you wear the headphones.

In terms of control, the Philips T5505 has smart sensing technology. Through the built-in infrared sensor, the current state of the headphone can be automatically identified. If the headphone is found to be removed, it will automatically pause playing music. The control intelligence of Philips T5505 headphone is of course more than that. For example, music playback, pause, and switching of noise reduction modes can be achieved by touching the touch area outside the headphone.

Philips T5505 earbuds have the ability to play continuously for 5 hours. It is not a problem to use the headphone box to enjoy a long-term music experience. In addition, in order to cope with the complex environment, the Philips T5505 also has IPX5 waterproof.

As an old-brand headphone manufacturer, Philips has its advantages in headphone design, sound quality, and noise reduction capabilities, which are reflected in this T5505 earphone. Although its appearance is small and low-key, its performance in all aspects should not be underestimated. If you also need a headphone with good sound quality and noise reduction function, Philips T5505 earbuds is a good choice.

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