Nubia C1 review: Redefine the new standard of bluetooth earbuds industry?


Today also happened to get Nubia’s new earphones – Nubia C1. This is a product that builds youth teams. Why do you say that? This comes from its youthful color scheme: white, blue and green Morandi three-color series.

Nubia C1 is positioned as an entry-level headphone. From the packaging point of view, simplicity is the best explanation. Except for the rendering of the product and the Nubia logo, there are no other extras on the box. The outer packaging adopts the upper and lower cover design.

Nubia C1

It can be seen that the size of the Nubia C1 charging case is relatively small. On the front is the “nubia” brand logo and indicator light. I got the mint green version and I really like the color. The indicator light can reflect the amount of power, and the white light stays on for 5s, indicating that the power of the charging case is above 20%. The white light flashes for 10s, indicating that the charging case is below 20%.

Nubia C1

There is a button on the back of the charging case, its function is to restore the factory settings. This function can clear the pairing with the device by long pressing the button after opening the cover. The bottom of the charging case is the Type-C charging interface.

Nubia C1

When you open the charging case, you will hear a power-on sound, and then the pairing connection is ready to use. The battery capacity of the charging case is 400mAh/3.7V, while the battery capacity of earbuds is 40mAh/3.7V. The official reference data is that the charging time is 1 hour, and the comprehensive battery life can reach 40 hours with the charging case. At 50% volume, the earbuds can last up to 8 hours, which fully meets the needs of outdoor battery life.

Nubia C1

The bottom of the Nubia C1 headphone handle is the charging contact and microphone, and the upper part is the headphone indicator and touch area. The touch area can be used to switch songs, answer calls, etc.

Nubia C1

There is an L/R logo on the inside of the earphone handle, so you can’t go wrong when wearing it. For the transmission distance of the earbuds, the official data is within 10 meters, which is completely sufficient. Nubia C1 is equipped with Bluetooth V5.3 version. In this version, the bluetooth transmission is smoother.

Another function of Nubia C1 is the switch between game mode and music mode. The difference between the two is the transmission delay. When playing games, the performance of the mobile phone will be more inclined to the refresh rate, screen quality and so on. The transmission of sound quality is relatively delayed, so it is automatically tracked in game mode, which consumes more power than normal mode. To switch the mode, you only need to press and hold the earbuds touch area for 3s to switch to the game mode.

Nubia C1

In terms of sound quality, in fact, the sound quality of Nubia C1 is very good for entry-level headphones. Nubia C1 uses a 13mm dynamic composite diaphragm, and the transmitted sound quality is clearer. For example, listening to the song “Lone City”, the bass performance is not obvious, but the singer’s timbre is relatively clear, the vocals are crisp and clear, and there are HIFI sound effects.

However, through the control test of earbuds, it seems that there is no volume adjustment function. This brings a lot of trouble when riding/sports. I hope Nubia can add the volume adjustment function, so that the user’s experience should be better.

Nubia C1 can actually be summed up in the following words: light, long battery life, low latency, youthful fashion, and cost-effective. There are not many headphones equipped with Bluetooth V5.3, especially in this era of true wireless headphones.

Of course, the disadvantages are not without them. Such as volume adjustment function, noise reduction function, etc. If you have enough budget, I do not recommend you to buy this earbuds.


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