OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver review: A stunning exterior colorway


On January 11, at the launch of OnePlus‘ flagship new product OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus launched a special edition of OnePlus Buds Pro, a new “Radiant Silver” color scheme, priced at 799 RMB.

OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

At the same time, I also got OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver, which is a stunner created with technology and romance, which can bring users a layer of surprises.

From unboxing to experience, I was impressed with the OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver:

First Impression: Beautiful and stylish
Second impression: comfortable to wear, especially not tiring to wear for a long time
Third impression: excellent noise cancelling, excellent sound quality

Below is an in-depth experience for you.



OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

From the packaging, it has already created the texture beauty of “Radiant Silver”. The outline of the headset and charging case is embossed on the silver-gray packaging box, and it is given a glossy finish, and the visual sense of the packaging is quite good.

OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

At the moment of opening the box, I feel that the interior design is minimal, but it is actually “not simple”.

OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

Items in the box include: charging case (including headphones), USC-C cable, 2 pair of eartips, instruction manual.

OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

When you take out the OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver charging case, the bright color feel feels stylish and edgy.

The charging case is made of NCVM process, and it presents a strong texture like stainless steel with high brightness.

OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

Looking at the charging case from the side, it is quite slim and uses the Type-C charging interface. There are surprises in charging, which will be introduced later.

OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

When the lid is opened, it gives the impression of opening the foundation box. Of course, there is no mirror hidden inside.

The two earphones are embedded in the charging case, and the magnetic attraction is quite strong, so there is no risk of the earphones falling off. In the follow-up experience, it will be found that even if the earphone is placed close to the charging compartment at will, and it is automatically absorbed into it, there has been no problem of not charging due to poor contact.

OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

The two headphones use the same material as the charging case, and the highlight texture is quite dazzling.

The earphone adopts a short ear stem in-ear design, the weight of a single earphone is only 4.4g, and supports IP55 dustproof and waterproof, so that users can use it more worry-free.

OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

The short ear handle design not only reduces the problem of accidental touches, but also has a special design on the ear handle – the pressure-sensitive area, and provides users with single-click, double-click, triple-click, long-press and other methods to realize the operation of various headphone functions. In particular, each operation has hint tone feedback. The hint tone is relatively low-key, not harsh, but definitely audible.

OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

Gently place the earphones on your ears so that they fit comfortably in the ear canal. This ergonomic design that conforms to the human ear canal is indeed in place, not only for easy wearing, but also for enhanced long-term wear comfort.



When wearing it, you can gradually feel the advantages of the two major features of OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver: smart noise cancelling and real-time detection of wearing status.

In terms of noise cancelling, OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver not only has the ANC function of 40dB noise cancelling depth. Moreover, it also realizes the intelligent dynamic noise cancelling effect, which can automatically adjust the noise cancelling depth in different scenarios.

For example, in relatively noisy environments such as subways, the headphones can automatically adapt to a strong noise cancelling depth, effectively blocking external noise, and bringing a more focused and immersive listening experience. When you go to a less noisy environment such as indoors, the noise cancelling depth is automatically lowered, which not only ensures that you will not be disturbed by noise, but also saves power.

A more ingenious function is to detect the wearing status in real time. For example, when listening to a song, a colleague next to you patted you on the shoulder, then take off a headset, and the music will be paused, so that you can hear what your colleague is saying clearly. Music resumes automatically when the headphones are put back on.



OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

The above good experience depends on the hardware support of OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver. In addition, OnePlus is also equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 transmission technology and LHDC bluetooth audio codec technology.

When bluetooth is connected to a mobile phone, the advantage of connection speed is very obvious, and it can be automatically connected as long as the charging case cover is opened, which is very convenient. If it is used with a OnePlus mobile phone, it can even open the cover and connect in seconds, and there is an exclusive interface for the earbuds, which will have more abundant settings.

OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver also supports dual connection of smart devices. When two devices are connected at the same time, automatic switching can be realized between calls and songs between different devices, saving more trouble of reconnection.



When choosing a flagship headset, of course, you will pay more attention to its sound quality. OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver uses a large 11mm dynamic driver and adds a flexible composite diaphragm. And with the blessing of LHDC wireless audio technology, the fullness of the sound is good.

OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver not only has hard power, but the team has also tuned it quite well, which can better suit the taste of the public.

Its three-frequency balance, especially the bass aspect, is strong and powerful. The overall sound has a clear sense of layering, the sense of envelopment is strong, and the first impression on hearing is very pleasing to people.

If you listen carefully, you will find that many details in the song can be preserved, and even the subtle energy can be accurately responded. It can be said that OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver has done a good job in the flagship ranks, and can even be compared with similar products at the thousand yuan level or even higher.



OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

Bluetooth 5.2 technology brings the advantage of low latency to the OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver, which also brings the advantage of true sound and picture synchronization for games.

OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silve

In terms of battery life, the performance of OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver is also very good. When the active noise cancelling is turned off, the single battery life is 7 hours. If used with charging case, you can get 38 hours of long battery life. It is really surprising to have such a battery life on such a thin and lightly designed charging case.

What is even more surprising is that the charging case also has a built-in wireless charging module, which is compatible with the Qi-certified wireless charging protocol, enhancing the convenience of daily use.


OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver not only has external beauty, but also has a powerful combination of hardware and technology. For example: 11mm dynamic driver, LHDC wireless audio technology, Bluetooth 5.2 transmission technology, low latency, intelligent dynamic noise cancelling, real-time detection of wearing status, etc.

If you have requirements for flagship TWS headphones, I believe that OnePlus Buds Pro Radiant Silver will not disappoint you in every way.

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