MoonDrop Aria 2 review: With ceramic-coated spherical dome composite diaphragm

Moondrop Aria 2 achieves natural, balanced and delicate sound with the comprehensive hardware upgrade, and the sound quality has been further improved after replacing the 4.4mm plug and better playback equipment.

MoonDrop Aria 2 specs and features:
  • 0.78mm 2pin detachable headphone cable
  • Ceramic-coated spherical dome composite diaphragm
  • Moondrop patent dynamic driver
  • Alloy-casted precision-milled housing
  • Replaceable acoustic nozzle
  • $89 – Check latest price on AliExpress, Amazon US, Amazon Germany or other Amazon countries

Appearance Design and Comfort

MoonDrop Aria 2 earphones use alloy-casted precision-milled housing, which is fixed with customized screws to eliminate the aging problem of the adhesive after long-term use and increase durability. The colors, materials and processing techniques have been greatly improved compared to the previous generation, which not only brings visual beauty, but also brings better practicality and texture.

The weight of a single earphone is 11.5g; the excellent ergonomic design fits the ear canal very well, with a slight feeling of pressure on the ear, and slight discomfort after wearing it for more than 4 hours. Plus, Moondrop Aria 2 adopts a replaceable acoustic nozzle design.

The headphone cable weighs 33.2g and uses 0.78mm 2pin silver-plated copper wounded and oxygen-free copper litz structure braided, which allows the cable to reduce volume while ensuring transmission and low loss, increasing softness and without the stethoscope effect. It adopts a replaceable plug design, providing 3.5mm and 4.4mm gold-plated plugs.

Acoustic Configuration and Sound Quality

Moondrop Aria 2 uses a ceramic-coated dome composite diaphragm and Moondrop patent dynamic driver structure – through a large dynamic long-stroke low-distortion symmetrical magnetic circuit and acoustic cavity resonance control system to achieve accurate sound- imaging presentation and low-distortion dynamic response capabilities.

The tuning style of Moondrop Aria 2 is natural, balanced and delicate, taking into account both scientific theory and subjective tendencies. And it has non-linear distortion of less than 0.05% in the whole frequency band, which can restore the true weak sound details.

The high-frequency is bright and non-irritating, the glitches appear for a very short time, and it still has quite good listening resistance when restoring richer vocal and instrumental details. Moreover, it has less coloration and a neutral sound, and is also suitable for reproducing the original sounds of violins, guitars and other musical instruments. Better than the Moondrop CHU II, less sharp and a bit thicker.

The low-frequency quantity is moderate, the extension is deep, the details are rich, the dynamics is strong, the rebound is crisp, and the overall sound is fluffy.

The mid-range has a certain density, the vocals are slightly closer and looser, the separation is good, the imaging is clear, and without the sense of oppression. Both female and male voices performed well.


Moondrop Aria 2 is equipped with ceramic-coated spherical dome composite diaphragm, patented dynamic driver, replaceable acoustic nozzle and replaceable litz structure silver-plated copper wounded and oxygen-free copper braided cable. With the comprehensive hardware upgrade, the sound is natural, balanced and delicate, and the sound quality has been further improved after replacing the 4.4mm plug and better playback equipment – it is very rare to see HiFi earphones with such excellent audio quality at this price.

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