OPPO K10 Review: An irresistible ultra-dimensional flagship for LCD lovers


On April 24, OPPO officially held a new product launch conference, and brought two new models, OPPO K10 and OPPO K10 Pro. All along, OPPO K series models have maintained a relatively balanced product experience.

From the configuration point of view, the K10 series can be described as “innovative”. OPPO K10 is equipped with Dimensity 8000-MAX, equipped with 64MP triple camera, built-in 5000mAh battery and 67W super fast charge. The OPPO K10 Pro is equipped with a Snapdragon 888 and a Sony IMX766 main camera, as well as a built-in 5000mAh capacity battery and 80W fast charge. Whether it is the standard version or the Pro version, the sincerity is relatively sufficient, and it also has a good competitiveness in the products of the same price.

Personally, I am quite satisfied with the OPPO K10 series, although the parameters do not represent the final product experience. However, as a major mobile phone manufacturer, OPPO has always performed steadily in the coordination of software and hardware. With such a configuration foundation, there is naturally more expectation for the experience.

01/ Appearance: Integrated streamline surface design

Compared with the previous generations of K series, the OPPO K10 series has a higher degree of recognition in the design of the back shell of the mobile phone, which is naturally related to the raised camera module. Does it seem familiar at first glance?


This integrated streamlined curved body has been used on the OPPO Find flagship series, and now it is also inherited by the K series. However, unlike the local “bulges” on the OPPO Find X3 or Find X5, the OPPO K10 has a larger raised area, accounting for about one-third of the entire back shell of the phone. It can be seen that the transition between the entire camera module and the rear case is slightly lifted up, without any breakpoint in the middle. The two parts are perfectly fused together, protruding a seamless design aesthetic, and it also avoids the trouble of dust accumulation.


At the same time, thanks to the addition of the G3 continuous curve design, the overall grip feels better. Especially when holding the phone in landscape orientation, it feels a bit like holding a handle. In addition, OPPO K10 is also quite good for weight control. By adjusting the internal components, the upper and lower weight ratio of the fuselage is controlled at 1:1 to avoid “top-heavy” and further improve the feel of holding it with one hand.


OPPO K10 and K10 Pro are available in two colors respectively, OPPO K10 has dark night black and ice blue, and OPPO K10 Pro is titanium black and clear blue. Personally, I appreciate the OPPO K10 dark night version. It seems to be low-key and calm, but it also has a hint of coolness and determination. The most important thing is that the back shell feels very smooth and delicate to the touch, and it is not easy to get fingerprints. It can be said that the details are very well done.


The front of the OPPO K10 is equipped with a 6.5″, 1080P LCD screen and supports a 120Hz refresh rate. In the current market, there are fewer and fewer mobile phones using LCD screens, and even fewer LCD mobile phones with flagship configurations. For many users who Like LCD screen mobile phones, there is really not much choice. Because of this, the arrival of the OPPO K10 seems just right.


In fact, LCD screens do have many advantages. For example, the stroboscopic problem of the screen is relatively light, the daily use is more eye-friendly, and the probability of screen burn-in is also smaller. Under the similar PPI, the LCD display will be more delicate and so on.

OPPO K10 also inherits these advantages. The picture is natural and the color is rich, and as a high refresh screen, different frame rates are adapted for different application scenarios. Supports up to 6-speed rate adjustment, you can enjoy smooth high-frame images when playing games, and save power when watching movies at low frames, balancing the contradiction between high refresh rate and battery life at this stage.


Due to the LCD screen, in terms of fingerprint unlocking, the OPPO K10 still uses the side fingerprint unlocking method. In the actual experience, the unlocking speed is very fast, and it is very convenient for blind operation.


In terms of interface, OPPO K10 still retains the 3.5mm headphone hole. There is a speaker on the top and bottom to form a closed stereo, and it has passed the two certifications of Hi-Res&Hi Res Wireless Audio and Dirac. In addition to good performance when watching movies/TV series, it can also bring players an immersive experience in games. Especially in shooting games, you can clearly hear the footsteps of enemies from different directions, and achieve a game experience of listening to different positions of the sounds.

02/ Performance: World premiere Dimensity 8000-MAX processor

As the strongest K series model in history, the performance of OPPO K10 is still very good. OPPO K10 launched the world’s first Dimensity 8000-MAX processor. This chip is made by the TSMC 5nm process technology, and the CPU adopts a 4+4 octa-core architecture design, which consists of 4 Cortex A78 large cores + 4 Cortex A55 small cores. The GPU part adopts Arm Mali-G610 6-core GPU. In addition to the main frequency of up to 2.75GHz, the GPU performance has also been greatly improved, and the energy efficiency ratio is also better.

In addition, this processor is matched with LPDDR5+UFS 3.1, which constitute a new “performance iron triangle”. Under the in-depth adjustment of OPPO and MediaTek, the latest version of AnTuTu has achieved a score of over 77W. Among them, the GPU part of the running score reached 27W+, which is close to the performance level of the mainstream flagship core. It is not difficult to see that the graphics processing capability of the Dimensity 8000-MAX is very prominent, which means that the OPPO K10 will have better performance in games.

Whether the OPPO K10 will become a new generation of performance flagship gaming phone as expected, the running score alone obviously cannot explain any problems. I selected three games, “Honor of King”, “Game For Peace” and “Genshin Impact”, and ran them with the highest image quality at the maximum frame rate, using PerfDog and Warm Gun to record the frame rate and temperature changes.

“Honor of King” average frame rate 89.3fps

In the “Honor of King” “High Frame Rate-Ultra High Resolution-HD” image quality, the OPPO K10 can achieve an average frame rate of 59.6fps in a 15-minute game, and the frame rate is very stable throughout the game. In addition, OPPO K10 has not yet opened the “Honor of King” high frame mode when I tested it, but it will be pushed in subsequent versions, which is still worth looking forward to.

“Game For Peace” average frame rate 89.3fps

Under the “Game For Peace” and “HDR HD-Extreme” image quality, the average frame rate can reach 89.3fps, and the frame rate curve also maintains a straight line. There is no obvious frame drop or lag during the game, and the game experience is very smooth.

“Genshin Impact” average frame rate 51fps

Next is “Genshin Impact”, we set the game frame rate to 60fps mode, all other parameters are set to the highest, and motion blur is turned off. In a 15-minute game, the average frame rate of OPPO K10 can reach about 51 frames. Except for the frame rate drop caused by map loading, the overall stability is still in the process of running maps and clearing monsters. As the temperature of the fuselage rises, the OPPO K10 also has a frequency reduction phenomenon, but it can stabilize the game experience of 50 frames, which is already stronger than some high-end flagship phones.

Based on the above game performance, the performance of the OPPO K10 is beyond doubt, and the Dimensity 8000-MAX is also much better than expected. Of course, this is also related to OPPO’s in-depth adjustment. On the one hand, the OPPO K10 is equipped with HyperBoost full-link game frame stabilization technology, which can help improve the processing efficiency of the GPU when facing games such as “Honor of King”, reduce rendering power consumption, and prolong game battery life. In response to frame drop and lag problems in games, OPPO K10 can schedule CPU system resources in advance by developing GPA technology to ensure that the game screen is stable and does not drop frames, reducing the number of frame rate fluctuations in the game.


Diamond VC liquid cooling system

On the other hand, the OPPO K10 uses a diamond VC liquid cooling system with a total heat dissipation area of ​​up to 16625mm². It can achieve full coverage of key heating elements, so as to quickly conduct the heat accumulated in the mobile phone into the air to achieve rapid cooling.


From the actual measurement, in the 30-minute “Game For Peace”, the OPPO K10 back panel was slightly hot, but it did not reach the level of hot hands. Using the temperature gun to record the temperature of the back shell of the mobile phone, the maximum temperature of the back shell increased from 35.1 ℃ at the beginning to 43.9 ℃. In the current room temperature environment (about 25 ℃), the OPPO K10’s temperature control is relatively ideal.


However, although the heat dissipation performance is good, with the arrival of summer, the temperature is also rising a little bit, which will inevitably affect the heat dissipation of the mobile phone. To this end, OPPO also prepared a 18W freezing point cooling back clip for players. This cooling back clip adopts the aerospace-grade dual TEC overclocking cooling solution, supports 3-speed wind speed adjustment, and can be directly buckled on the back of the mobile phone for auxiliary cooling, making the heat dissipation more efficient.

From a performance point of view, the OPPO K10 is quite good. Dimensity 8000-MAX is indeed a flagship chip with powerful performance and excellent power consumption, which is enough to meet the smooth operation of various mobile games. In addition, the peripheral configuration of OPPO K10 is also very rich, X-axis linear motor, closed stereo dual speakers, 3.5mm headphone hole, 120Hz high refresh rate screen are also readily available. Users can feel the sincerity of the OPPO K10 series in gaming experience.

03/ Battery Life: 5000mAh battery + 67W super fast charge

As a performance flagship phone, the OPPO K10’s battery life is also good enough to meet the needs of players for daily use or long-term gaming. This time, the OPPO K10 uses a 5000mAh battery and a 67W super fast charging battery life charging combination, and is equipped with OPPO’s exclusive battery intelligent health engine. It ensures the stability and life of the battery under high-power fast charging, and further optimizes the battery life experience.


In the 5-hour battery life test, the OPPO K10 finally had 51% of the battery remaining. It is not a big problem to use it for a day when it is fully charged, and it can meet the battery life requirements of most users.

Thanks to the 67W charging power, the charging speed has also been improved rapidly. The phone can be charged from 0% to 97% in 30 minutes, and it takes less than 33 minutes to fully charge the 5000mAh battery. Imagine that, before going out every morning, you can charge your mobile phone to more than 50% in the time of breakfast, and this power is enough to support us all morning.

04/ Image: 64MP ultra-clear three-shot

There are many products on the market that focus on performance experience, but there are not many cost-effective mobile phones that can take into account both performance and image. In comparison, the OPPO K10 appears to be sincere.


Let’s first look at the hardware and software configuration of OPPO K10. It uses a three-camera combination of 64MP main camera + 8MP super wide-angle + 2MP macro, and a front 16MP lens. This set of configuration OPPO has been very skilled and can meet the needs of users for taking pictures. It is worth mentioning that the OPPO K10 also supports the ultra-night mode clear algorithm, which can take clear and moving photos in a very low-brightness environment.


Main camera proofs

In the daytime proofs, the overall performance of the OPPO K10 main camera is still very stable. The overall exposure is reasonable, the color reproduction is relatively accurate, and the image quality is very delicate. Building textures, clouds in the sky, and details of trees by the river can be seen at a glance, allowing users to feel the charm of details.


Night mode proofs

Thanks to the excellent algorithm adjustment, the OPPO K10 can guarantee the filming rate even in night scenes. When the light is insufficient, the OPPO K10 can trigger the ultra-clear night scene algorithm to ensure clear shots in low light conditions. From the proofs, the OPPO K10 picture is bright and has no obvious noise, and it looks very pure and natural.

Ultra wide-angle proofs

The super wide-angle blessing makes the shooting more comprehensive, enhances the sense of depth and space of the proofs, and makes the picture more visually impactful. And 8MP is enough, coupled with the flagship image algorithm to ensure clear imaging. It can also be seen from the proofs that the building becomes taller and more spectacular under the blessing of a large viewing angle, there is no obvious distortion problem on the edge, and the detail performance is also very good.

2X zoom proofs

5X zoom proofs

Interestingly, although the OPPO K10 is not equipped with a telephoto camera, it can still achieve a digital zoom of up to 20 times. Everyone takes some 2X or 5X proofs every day, and can also maintain good clarity and color perception. In short, OPPO K10 may not be good at images, but if you just want to simply take pictures and share them on social media, the camera of OPPO K10 can definitely meet your needs.

Of course, if you are interested in taking pictures and pursue a more extreme imaging experience, the OPPO K10 Pro can undoubtedly meet your needs. The main camera of the OPPO K10 Pro is a 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor with a size of 1/1.56″, which is also one of the most widely used sensors on flagship phones in recent years.

OPPO K10 Pro proofs

OPPO K10 Pro main camera proofs

OPPO K10 Pro proofs

OPPO K10 Pro ultra-wide-angle proofs

Due to time constraints, I simply took a few pictures here. But it is not difficult to find that the main camera performance of OPPO K10 Pro is really good, and the ultra-wide-angle proofs are also remarkable. Photos are of good quality, with sharp details and pleasing color perception. I believe that with such performance, the OPPO K10 Pro can meet the daily shooting needs of most users.


Overall, the configuration of OPPO K10 is quite solid, 120Hz LCD screen, Dimensity 8000-MAX, 67W super fast charging, X-axis linear motor and stereo dual speakers, so that OPPO K10 has a unique competitiveness in today’s mobile phone market.

Especially for LCD screen enthusiasts, products that can meet both LCD screen and flagship performance are relatively scarce on the market. The arrival of the OPPO K10 can be said to be timely, not only filling the market vacancy, but also giving LCD enthusiasts more new choices. Of course, the OPPO K10 is only the standard version, and the Pro version has more improvements than the standard version. If everyone has higher demand for performance and images, then the OPPO K10 Pro equipped with Snapdragon 888 and Sony IMX766 main camera is more worthy of everyone’s consideration.


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