OnePlus Buds Z2 review: The strongest noise cancelling headphones within $50


On October 13, 2021, OnePlus released OnePlus Buds Z2, an upgraded product of OnePlus Buds Z. Compared with the previous generation, OnePlus Buds Z2 has been upgraded in appearance design, sound quality, and interconnection functions. 40dB deep active noise cancelling, equivalent to the noise cancelling level of flagship products. The 38-hour battery life can challenge the industry’s flagship products.

So how good is this TWS headset, which claims to be the strongest noise cancelling within $50? Let me show you all about it.

1. More fit and comfortable

OnePlus Buds Z2 charging case adopts a clamshell design. The front of the headset is a status indicator part, and the rear is a USB Type-C interface and function keys. The charging case and the headset are connected through contacts. The sleek body design ensures an excellent grip, and the OnePlus Buds Z2 charging case also has IPX4 waterproof performance, which is enough to deal with common water splash problems in life.

OnePlus Buds Z2

In the earphone part, the OnePlus Buds Z2 adopts an in-ear shape design, and according to the ergonomic design concept and the feedback from previous generation users, the OnePlus Buds Z2 has been optimized. It is 15% smaller in size than the previous generation headset. And after a large number of real people wearing tests, OnePlus Buds Z2 fits better to the auricle.

In addition, for different users, OnePlus Buds Z2 also provides 3 different sizes of silicone eartips to meet the habits and needs of different users. At the same time, OnePlus Buds Z2 earbuds supports IP55 dustproof and waterproof, which can effectively avoid the erosion of rain and sweat.

OnePlus Buds Z2

In addition, OnePlus’ classic CD pattern design has been passed on to OnePlus Buds Z2. In addition to increasing the texture of the headset, the CD pattern area is also the touch operation area of ​​the headset. In addition to regular operations such as controlling music and answering calls, the headset can also be switched between noise cancelling and transparent mode by touching the CD pattern.

OnePlus Buds Z2

2. Become smaller and stronger

As an ANC headphones, noise cancelling performance is naturally the top priority. OnePlus Buds Z2’s active noise cancelling depth has achieved 40dB, which is enough to rank among the first echelon of active noise cancelling headphones. In terms of the actual wearing experience, OnePlus Buds Z2 is very immersive in a noisy environment.

At the same time, OnePlus Buds Z2 also supports three-microphone AI call noise cancelling. Based on the chip and AI algorithm, through the division of labor of the three microphones, it can effectively reduce the interference of environmental noise such as common noise and wind noise in life on the quality of the call.

OnePlus Buds Z2

In terms of sound quality, OnePlus Buds Z2 uses an 11mm large-size dynamic driver and flexible composite diaphragm design, which provides a good hardware foundation for high-quality sound quality.

In actual experience, the low frequency performance of OnePlus Buds Z2 is strong and powerful, and the performance in the middle and high frequencies is clear and not muddy. OnePlus Buds Z2 is used in conjunction with a mobile phone that supports Dolby Atmos, allowing users to experience the sound effects of Dolby Atmos in all directions. Whether watching videos or listening to music, it can bring a more immersive sense of presence.

It’s also worth noting that although the OnePlus Buds Z2 is 15% smaller in size than its predecessor headphones, it brings the longest battery life among current active noise-canceling earbuds, up to 38 hours of battery life (close the active drop Noise function, with the charging case, the total battery life is 38 hours). Under normal use, it can basically be charged once every 1 to 2 weeks. And OnePlus Buds Z2 also supports fast charging, which not only saves time, but also meets the needs of urgent use. According to official data, the earbuds+charging case is charged for 10 minutes as a whole, and it can achieve 5 hours of battery life.

It can be seen that although the size of OnePlus Buds Z2 has been reduced, it has improved significantly in terms of noise cancelling, sound quality and battery life. It can be said that although OnePlus Buds Z2 has become smaller, it has also become stronger.

3. Intimate smart experience

As a product under the OnePlus ecosystem, when OnePlus Buds Z2 is used with a OnePlus mobile phone, it can open the box and pair devices automatically. That is, after opening the charging case cover, the mobile phone automatically pops out of the pop-up window to connect, and there is no need to manually connect in the settings. At the same time, the pop-up interface will also prompt the current remaining power of the headset and charging case. (Only supports OnePlus 6 series and above phones or phones with ColorOS 11.0 and above)

OnePlus Buds Z2

In addition, OnePlus Buds Z2 earbuds also supports custom operations. When it is inconvenient to take out the mobile phone, a series of convenient operations can be carried out by using the headset.

  • Click default: play/pause, which can be defined as the previous song and the next song
  • Double-click default: next song, can be defined as play/pause, previous song, wake up voice assistant
  • Three-click default: previous song, can be defined as play/pause, next song, wake up voice assistant

OnePlus Buds Z2 has a very good experience under the ecology of OnePlus. So, how does OnePlus Buds Z2 perform on phones other than OnePlus? So I connected the OnePlus Buds Z2 to the iOS device for testing.

Based on Bluetooth 5.2, the connection between OnePlus Buds Z2 and iOS devices is very stable, and the mobile phone is separated from the headset, and the farthest connection distance is about 10 meters. In addition, according to official information, the latency of OnePlus Buds Z2 is as low as 94ms when connecting with other devices. Whether it is playing games or watching movies and TV series, there is almost no delay.

4. Summary

OnePlus Buds Z2, as a comprehensive experience and cost-effective true wireless earbuds, is in a leading position in the industry in terms of noise cancelling performance. Based on the excellent sound unit, OnePlus Buds Z2 has very good sound quality performance in different frequency ranges. And the strongest endurance performance of active noise-canceling headphones at present, it improves the experience of OnePlus Buds Z2 to a higher level.

Combined with excellent noise cancelling, sound quality, battery life, wearing comfort, stable connection and other aspects of comprehensive evaluation. OnePlus Buds Z2 should be the most cost-effective TWS headset you can buy at the current 500 RMB price range.

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