OnePlus Ace Review: What kind of phone can be called the performance ace?


OnePlus Ace

When OnePlus announced that it would release a performance phone under the Ace name, I had quite the anticipation. However, when the phone arrived in my hands, the Dimensity 8100-MAX processor, 150W super fast charge, IMX766 sensor, OIS optical image stabilization, and electro-optic waterfall process appearance, these configurations did look very “ACE”. So how is the actual experience? Below is my one week experience.

Oneplus Ace Specs:

  • 6.7″ FHD+ Flexible OLED Screen
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • Dimensity 8100-MAX Processor
  • 50MP+8MP+2MP Rear Cameras
  • 4500mAh Battery + 150W Super Fast Charging
  • $420 – Check latest price on: AliExpress

01/ Appearance: excellent texture and look

With strong performance, the appearance naturally cannot be too low-key. In terms of appearance, the OnePlus Ace is impressive enough at first glance. In order to echo the powerful performance of the Dimensity 8100-MAX processor, OnePlus Ace uses a very powerful right-angle frame design. In a market where performance phones are mostly heavy, OnePlus has proved to us that performance and feel can be had at the same time. OnePlus Ace’s 8.2mm body thickness and 186g weight can be considered quite thin, which is more than 30g lighter than gaming phones with the same main performance. At the same time, thanks to the 2.5D transition between the screen and the middle frame, there is no obvious sense of separation in daily use, making the use of the straight screen also smooth.

OnePlus Ace

OnePlus Ace is equipped with a 6.7″ FHD+ flexible OLED screen, which supports 120Hz refresh rate and touch sampling rate up to 1000Hz. It supports 1.07 billion color display and 100% coverage of DCI-P3 wide color gamut to ensure the display effect is real and natural. The largest screen The excitation brightness is 800nit, and the local maximum peak brightness is 950nit, ensuring readability even in outdoor use.

OnePlus Ace

Then let’s take a look at the back cover, as the only complete space on the phone that allows manufacturers to design freely. It comes in two colors, black and blue. The one I have is the blue version, and the back cover presents a blue-green color blend, and the color of the back cover changes as the angle changes.

OnePlus Ace

In addition to the unique color, in order to create a sense of speed in the appearance, the back cover of OnePlus Ace adopts a new electro-optical waterfall process. The industry’s first matte gradient, the left texture disappears slowly from top to bottom, and the natural gradient blank can feel the flow of light. The texture of the back cover lines is not the same depth, but has a change from deep to shallow, bringing more layered texture and details. The overall matte texture not only brings a delicate touch, but also avoids the trouble of being contaminated with fingerprints.

In the actual experience, the texture of the back cover of OnePlus Ace is amazing. Thanks to the electro-optical waterfall process, the back cover feels delicate but well-defined. On the left side, the thin stripes that gradually disappear from top to bottom are uneven, and you can feel the sense of speed contained in it when you gently touch it. At the same time, visually, the thin stripes form a grating-like effect, which is very eye-catching. In contrast, the frosted process of the right fuselage is very low-key, only the OnePlus logo in the lower right corner adopts a glossy design, and the sharp contrast can be noticed at a glance.

OnePlus Ace

In other respects, the bottom of the phone is a Type-C charging port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a speaker hole. The right side of the phone is the power button, and the left side is the volume +/- buttons and SIM card slot.

OnePlus Ace

With the help of the electro-optical waterfall process and the right-angle frame design, the appearance of OnePlus Ace is full of speed. The 120Hz flexible AMOLED straight screen allows OnePlus Ace to provide users with an excellent visual experience. The addition of the two makes OnePlus Ace truly excellent in texture and look.

02/ Performance: Dimensity 8100-MAX, deep customization makes the game more stable

The Dimensity 8100 processor attracted the attention of countless digital enthusiasts when it was just unveiled. It is built with TSMC’s 5nm process technology. The CPU part is equipped with 4*2.85Ghz A78 high-performance core + 4*2.0Ghz A55 high-efficiency core, and the GPU uses Mali-G610 MC6, which achieves a good balance between performance and power consumption.

The OnePlus Ace doesn’t stop there. On this basis, it has carried out in-depth customization in conjunction with MTK, and launched a new Dimensity 8100-MAX processor. Key optimizations have been made in three aspects: AI performance, game frame rate and night scene video. So how do these custom optimizations perform, let us find out through actual measurements.

The first is the benchmark test. According to the actual measurement results, the OnePlus Ace AnTuTu running score with the Dimensity 8100 processor scored 819012 points. GeekBench 5.0 has a single-core score of 958 and a multi-core score of 3823. The overall performance has reached the average level of flagship models. For a mid-range model, this result is undoubtedly very good, and it can fully meet the needs of daily software and large-scale game operation.

OnePlus Ace

The running score is just the beginning, the next focus is on the actual test of the game. Here we have chosen two games, “Game For Peace” and “Genshin Impact” to test the actual performance of OnePlus Ace.

The first is “Game For Peace”. Under the setting of smooth picture quality and 90 frames, the average frame rate of OnePlus Ace after a game is 89.3fps, which almost achieves full frame operation. At the same time, according to the monitoring data of the performance dog, it can be seen that there is no lag throughout the game, only a small frame drop occurred, and the actual experience is very smooth.

OnePlus Ace

“Game For Peace” frame rate performance

It is worth mentioning that regarding the lag problem, there is actually a Drop in the performance dog test to measure it. For FPS games such as “Game For Peace” that require operation speed, although different mobile phones may have little difference in the average frame rate, the stuttering that the average frame rate cannot express will actually have a greater impact on the operation. OnePlus Ace has done as much as possible to reduce the lag while ensuring a high frame rate, which can bring players a better gaming experience.

This is followed by “Genshin Impact”, which requires more performance. Here we choose the setting of extremely high image quality + 60 frames for testing, and the results are as follows:

OnePlus Ace

“Genshin Impact” frame rate performance

It can be seen that even if 60 frames are turned on for testing under extremely high image quality, OnePlus Ace can still achieve stable operation, with an average frame rate of 50.7fps. It’s worth noting that the OnePlus Ace doesn’t reduce the picture resolution for frame rate. In my personal opinion, the game frame rate is important, but for an open world game like “Genshin Impact”. In addition to a smooth gaming experience, a sufficiently beautiful picture can allow users to get a truly immersive gaming experience. OnePlus Ace achieves an average frame rate of around 50 frames without reducing the picture resolution, which strikes a good balance between a beautiful picture and a smooth experience.

Such stable game performance is inseparable from the optimization of the Dimensity 8100-MAX processor for stable game frames. Through in-depth cooperation with MTK, OnePlus has integrated the HyperBoost game frame stabilization engine with MTK’s game frame stabilization technology at the hardware level. The core of which is the graphics heterogeneous technology and GPA extreme frame stabilization technology. Let’s take a look at how these technologies work in combination with actual scenarios.

The essence of screen rendering during the game is that the CPU sends rendering instructions to the GPU, and after the GPU rendering is completed, it is transmitted to the screen for display. In the traditional graphics processing technology, the CPU and GPU do not know each other’s work content. With the continuous improvement of the GPU computing power requirements of games, this method has become a bottleneck affecting the performance of the chip. The graphics heterogeneity technology divides the rendering instructions issued by the CPU, refines and redistributes them, reasonably arranges the priority of element rendering, “reduces the burden” for the GPU, solves the problem of freezing, and improves the power consumption performance.

The GPA extreme frame stabilization technology on OnePlus Ace intelligently adjusts the CPU and GPU frequencies through the accumulation of AI frame stabilization capabilities and refined management of system resources, and finally achieves the ultimate stable frame of the game. Real-time monitoring of user behavior, device temperature, and power consumption, and continuous adjustment of device parameters by making decisions thousands of times per minute, thus providing the best frame rate while minimizing stuttering. Users only need to turn on the extreme frame stabilization function in the game space to get a smoother and more stable gaming experience.

Although the Dimensity 8100-MAX processor has a good power consumption performance, in order to exert its full performance, sufficient heat dissipation is still essential. In order to make the phone calmer, OnePlus Ace is equipped with the world’s first supercrystalline graphite heat dissipation material, which improves the heat dissipation performance by 60% and ensures the lasting release of chip performance. At the same time, the VC heat dissipation area of ​​OnePlus Ace is as high as 4129.8mm2, and the total heat dissipation area reaches 35198.2mm2, which is the largest heat dissipation area in the history of OnePlus mobile phones. Combined with the excellent power consumption and performance of the Dimensity 8100-MAX itself, it takes the game performance to a new level.

In order to test the actual heat dissipation performance of OnePlus Ace, I used OnePlus Ace to play “Genshin Impact” for half an hour under the setting of e-sports mode and 60 frames + extremely high image quality, and tested the phone before and after the game. Take temperature and record. The result is as follows:

The temperature of the back cover of the mobile phone before the game test

The temperature of the back cover of the mobile phone after the game test

It can be seen that after running the game for half an hour, the average temperature of the fuselage is 41.7 ℃. During the whole game, you can feel the heat on the back of the OnePlus Ace, but it will not affect the operation in the game.

In order to improve the smoothness of the picture, OnePlus Ace is also equipped with a game-only graphics chip. It estimates the trajectory of object motion through the chip and algorithm, and adds a motion compensation frame between two frames to improve the smoothness of the picture and increase the frame rate to a higher frame rate for games that did not have a high frame mode. “Genshin Impact” supports frame interpolation up to 90fps, “Honor of King” and “Game For Peace” supports frame interpolation up to 120fps.

In the high frame rate mode of some games, the independent display chip can help the “graphics processor” of the mobile phone render half the number of pictures, effectively reducing the picture rendering pressure of the processor, thereby achieving lower power consumption.

Taking the “Genshin Impact” in the test as an example, we set the in-game picture setting to 60fps high quality. When the frame insertion function is not turned on, it can be seen from the data that during the game, the CPU usage rate is 43.6%, and the CPU usage rate curve fluctuates greatly, which easily affects the smoothness of the game.

OnePlus Ace

Next, we turn on the “90 frames” frame insertion in the floating window (the in-game screen setting is still 60 frames). The frame rate stability, GPU load, CPU load, heat generation and power consumption of the mobile phone have all been significantly optimized, and players can experience 90 frames for a long time. The CPU usage rate is 36.7%, and the CPU usage rate curve has become significantly smoother, and the game runs more stably.

In addition, OnePlus Ace has also done a good job in the detailed configuration. It is equipped with a custom X-axis linear motor, and with the “4D game vibration” function, it can bring users a more immersive haptic feedback experience. At the same time, OnePlus Ace is also equipped with stereo dual speakers, whether watching movies or listening to music, you can have a cinema-level auditory feast.

With the leadership of the Dimensity 8100-MAX processor, coupled with the support of powerful configurations such as stereo dual speakers, X-axis linear motors, and supercrystalline graphite heat dissipation materials, OnePlus Ace can not only fully release the performance of the processor. It can also bring players an immersive experience in the game.

At the same time, for those users who want a better gaming experience, OnePlus also released OnePlus Buds N true wireless earphones and OnePlus 18W freezing point cooling back clip at the same time. OnePlus Buds N uses a 12.4mm low-frequency dynamic driver, which has more low-frequency volume and clearer vocals. At the same time, a titanium-coated diaphragm is used to provide better transient response. Customized independent bass concentrator, independent rear cavity significantly improves low frequency effect and improves sound consistency. In addition, OnePlus Buds N also supports open the box and pair devices automatically. When paired with a OnePlus phone, open the charging case cover, and the phone interface will automatically pop up to connect.

OnePlus Ace

The OnePlus 18W freezing point cooling back clip has 18W high power, and is equipped with a newly customized aerospace-grade dual TEC cooling chip for the game scene. The monomer can be rapidly cooled down to 25°C within 60 seconds, and the lowest temperature is -3°C. Under load, the side frame of the phone can be cooled by a maximum of 13°C, and the front cooling capacity can reach 15°C.

03/ Charging & Battery Life: Not only fast enough, but also make your phone battery last longer

In addition to performance, fast charging is equally important. OnePlus Ace is equipped with 150W super fast charging technology. This fast-charging technology with the highest power among mass-produced mobile phones has been attracting attention since its official announcement. Now that I got the mobile phone, the first thing is to test how fast the speed is.

In the actual test, use OnePlus Ace with the original 150W charger to charge from 1%. After 5 minutes, the phone’s power reaches 48%, and it can be fully charged in 17 minutes. Such a charging speed makes it a reality to replenish power at any time.

OnePlus Ace

In addition to the fast charging speed, the 150W super fast charging also focuses on battery life. Its battery health engine is based on a custom battery management chip, as well as two new core technologies: intelligent battery health algorithm and bionic repair electrolyte technology. Start with the underlying algorithm and battery chemistry system to protect battery health and charge and discharge safety, and intelligently improve battery life.

Thanks to the support of the battery health engine, the OnePlus Ace battery can still retain 80% of its capacity after 1,600 cycles of charge and discharge. Equivalent to charging once a day, the battery can still have more than 80% of the capacity after four years, far exceeding the industry standard. Users no longer have to worry about having to replace the phone because the battery is aging when the phone is less than two years old. At the same time, the 150W super fast charging technology has also been certified by TÜV Rheinland for safe fast charging system, making charging fast and safe.

Of course, although the 150W super fast charging can bring a very good fast charging experience, the battery life of the mobile phone is still very important. After all, no one can guarantee that it can be charged anytime, anywhere. To test the battery life of the OnePlus Ace, I tested it with a five-hour battery life model. The experimental results are as follows:

It can be seen from the results that after 5 hours of testing, the remaining power of OnePlus Ace is 49%, and the overall performance has reached the mainstream level, which is more than enough to satisfy the user’s one-day use.

Overall, the overall performance of OnePlus Ace in terms of battery life and fast charging is indeed satisfactory. In daily use, it can basically be charged once a day, and in heavy use, it can also be fully charged with a 150W super fast charge. It is believed that with the blessing of the 4500mAh battery and 150W super fast charge, the user’s battery life anxiety can be greatly relieved.

04/ Image: IMX766+OIS optical image stabilization, flagship image performance

In terms of imaging, OnePlus Ace is equipped with the Sony IMX766 sensor used by many flagship mobile phones as the main camera. It has a 1/1.56 outsole and is equipped with OIS optical image stabilization, which is undoubtedly the flagship level in terms of parameters. In addition to this, it also has an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2MP macro lens, which together form a three-camera combination. As for the specific performance of this combination, let’s take a look through the proofs.

First of all, in a well-lit environment during the day, the OnePlus Ace’s 50MP main camera performed very well. The picture resolution is excellent, the color saturation of the picture is high, and the style is fresh and beautiful, which is a very eye-catching imaging style.

OnePlus Ace

In terms of night scenes, thanks to the night scene noise reduction algorithm brought by the customized Dimensity 8100-MAX, 1080p night scene video noise reduction is achieved through chip-level adjustment. The OnePlus Ace takes an overall good photo even in low light. The overall picture does not blindly increase the brightness, but takes care of the overall look and feel of the picture. Details in highlights and shadows are preserved, and the amount of noise is well controlled. It looks relatively pure, and has obvious advantages compared with products of the same level.

OnePlus Ace OnePlus Ace

Overall, the image quality of OnePlus Ace can fully meet the needs of users for daily photography. The proofs are colorful during the day, pure and natural at night, and the overall imaging effect is more competitive at this price.

05/ Conclusion

What kind of mobile phone can be called the performance ace? OnePlus gave a good answer with the OnePlus Ace. The customized version of Dimensity 8100-MAX makes the game more stable on the basis of strong performance. The 150W super fast charge not only charges fast enough, but also makes the battery life of the phone longer. The electro-optic waterfall craftsmanship makes the look even more unique.

For the OnePlus brand, as it gradually gains a firm foothold in the high-end market, it is also time to extend its product line to a wider user base. OnePlus Ace is the first product developed by OnePlus in the mid-range market, and its excellent overall performance is really impressive. I believe that OnePlus, which can own such a product, can also find its own position in the mid-range market.

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