Although there are still many friends who are using wired earphones, they have to admit that TWS true wireless earphones have become a major trend in the industry. According to data from the research organization Counterpoint, in 2017, 2018, and 2019, the growth rate of true wireless bluetooth earphones shipments was 118%, 130%, and 183%. This performance is indeed quite explosive.

The popularity of TWS true wireless earphones has caused many manufacturers to compete for the layout. In addition to the frequent actions of traditional audio manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers are also the main force among them. Like Nokia, the more the year ends, the faster the pace, and recently brought a Nokia BH-405 true wireless bluetooth earphones. I have been using it for a while and found that there are still many points worth sharing with you.

Appearance experience
The packaging box of Nokia BH-405 is as simple as always, it is this small square box, pure white background + product picture, simple and clear highlighting the key points. There is a charging case in the box, the earphones are placed directly inside, and there is also a Type-C data cable, two pairs of eartips of different sizes, and a manual.

This time Nokia BH-405 has three colors, fjord blue, charcoal black and snow white. I personally like this blue. The light blue is indeed very Nordic, but this time I got charcoal black. Carbon black is actually very good. It’s a bit more commercial overall. The matte black is not only not afraid of fingerprints, but also looks more textured.

The charging case is also simple in design. There is only the Nokia brand logo on the front and the Type-C port for charging at the back. The device parameter information is placed at the bottom, which is usually invisible and will not affect the look and feel.

With an open-lid design, you can see the earphones by gently opening the lid. Is the Nokia Logo on the earphones particularly conspicuous? This is not only as simple as displaying the brand, but also supports touch gestures to control various operations of the earphones.

Wearing comfort
Nokia BH-405 is an in-ear design. There are many curved designs on the body to fit the ears better and increase wearing comfort. There are a total of three eartips that can be replaced, and you can replace them with your own. Some people say that the in-ear style is very uncomfortable to wear. In fact, in addition to the design problems of some earphones, eartips are also a key factor. The Nokia BH-405 is very comfortable to wear without squeezing.

Connect & touch
The first time you connect the earphones, you need to connect it manually. After you take out the earphones, you can search it directly in the bluetooth of your mobile phone, just click the match. Just pick up the earphones when you want to use it later, it will automatically connect itself, no other operations are required.

The battery level of the Nokia BH-405 can be viewed directly on the phone, and you can see it after the connection is successful. The power of the charging case depends on the power indicator on the box, but you need to open the lid to see it. It is a little unintuitive. Maybe it is a compromise for the design?

As mentioned above, the front of the earphones supports touch gestures. Basically, Nokia has all the gestures that can be used in true wireless earphones, such as answer/hang up, previous/next, volume-/volume+, etc. . In addition, I also tried it, and there is no problem waking up Siri (voice assistant) on the phone. This is still very practical and much more comfortable than pressing the buttons.

Battery life performance
In terms of battery life, Nokia BH-405 with a 600mAh charging case can have a battery life of 35 hours. This is also a very practical selling point. Friends who need to wear headphones for a long time need not be afraid. Take a look, the 35 hours of total battery life is placed at the price of 399RMB, the advantage is still obvious.

With the addition of the Type-C charging port, it is very convenient to charge the charging case even if it is out of power. However, Nokia BH-405 does not support wireless charging.

IPX7 waterproof
In addition to the above, waterproof is also very necessary to talk about. Generally, products at this price are limited by price factors. Most of them are IPX5 waterproof, and some may not even be waterproof. The price factor is actually understandable. However, Nokia BH-405 gave me a big surprise, IPX7 level waterproof, you must know that the top waterproof is IPX8, and they are all high-priced products.

With IPX7 waterproof, it is equivalent to insurance for Nokia BH-405, you can let it go when you use it, you don’t have to worry about sweating, even if you want to be romantic, there is no need to walk in the rain. Any problems, the premise is that your body can bear it.

Sound quality
Although it is a true wireless earphones, sound quality is still an important part of the experience. Nokia BH-405 uses graphene diaphragm and also supports ACC high-definition audio transmission. What is the sound quality? I also listened to a few songs. The first one is Chen Baiqiang’s 《偏偏喜欢你》. I will share it with you at the risk of exposing your age. To be honest, it sounds nice, the high frequencies are not harsh, and the strings and piano soundtracks sound very charming.

The second song I listened to 《尘鼓》, the drum sound runs through the whole, very shocking, the Nokia BH-405 bass low frequency extension is still very deep, the elastic performance is also good.

This kind of sound quality performance, worthy of such a price, is also satisfactory for most ordinary consumers, and you can buy with confidence!

The price is not high, and there are discounts when booking; the battery life is waterproof enough, and the IPX7 waterproof and 35-hour battery life are absolutely outstanding at the same price; the design performance is also good. If you don’t care about wireless charging, the Nokia BH-405 is still worth buying. What do you think?

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