Linklike LinkPods Review: Comfortable with not bad sound quality


Linklike LinkPods Linklike LinkPods is a true wireless earbuds with a very obvious style, and its main focus is cost performance. While the price is close to the people, it also guarantees high sound quality and quality. There is no reduction in functions such as call noise cancelling and IPX7 waterproofing. In general, LinkPods are very suitable for users who are not on a high budget but have certain pursuits, or who are buying true wireless for the first time.

Accessories & Specifications

Linklike LinkPods

All accessories in the box are as follows: charging case (including earbuds), type-c charging cable, quick start guide, instruction manual, after-sales card. Because the earbuds are semi-in-ear design, there are no eartips. .

Linklike LinkPods Specifications:
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • 13mm dynamic unit
  • 6 hour playback of earbuds
  • 38ms gaming latency
  • IPX7 waterproof rating

Appearance Design & Comfort

Linklike LinkPods

The Linklike LinkPods charging case has a pure white design with a round pie shape. The rounded corner design makes the grip very comfortable. The charging case has the Linklike brand logo on the front and the Type-C charging interface on the bottom. Made of skin-friendly ABS material, the matte texture is not easy to be stained with fingerprints and oil stains.

Linklike LinkPods

Linklike LinkPods earbuds have a semi-in-ear design, and there is no problem with wearing comfort. It does not need to go deep into the ear canal like in-ear earbuds, there is no squeezing and swelling, and it will not cause pain and itching. The inner side of the earbuds is designed with piano paint, and the outer side is matte frosted.

Linklike LinkPods

The official data is that the total weight is 45g, a single earbud is 3.1g, and the actual measurement is 46g and 4g (normal error). The weight of a single earbud is also at the forefront of similar products, and it can be worn without feeling. At the same time, the large-size dynamic unit and battery life are not sacrificed because of weight.

Connectivity & Battery Life

Linklike LinkPods uses a Bluetooth 5.1 chip and is equipped with an FPC antenna, which makes the bluetooth connection distance longer and the signal more stable. On the premise of ensuring sound quality lossless analysis, the data transmission speed is accelerated by shortening the data cache time, thereby greatly reducing the delay rate.

Linklike LinkPods

Magnetic suction on the flip design, support open the case and pair devices automatically. As long as it has been paired before, the earbuds will directly link to the device the next time the cover is opened, without waiting time. It supports the use of any earbud alone, and it does a good job in terms of mechanism. When any earbud is put back into the charging case, it will go to sleep immediately after closing the lid, but it will not affect the earbud in use.

Linklike LinkPods

In terms of battery life, the charging case has a built-in 400MAh battery, and a single earphone battery capacity is 27MAh. A single earbud can achieve up to 6 hours of battery life. If you use it for 6 hours a day, you can achieve a total battery life of 40 hours with normal music playback.

Calling & Gaming Latency

Linklike LinkPods

The earbuds have built-in sound field reconstruction algorithms, creating a rich and spatial listening experience. Even when used in noisy roadside, subway and other environments, it can intelligently identify human voices and noises to ensure clear call quality.

Linklike LinkPods also perform very well in gaming. Bluetooth 5.1 brings an ultra-low latency of 38ms, which is very friendly for friends who like to play games with mobile phones. In the actual test of the game, the release of skills and the sound effects are almost synchronized, and the game experience is almost comparable to that of wired headphones.

Sound Quality & Controls

Linklike LinkPods

In the actual music experience, earbuds enhance the sound effect through Bassup low frequency, the bass performance is improved by 50%, and the elasticity is solid. The mids and highs are clear, the penetrating power is strong, and the three frequencies are relatively well-balanced, bringing an immersive feeling.

In terms of control, LinkPods tws earbuds use a touch-sensitive design, switching songs, adjusting the volume, answering/hanging up calls, etc., each function is also very simple to operate.

Linklike LinkPods touch operation:
  • Double tap L earbud to previous song
  • Double tap R earbud to next song
  • Tap once L or R earbud to play/pause music
  • Long press L earbud to volume-
  • Long press R earbud to volume+
  • Double tap L or R earbud to answer the call
  • Long press L or R earbud to reject/hang up the call


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