What is the real sense of luxury? After watching the Philips JS50 speaker, I realized it!


I heard that Philips and GEORG JENSEN are joint names? You may know very little about GEORG JENSEN. As one of the most important silversmith shops in the world, it has inherited the unique Scandinavian design craftsmanship and practical artistic aesthetics. Impeccable craftsmanship has brought the public The supreme elegant experience, never following fashion, the choice of ingenuity. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear that GEORG JENSEN will be co-branded with Philips. What kind of spark will be formed by the collision of modern technology and classical aesthetics? Take a look at this Philips JS50 wireless bluetooth speaker with me today.

Philips JS50 speaker

Elves from Northern Europe: the ultimate aesthetic experience under cross-border union

The Philips JS50 wireless bluetooth speaker looks more like a work of art full of Nordic royal life. The material is made of Kvadrat luxury art brand from Denmark, imported blended fabrics and GEORG JENSEN polished steel elements. The design is inspired by In the natural scenery of Scandinavia, the entire island mountain range under the temperate oceanic climate, with abundant precipitation and dense vegetation, gives people a mysterious and introverted feeling. Therefore, the Philips JS50 wireless bluetooth speaker is based on the designer’s persistent pursuit of acoustic technology and the unremitting efforts of the ultimate simple life. The first cross-border cooperation between Philips and GEORG JENSEN is very attractive, even if it is not used and placed in the home. The corner is also a kind of beautiful enjoyment.

Philips JS50 speaker

The polished steel elements of GEORG JENSEN first give a technological impact and the appearance of the fabric design also brings a new style of Nordic style. Many friends are worried that this Danish fabric will affect the sound of music. You can definitely tell you that it won’t. The beautiful sky blue wool blended fabric has the sound-transmitting effect of marks, which can be very effective when playing music. It flows smoothly from the speakers into the indoor space, just like the genie on your ears, allowing you to experience the ease and joy of music.

Philips JS50 speaker

Extraordinary speaker experience: clear and natural, bringing top stereo effect

When we want to relax, we just want to quietly appreciate the beautiful notes, so clear and delicate sound effects are very important. Philips JS50 speakers have two 2.25 inch speaker units, combined with top-of-the-line packaging materials, to bring crisp and clear stereo sound. Built-in two passive radiators Philips patented sound technology, even in the case of low volume, it can not bring incredible deep and deep effects. The 20W output power can satisfy you to use it in a large living room space. On weekends, you can have a drink with friends while driving music. It is really quite different.

Philips JS50 speaker

The design of the surround speakers can bring a full range of audiovisual enjoyment, opening your favorite singer’s playlist, as if you are on the scene of a concert. If you want to connect to other devices, it is also possible, bluetooth 5.0, the signal is stable and long-distance transmission will not be dropped, it can be 20 meters away from the bluetooth device, truly no delay! TWS stereo pairing can be paired with another JS50, which can change into a stereo music system in seconds. The operation method is also very simple and easy to learn: press and hold the bluetooth button on the speaker until the LED light flashes quickly, on the connected main speaker, press and hold the connection button until the LED light turns red and blue alternately and quickly, you can hear it after the connection is successful Indicator tone.

Philips JS50 speaker

Endurance charging experience: large-capacity battery music to accompany you

Want to have a party outdoors? The power problem is an inevitable big problem. The Philips JS50 speaker has 4 2200mAh lithium batteries, which can play 20 hours of music continuously after 6 hours of charging. The powerful battery life allows you You can go out with peace of mind and enjoy music anytime, anywhere. In addition, friends need to pay attention to that it uses a Type-C interface.

Philips JS50 speaker

When the products on the market emerge in endlessly, most of them are in a flash. Only products with real materials and temperament appearance can really stay. Philips JS50 speakers are such a product, unique design concept and powerful The performance experience is enough to bring you a quality experience!



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