Marshall Stockwell Ⅱ Portable bluetooth speaker unboxing


| Directly unboxing

Marshall Stockwell Ⅱ

Signature Flower Arm Box

Open the box, seal on both sides, it cannot be glued again after opening

All accessories, the handle needs to be installed by yourself, very simple and convenient.

Marshall Stockwell Ⅱ

Effect picture after installation

Marshall Stockwell Ⅱ

The buttons are in order from the left: Bluetooth button, long press for about three seconds, the light will flash, at this time you can connect with Bluetooth.

Second from the left, volume knob plus switch button.

The third on the left, the bass knob is also the bass knob.

The rightmost knob, the treble knob is the treble.

There is also a battery level indicator on the far right, which is displayed in red after booting.

After the handle is installed, there is an audio cable interface and a type-c charging port below.

For simplicity and beauty, the product information is at the bottom of the Marshall Stockwell Ⅱ speaker.

The effect after booting is very beautiful.

Listening to a song, people can’t help but twist up the stereo.

It is suitable for picnic and camping. Although it is not small and heavy, it can be easily put in a bag! It is much smaller than stanmore and kilburn!

Marshall Stockwell Ⅱ Marshall Stockwell Ⅱ

When the weather is good, you can take it with you when you go to the wetland park for a picnic! By the way, don’t be blinded by the appearance! In fact, Marshall can be so hot. In addition to aesthetics, as a speaker, sound quality is the most important! This speaker has the common characteristics of all Marshall speakers: beautiful appearance and great sound quality! Strong bass, enough to dive! Suitable for rock electronics, etc.!

Want to experience Marshall’s suggestion starts with Marshall Stockwell Ⅱ! It can be used at home and outdoors, and the utilization rate is higher!

$199.99 at Amazon US

Make sure it says “ships from and sold by” to avoid counterfeits.


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