True wireless bluetooth headphones have become the first choice for everyone to buy headphones, and major manufacturers have also launched their own TWS bluetooth earphones. Compared with wired headphones and traditional bluetooth headphones products, true wireless bluetooth headphones completely get rid of the shackles of wires and are more comfortable to wear. Today I’m going to introduce this true wireless bluetooth headphones from 1MORE’s brand omthing, the first semi-in-ear true wireless bluetooth headphones——AirFree Pods, which has a good performance in both appearance and sound quality. Let’s see if It is worth your purchase.

In terms of packaging, on the front of the omthing AirFree Pods outer package, you can see the product name LOGO and the appearance rendering of the product, and the back is printed with detailed headphones parameter information, which can be very intuitive to understand the appearance and related configuration of the headphones.

The side of the package is printed with the relevant functional characteristics of the headphones. The overall package design is very simple and stylish, and the color matching is full of vitality.

Because of the semi-in-ear design, there is no need to include eartips in the package. In addition to earphones and charging case, only the power cord and instructions are provided.

The omthing AirFree Pods adopts a four-color design, namely Snow Mountain White, Starry Sky Black, Jungle Green and Zhu Dan Orange, which satisfies the young people’s expression of individual colors. The size of the charging case is 56*56*25mm, and the overall design is square, which is the origin of its name. Although it adopts a square design, its corners are rounded with large chamfers, so it is very compact and comfortable whether it is carried or held.

You can see the omthing product LOGO on the lid of the charging case, which has good product recognition. The total weight of the charging case is 46.8g, and it will not become a burden to travel. At the same time, for more comfortable carrying, a braided lanyard is also provided in the corner of the charging case.

The overall matte matte shell design of the charging case is not easy to contaminate fingerprints, and it is cleaner and more refreshing in daily use. The bottom of the charging case is also printed with simple parameter information of the headphones. Not only that, there is also standard QI wireless charging at the bottom of the headphones, which can be easily used. It is convenient and quick to charge wireless charging devices or mobile phones that support wireless reverse charging.

omthing AirFree Pods uses Type-c interface for charging, which is very convenient to plug and recharge. The charging case has a built-in 400mAh battery, which can be used with headphones to achieve a comprehensive battery life of 25 hours, which can well meet the needs of daily use.

The charging case cover is fixed by magnetic suction, and the suction power is still relatively large. It is basically impossible to open the cover with one hand. It can also prevent embarrassment such as the loss of the earphone when the cover is opened during carrying. There is no need to worry about carrying it with a lanyard.

A common magnetic contact charging method is used between the earphone and the charging case, and the earphone will be automatically charged when it is placed in, so as to ensure that the earphone is fully charged when it is taken and used. The power indicator of the charging case is set inside the charging case, and the four indicator lights can better present the power information of the charging case.

Compared to common in-ear headphones, I personally prefer the semi-in-ear design of AirFree Pods, which are more comfortable to wear and use, and will not cause too much discomfort when worn for a long time. The willow-shaped earphones look very delicate and fashionable. A single earphone weighs only 4g, which is as light as nothing, and achieves a senseless wearing experience.

On the outside of the headphones, you can also see the omthing product LOGO recognition. AirFree Pods uses touch operation, which can easily implement volume +/-, previous/next, wake the voice assistant and other operations, which is convenient and flexible while avoiding the entity Uncomfortable operation caused by buttons.

The ear part of the omthing AirFree Pods adopts an ergonomic design. Both men and women can have a good wearing experience. They are comfortable and stable. Even if they are worn for sports, there is no need to worry about losing them.

The indicator light on the headphones is also designed on the inside, which can visually display the status of the headphones and will not cause light pollution when wearing and using, and will not affect others due to the flashing indicator light.

The omthing AirFree Pods headphones uses the Qualcomm QCC3020 flagship chip, supports bluetooth 5.0, master-slave automatic switching, faster and more stable connection, and lower latency performance makes the headphones smoother in applications such as music, calls, games, etc. which performed.

In terms of earphone calls, omthing AirFree Pods uses CVC8.0 to reduce noise during calls. It has four high-definition microphones to form a pickup array, which can effectively filter more than 90% of environmental noise during calls. Even in relatively noisy environments, there are clear calls. which performed.

The omthing AirFree Pods earphones use a 10mm composite titanium membrane sound unit, support SBC, AAC, APTX and other high-definition decoding, can realize the lossless transmission of music, through the Wanmo Acoustics European and American acoustic team tuning, so that AirFree Pods have a good Three-frequency performance, clear and transparent high frequency, well-defined intermediate frequency, good music recognition, and good low frequency extension in low frequency, which can well meet the needs of daily audio and video entertainment.

In terms of overall use, omthing AirFree Pods headphones are excellent in appearance and the most important sound quality of earphones, which can well meet the needs of daily use, rather than just listening to a sound. In addition, AirFree Pods earphones will be upgraded through OTA in the future, supporting functions such as opening the cover, popping up the window, searching for earphones, etc., and the function operability is relatively high. Compared with the TWS earphones at the same price on the market, AirFree Pods is the flagship earphone of omthing this year. , Still has a very good price performance.

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