Nokia E1200ANC over-ear active noise cancelling headphones review


Nokia E1200ANC

Compared with the regular version, Nokia E1200ANC is not so simple that it has more ANC functions. Corresponding optimizations and upgrades have been made in the design details, functions, and battery life.

Nokia E1200ANC specs and features:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Foldable design
  • 40mm dynamic driver
  • ANC technology and 50ms low latency
  • 24-50 hours playtime (ANC mode on/off)


Headphone design

Nokia E1200ANC

Nokia E1200ANC has two colors, black and white. The headset is wrapped in a large area of ​​PC leather, and the beige plastic body with a champagne alloy panel is rich in texture and grade, and the weight of the headset is compressed to 228g. The lightweight design will not become a burden when worn for a long time, and the wearing feeling is also very comfortable.

Nokia E1200ANC Nokia E1200ANC

The telescopic frame of the earphone is made of aluminum alloy, which will not deform when stretched back and forth. There is a scale on the inner side, and there is a certain sense of paragraph when adjusting. The earphone can be folded up to 90° until it fits the head beam.

Nokia E1200ANC


Comfort & Battery life

Nokia E1200ANCNokia E1200ANC

Nokia E1200ANC uses an over-ear design to reduce the pressure on the ears when worn. The ear cushions are made of leather like the head beam, soft and elastic. The fully-wrapped sealing structure reduces sound leakage while achieving comfortable wearing. With active noise reduction, it can provide a more immersive and quiet experience.

The built-in battery capacity of the headset is 700mAh. It can be used continuously for 50 hours when the noise reduction mode is turned off. Even if ANC is turned on, it can last for 24 hours.

Interface & Buttons & Control

Nokia E1200ANC

Nokia E1200ANC concentrates all interfaces and buttons on the outside of the left earmuff. They are MIC, 3.5mm headphone cord jack, Type-C charging port, status indicator, volume adjustment button, ANC button and power button.

  • Long press power button 3s to turn on/off the headset
  • Long press volume+ 2s to skip to the next song
  • Long press volume- 2s to skip to the previous song
  • Long press power button 2s to activate the voice assistant
  • Long press power button 2s to refused to answer the call
  • Tap power button to play/pause music
  • Tap power button to answer/hang up the call


Music playback & Gaming latency

Nokia E1200ANC

Nokia E1200ANC is equipped with a 40mm dynamic driver, and its bass performance is relatively strong. In addition, the headset also supports bluetooth 5.0 version and supports SBC encoding format. Unfortunately, APT-X is not supported.

In terms of actual hearing, the low frequency is firm and powerful, the extension is good, and the sense of layering is obvious. The intermediate frequency details are rich, the vocals are moderate in distance, and there is a certain sense of space and layering. It’s just that the overall details are more general. The sound of Nokia E1200ANC is comfortable and soft, and it is more durable.

The upgrade of Nokia E1200ANC is not only the addition of active noise reduction, but also the low latency performance (as low as 50ms) when playing games and the adaptive anti-wind noise function. In the actual test, the distance of the footsteps in the game and the approximate direction of the gunshots can be heard to a certain extent. With ANC, you can better immerse yourself in the game.


Noise cancelling performance

Nokia E1200ANC

In terms of noise reduction performance, the over-ear design of Nokia E1200ANC itself has a certain sound insulation effect. After the ANC is turned on with one button, the earphones are still very obvious in filtering the surrounding environmental sounds and human voices.

Of course, as far as current technology is concerned, it is unrealistic to completely filter out noise. But being able to listen to the song quietly and completely, and be more involved in the atmosphere when playing games and watching TV shows is already great.

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