Philips Fidelio T1Philips may be the brand closest to people’s daily lives. This Dutch company was established in 1891, and its products cover many fields. But in fact, Philips has been deeply involved in the audio field for many years. From radios to CD players to Hi-Fi playback systems, Philips has always used products to interpret their understanding of good sound quality.

As a high-end audio series under Philips, Fidelio represents the highest technology in Philips audio and video. It embodies the excellent sound quality and was born for music lovers. Time has come to the era of true wireless, and Philips has also followed the pace and launched its own true wireless headphones. This T1 is the first true wireless noise cancelling earphones launched in the Fidelio series. How does it perform? Let me be full of expectations.

Philips Fidelio T1 specs and features:

Fidelio’s luxury design concept

Philips Fidelio T1 won the Red Dot Design Award in 2021. Both headphones and charging cases have top-notch designs. The style is very tough, and the overall business style, giving people a very stable feeling. The surface of the charging case is made of metal materials, with Fidelio’s logo printed on the front, and the surface is frosted, which gives it a high-level touch to the touch.

The top of the Fidelio T1 charging case is made of Muirhead leather material from Scotland, and the “Philips” logo on the top of the charging case uses a leather hot pressing process, which adds a soft, warm and delicate feeling to the charging case.

The opening angle of the charging case is almost 90 degrees, the opening and closing angle is very large, it is very convenient to take out the headphone. The earphone pairing button is also placed inside the charging case. Long press the button and the indicator light starts to flash, and the earphone enters the pairing mode.

Philips Fidelio T1 earbuds are made of round, aluminum alloy brushed and polished metal material, which is very consistent with the design style of the charging case. The earphone adopts an ergonomic design, and the oval acoustic tube fits the ear comfortably. The left earphone is printed with the “Philips” logo on the circular part, and the “Fidelio” logo is printed on the right. There is a status indicator light of the earphone hidden beside the circular part of the earphone. When the charging case is opened, the user will be reminded of the current headphone usage status by flashing.

Fidelio T1 eartips are very different from ordinary true wireless earphones. Philips Fidelio T1 comes with 6 pairs of silicone eartips this time, which is convenient for users to adjust the comfort level according to the size of their ear canals. In addition, there are 3 pairs of Comply TS series breathing memory foam eartips.

The memory foam used by Philips Fidelio T1 comes from the American company Comply, which is a manufacturer specializing in memory foam. The memory foam eartips produced by it are made of high-quality foam material, which is activated by body temperature and has a very high level of comfort. Even the wearing time of up to 6 hours still makes the headphones have a senseless wearing experience.

Moreover, compared to silicone eartips, it is 30 times softer and can enhance the sound at lower volume, with fuller sound quality and better sound insulation. When using memory foam eartips, you need to pinch the eartips small before wearing them, and put them on quickly before the memory foam recovers.

Although memory foam has many advantages over silicone materials, memory foam eartips also have some disadvantages. The first point is that it is not waterproof, so you can use silicone eartips when it rains or when you exercise. The second is that it is easy to stick to earwax and needs to be cleaned in time.

The powerful noise cancelling performance is unforgettable

In daily life, the hazards of noise are everywhere. Continuously high loudness noise will make people feel uncomfortable, and long-term hearing will be severely damaged in an environment above 90 decibels. So in many outdoor occasions or commuting scenes, a pair of noise cancelling headphones is needed.

Philips Fidelio T1 adopts a hybrid active noise cancelling scheme, which picks up ambient noise through a feed-forward microphone, and then uses the processing chip in the earphone to make the reverse sound waves emitted by the feed-back microphone cancel the noise. This complete set of noise cancelling system and Philips’ fine tuning of acoustic engineering, coupled with memory foam eartips, makes the noise cancelling effect of Fidelio T1 very good, which can effectively suppress noise.

When the Philips Fidelio T1 is worn, the noise cancelling function will be activated automatically. By double-clicking the right earphone, you can switch the noise cancelling function and switch the transparency mode. I am wearing the Fidelio T1 earbuds in the office and the noise cancelling function is turned on. Suddenly, the entire office fell silent, and the voices of colleagues were shielded cleanly. And in the active noise cancelling mode, my ears did not feel the blockage caused by the noise cancelling mode. It may be the cause of memory foam. I didn’t feel any pressure on my ears when wearing it for a long time.

I was impressed by the performance of Fidelio T1 in wind noise suppression. The few days I was trying out the headphone happened to catch up with the strong wind, and the wind reached level 6. Philips Fidelio T1’s feed-forward microphone and call microphone are cleverly designed to avoid upwind noise, and combined with APP’s proprietary noise cancelling algorithm, it significantly reduces the interference of wind noise during calls, and the human voice is very clear.

Excellent sound quality really deserve its reputation

The sound quality part is the focus of Fidelio T1. The Hi-Res Audio Wireless logo is printed on the lower right corner of the front of the product box. This is a high-resolution wireless audio standard proposed by the Japan Audio Association (JAS) in 2018. Only when the device has simultaneous decoding performance and bluetooth encoding format that supports 96kHz/24bit or more, and supports the LDAC encoding format, the product can be awarded “Gold Label”. In other words, the “small gold label” is a testament to high sound quality.

Philips Fidelio T1 uses the hybrid drive sound solution, which is also used by many high-quality headphones. The advantage of this set of audio solutions is that armature is used to make up for the lack of dynamic in the high-frequency part, which can present bright treble and rich natural human voice, the tone is more transparent, and the resolution is very high. The 10mm dynamic driver can provide deep, rich bass details and musical instrument texture.

When I was experiencing the sound quality of Fidelio T1, I connected it to the Apple Music APP on my phone through headphones. When listening to The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights”, the bass drums and vocals can be clearly distinguished, the bass is strong and powerful, and the vocals and treble parts are transparent and not dull.

Tsai Chin’s “Ferry” has excellent timbre performance on Fidelio T1, restoring the original timbre of instruments such as drums and guitars. Tsai Chin’s vocals are also very natural and strong. Especially when listening to a symphony, it is full of presence and can show a lot of instrumental details.

APP brings more control functions to headphones

Through the “Philips Headphones” APP, you can also perform functions such as battery query, noise cancelling mode switching, sound effect selection and music control on the earphones. In terms of sound effects, the APP provides four preset options of bass, voicing, strong and treble, and users can choose their favorite sound effect settings.

In addition, you can switch between noise cancelling mode and transparency mode and adaptive options through the APP, which is more accurate than switching with a headphone touch. Both the noise cancelling control and the ambient sound can be fine-tuned by opening the secondary menu in the APP. The upgrade of the earphone is also completed through the APP, and the upgrade can bring a more stable and better user experience to the earphones.

Highlights of Philips Fidelio T1

Philips Fidelio T1 has IPX4 waterproof capability in the earphone part, which can provide all-round waterproof protection for 2 to 5 minutes. It can be used safely during fitness or outdoor sports.

At the same time, Fidelio T1 also supports smart touch operation, which can quickly control various functions of the earphone through long-press, double-click, and triple-click touch methods. Long press the left earphone to wake up the voice assistant, long press the right earphone to pause the music, double-click to switch the noise cancelling mode, and triple-click to switch the song.

Philips Fidelio T1 adopts Bluetooth 5.2 connection technology and supports multi-device connection function. After the headphone is paired with the mobile phone, it can also be paired with computers and other devices, and it supports seamless switching. After the first pairing is successful, it can be used directly without re-pairing when switching again.

For example, if you are listening to a song on your computer, you can seamlessly switch the earphone to the phone to answer the call when there is a call on your mobile phone, which is very convenient and user-friendly.

Stunning long battery life

Philips Fidelio T1 has a built-in 600mAh lithium battery with 200 hours of standby time. The earbuds can be used for 9 hours when the ANC mode is turned on, and can be used for 13 hours after turning off the ANC mode. The comprehensive use time through the charging case is 25 hours in noise cancelling mode, and 35 hours in normal mode.

Charge the earphones for 2 hours through the Type-C interface to fully charge the headphones. In addition, Fidelio T1 also uses magnetic charging (wireless chargers need to be purchased separately), which is convenient and natural.


Philips Fidelio T1 starts from the sound quality point of view, adding a very good noise cancelling function. In terms of waterproof performance, stable connection, intelligent control and battery life, the overall experience of the earphone is improved, and it truly brings users a headset with excellent sound quality and functions. This is Philips’ heritage of sound quality and Philips’ mission. This is Philips Fidelio T1 true wireless noise cancelling earbuds.

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