Judging from the market environment this year, the vast majority of consumers seem to be more inclined to buy true wireless earphoness at a price of around US$50, including mobile phone manufacturers that have always been proud of themselves. They have also followed the market trend and launched their own brand entry-level TWS. Products, including OnePlus, which is tepid in China and widely acclaimed abroad.

At the new product launch conference last month, when OnePlus released its new phone OnePlus 8T, the TWS true wireless earphones OnePlus Buds Z, priced at $49.99, also appeared in front of everyone. The main focus is on good sound and good use and cost-effectiveness. I got this new product a month ago and have been using it. So how does OnePlus Buds Z perform and whether it is really worth buying? I believe you will have an answer in your mind after reading this article.

Skip the link and open the box directly, we can see the main body of the OnePlus Buds Z earbuds, a USB-A To USB-C charging cable, replacement earplugs, product manual and warranty card. The charging cable is a classic red and white match. The design has a high degree of recognition.

OnePlus Buds Z, as an entry-level TWS true wireless earphones, naturally tends to be conservative in appearance design. Although the capsule-shaped charging box has long been unsurprising, its compact body and online versatile appearance are good for this price earphones. That is enough. The front groove is convenient for users to open and close with one hand, and the intermediate status indicator will show different colors in different situations.

On the back are the function buttons and the USB-C charging interface. The function of the function buttons is that when the OnePlus Buds Z earphones needs to be paired with other devices, press and hold for 2 seconds to make the front indicator light flash continuously in white to reset the earphones into the pairing state. As a reminder, the OnePlus Buds Z earphones does not support wireless charging, but it supports the “flash charge” of the earphones charging for 10 minutes and listening to music for 3 hours.

Open the charging box, and the OnePlus Buds Z earbuds lie down in a magnetic manner. The magnetic charging contacts are designed next to the cavity earplugs. Of course, the direct exposure method will inevitably need to be cleaned after long-term use. The outside of the cavity is the touch area, which can perform operation commands such as play and pause. The bottom and bottom of the touch area are noise reduction Mic, which is officially claimed to improve the call quality of the TWS earphones.

Let’s talk about the experience. First of all, the first impression that OnePlus Buds Z brings to me is that the device is connected very quickly. Even in the case of a non-OnePlus mobile phone, the pairing and connection are so natural and fast, and there is no unusable Happening. The biggest difference between using this earphones with a non-OnePlus phone and a OnePlus phone is that whether it has a nice pop-up animation is basically irrelevant for most users.

Users of non-OnePlus and OPPO phones can download the “Huanlu” APP in the app store, and after successfully pairing and connecting to OnePlus Buds Z, they can upgrade the earphones firmware or change the touch area operation. I want to talk about it here. Since the OnePlus Buds Z earphones is designed with a side touch area, the touch operation function is quite lacking. Only supporting double-click action is very confusing for a mobile phone manufacturer’s TWS earphones. This is a basic function for various manufacturers, OnePlus Buds Z seems a bit “not particular” in this regard.

To be honest, there are a lot of true wireless earphones used in one year. They can be used as the most basic and most important wearing comfort of earphones. Even flagship earphones of more than $100 are often not satisfactory. OnePlus Buds Z earphones brings me the second satisfaction is that although it also uses the traditional in-ear design, there is no discomfort after wearing it for a long time. The shape fits the contour of the ear and is firmly fixed. It is used for fitness exercises. It won’t be easily thrown away even when you perform large movements. In short, it is comfortable to wear.

Since the OnePlus Buds Z earphones adopts an in-ear design, after wearing it, it also has a certain degree of isolation from external sounds. After turning on the music, it can basically achieve a certain degree of noise reduction effect, which is compared with Airpods and other semi-in-ear headphones. Saying that nature is a lot better.

To be honest, this TWS true wireless earphones with a price of about $50, everyone should have a psychological expectation for its sound quality. The OnePlus Buds Z earphones is indeed as I said, it is a three-band balanced hearing-resistant type. There are no special surprises but I will not be disappointed.

However, one thing to say is that the latency of OnePlus Buds Z earphones when playing games on non-OnePlus phones is not ideal. Like the PUBG games that everyone usually plays the most, the incoherence can be very obvious. OnePlus phone users You can turn on the gaming mode to reduce latency.

In general, the OnePlus Buds Z earphones are still worthy of its official price of US$49.99. The versatile design, long-term wearing comfort, fast connection to the device, IP55 waterproof and sweat resistant, these are the selling points that OnePlus Buds Z has to say. If you encounter e-commerce discounts and promotions, this earphones will be more cost-effective. After using it for half a month, I personally recommend everyone to buy OnePlus Buds Z.

OnePlus Buds Z erphones
1. All-match good-looking appearance
2. Comfortable to wear for a long time
3. Support IP55 protection
4. Connect devices quickly
5. Long battery life

1. Too few touch operations
2. Non-OnePlus mobile games have a large delay

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