LZ A4 PRO Review: Hybrid 4 driver units earphone with mixed dual adjustable tone design


Unboxing and product details

The design of the packaging box of the LZ A4 PRO is relatively simple, and the earphones can be seen by removing the outer paper cover. The first impression is very good, the 4 driver units hybrid earphone of $260, it can be seen from the design that it is more attentive.


“Hybrid 4 driver units earphone with mixed dual adjustable tone design”, many friends may not understand. Hybrid 4 driver units do not need to explain, single refers to 1 dynamic driver+3 balanced armature. “Mixed dual adjustable tone design” means that the LZ A4 PRO can achieve more sound styles with replaceable filters and cavity tuning holes. The tunable headphones I have come into contact with before can either only change the filters, or only change the cavity tuning holes. 4 replaceable filters+3 replaceable cavity tuning holes, friends who know how to arrange and combine can help calculate how many sounds can be achieved?


The appearance of the earphones is very beautiful, the shell is completed by 3D printing technology, the material is resin, and the shape is a typical male die shape. These types of headphones will not be a problem for most people to wear.


The AW panel style is unique and reminds me of the colorful oily sheen of gasoline falling into water. But compared to the real gloss, it still looks dull. From different angles, you can also see small bright spots inside. The texture of the metallic paint is relatively strong, and both the workmanship and the visual effect are excellent. Of course everyone’s aesthetics are different. Would you like this design?


The overall cavity shell is made of resin material, and the black and transparent color matching can vaguely see the units inside. The architecture of the LZ A4 PRO is 3 knowles armature+1 CNT diaphragm dynamic driver, which is quite luxurious. In the cavity, there is a hole, a very small and barely visible one, that is used to derive the air pressure when the unit vibrates. The other slightly larger one is the tuning hole, which can be replaced with a cavity tuning hole of other timbres with a screwdriver, so theoretically it can also be understood as two air guide holes. The transparency of the LZ A4 PRO is extremely high, which may have a lot to do with these two air holes.


The filter part of the LZ A4 PRO is a metal module that can be easily removed and replaced without tools. The workmanship of the filter is great, but it is advisable to be careful when replacing it. Such tiny parts may be impossible to find when they fall to the ground.


The LZ A4 PRO is equipped with an 8-stranded graphene copper-silver hybrid cable. The weaving process and color are very high-end, and the softness is also excellent. The stethoscope effect is barely felt after wearing it.


There are eartips in all sizes and the workmanship is not bad.


LZ A4 PRO front-end collocation and subjective sense of hearing

After testing several music players, I feel that the LZ A4 PRO does not have high requirements for the front end, the impedance is only 26Ω, and the sensitivity is also very high. With a decoding amp can be well driven. My most commonly used device is vivo x70 pro plus+Beam 3Plus decoding amp, which plays music through UAPP.


LZ A4 PRO uses black cavity tuning hole + black filter by default. Judging from the official frequency response diagram, this is the style of balanced tuning. The LZ A4 PRO at the beginning was not good, with more burrs, concentrated in the mid-high frequency part. But I have been running in on and off for about two days, and this situation can be significantly improved, indicating that this headphone is not difficult to run in.

The sound of the black cavity tuning hole + black filter is very balanced, without a hint of bias, but the tone style is not dull, and the depiction of the line outline is relatively clear. If you are playing hifi vocals, the vocals are quite full of flavor. However, the presentation of the human voice is not very close to the ear, and it will maintain a sense of distance.

Blue cavity tuning hole + red filter, the atmosphere is suddenly raised. The glitch control of edge details is even better than the black cavity tuning hole + black filter. The sense of atmosphere here refers to, in addition to the improvement in warmth, the sense of transparency is not lacking. I can’t seem to hear much difference in the mid-frequency part, it is still the high-definition mid-frequency, but the low-frequency has a relatively obvious extension. The low frequency of LZ A4 PRO will not be as deep as “boom, boom, boom”, it is relatively restrained. But both the condensation and the reverberation are profound.



All in all, the LZ A4 PRO is a competent and good earphones. A pair of headphones has many flavors to choose from, and it’s worth it no matter how you look at it. And this headphones can be said to be a breakthrough in the appearance of LZ HIFI AUDIO. Both the appearance design and wearing comfort have reached the level of mainstream male die headphones.

In terms of sound, I am very satisfied with the universality of the front end and the quality of the headphones. If there is something that makes me dissatisfied, it is that the disassembly and assembly of the tuning hole module is very troublesome, and it is easy to fall to the ground.

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