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New Lenovo LP40 TWS Bluetooth 5.1 Earphones Wireless Earbuds HiFi Stereo Bass ENC Noise Reduction Type-C IPX5 Waterproof Sport Headphones

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ThinkPlus is a smart ecological strategy launched on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Lenovo’s ThinkPad brand, which is mainly based on PCs to enrich ThinkPad peripheral products. In the personal audio market, thinkplus has launched a series of products such as TWS earphones, neck-mounted headphones, bone conduction earphones, bluetooth speakers, etc., with a wide range of products and very favorable prices.

Lenovo ThinkPlus Livepods LP40 (Lenovo LP40) true wireless earphones is a product that focuses on lightness and comfort. The charging case is small and round in appearance, and the earphone adopts a shallow eartips design, which cooperates with the appearance of the human ear to provide a comfortable wearing effect. In terms of functional configuration, it is equipped with a composite dual-band dynamic driver, 5.1 bluetooth chip, dual-channel transmission, supports AAC audio decoding, low game latency, and has a 20-hour battery life.

Previously, 52audio had disassembled Lenovo QT83 bluetooth headset , Lenovo TC03 true wireless bluetooth earphones, Lenovo ThinkPlus TrackPods, Lenovo S1 TWS true wireless earphones, Motorola Verve Ones+, Motorola Verve Buds 200, Motorola Verve Buds 500, Motorola Verve Buds 800 true wireless earbuds Wait. Let’s take a look at the dismantling report of this product.

|1. Lenovo ThinkPlus Livepods LP40 unboxing

The packaging box continues the family-style black and red color scheme. The front shows the overall appearance rendering of the product, the Lenovo brand LOGO, and the product name: thinkplus Liveods LP40 true wireless bluetooth headset.

Part of the parameter information of the product is displayed on the back of the box. Transmission distance: ≥10m, battery capacity: 30mAh, use time: about 5 hours (headphones), charging time: about 1.5 hours (headphones), rated input: 5V-30mA; charging Case specifications, battery capacity: 250mAh, charging time: about 1.5 hours, rated input: 5V-300mA; manufacturer: Lenovo (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

The “thinkplus” brand LOGO is printed on the side.

On the other side of the graphic introduction, there are four product features, comfortable, high-definition calls, long-lasting battery life, and touch control.

The items in the box include earphones, charging case, charging cable, and product manual.

The charging cable adopts USB-A to Type-C interface.

A connection guide label is affixed to the charging case protective film, which is convenient for users to quickly pair.

Lenovo LP40 charging case adopts a rounded square design, bright surface treatment, and the volume is very small. There is a chamfer at the front opening for easy opening. Designed with “Lenovo” brand LOGO and indicator lights.

There is a “thinkplus” LOGO on the back of the charging case.

The Type-C charging interface is located at the bottom of the charging case.

Open the charging case cover, the earphone placement state is displayed, protruding from the cockpit, easy to take out.

Lenovo ThinkPlus Liveods LP40

The overall appearance of Lenovo Thinkplus Livepods LP40 true wireless earphones, the headset adopts a handle-shaped shallow in-ear design, and the body texture is consistent with the charging case.

The inside of the charging case cover is engraved with the product model: LP40, input: 5V-300mA, capacity: 250mAh, Lenovo (Beijing) Co., Ltd., made in China.

The other side is printed with a recyclable sign and a no-discard sign.

The metal shrapnel for charging the headset is located at the bottom of the cockpit.

The earphone handle adopts an oval shape, and the back is designed with a matte surface to enhance the sense of product hierarchy.

The headphone indicator opening is also the headphone touch area.

The appearance of the inside of the earphone.

The earphone tuning hole keeps air circulation in the sound cavity, and the inside is covered by a dust-proof net.

The earphone uses a tail plug charging structure with a microphone pickup hole in the middle.

The earphone uses very small shallow in-ear eartips, which not only guarantees the comfort of wearing, but also improves the airtightness to a certain extent.

The sound mouth of the earphone has an oval design and is protected by a dust-proof net to prevent foreign objects from entering the sound cavity.

After actual measurement, the overall weight of Lenovo LP40 true wireless headset is about 36.3g.

A single earphone weighs only 3.6g, which is very light.

Use a portable power tester to perform a wired charging test on Lenovo thinkplus Livepods LP40 true wireless earbuds, and the charging power is about 1.01W.

|2. Lenovo ThinkPlus Livepods LP40 charging case teardown

We learned about the appearance design of this product by unpacking, let’s enter the disassembly part to see the internal structure configuration information.

Pry open the shell and take out the charging cockpit.

One side structure of the charging cockpit.

There are heavy metal blocks on the sides of the cockpit.

On the other side of the cockpit structure, two baffles are provided to protect the internal battery and fix the main board.

The main board at the bottom of the cockpit is fixed by screws and positioning posts.

Remove the screws and take off the main components in the charging case.

The two circular magnets at the bottom of the cockpit are used to attract the earphones, and the two bar magnets on the edge are used to attract the charging case cover.

The circuit on the side of the main component in the charging case.

The other side of the circuit.

A lithium-ion soft pack battery is used in the charging case, model: FD701230, rated voltage: 3.7V, rated capacity: 250mAh, and date of delivery: September 2021.

The battery is equipped with a circuit protection board, and the protection board is equipped with a lithium battery protection IC and a MOS tube.

The circuit on the front of the motherboard.

The circuit on the back of the motherboard.

Type-C charging interface female socket.

Injoinic IP5413 is a multifunctional power management SOC that integrates 5V boost converter, lithium battery charging management, and battery level indicator. It provides a complete power solution for the TWS bluetooth headset charging compartment.

The linear charging of IP5413 provides a maximum charging current of 400mA, and the maximum charging current can be flexibly configured. The built-in IC temperature and input voltage intelligently adjust the charging current function. IP5413 can use PCB copper foil winding to generate inductance to replace traditional chip inductors to reduce costs.

According to 52audio, TWS headset charging cases of Edifier, JLab, HiBy, Baseus, Pioneer, PIHEN, BULL, AUKEY, MPOW, BoAt, Nokia, Lenovo and many other brands have adopted Injoinic power management solutions.

The boost inductor of the silk screen 2R2 is matched with the British core IP5413 power management SOC boost to charge the earphones.

The input overvoltage protection IC of silk screen 12331.

The charging case is the metal shrapnel used to charge the headset.

|3. Lenovo ThinkPlus Livepods LP40 earphones teardown

Enter the disassembly part of the earphone and pry open the cavity along the parting line.

The internal structure of the front cavity, the speaker is fixed by glue.

The internal structure of the back cavity, where the battery cells are placed.

Take out the speakers.

Strong internal structure, covered with dust-proof net inside the tuning hole.

The front of the speaker.

The size of the speaker is compared with the RMB coin.

After actual measurement, the speaker size is about 12.34mm.

Take out the battery and the internal structure of the cavity.

A magnet is fixed on the cavity wall for adsorption of the charging case cockpit.

The headset uses a soft pack battery, model JYZ401010, rated voltage: 3.7V, capacity: 30mAh/0.111Wh, from Jin YuZhou Energy Co., Ltd..

Take out the main board unit.

A conductive cloth is fixed on the wall of the back cavity of the earphone for touch control.

Remove the metal tail plug that charges the headset.

The circuit on the front of the motherboard.

The circuit on the back of the motherboard.

JL AD6973D4 bluetooth audio SoC, support bluetooth 5.3, built-in 32-bit DSP, support AAC, SBC decoding, support neural network noise suppression and echo cancellation, support multi-band equalizer. Support single/dual microphone noise reduction, support two-way analog microphone amplification, built-in microphone bias. Adopt QFN20-3*3 package.

According to 52audio, the bluetooth audio products of F&D, Tezo, Philips, Motorola, Amazon, boAt, Lenovo, MAOKING, Xiaomi, Baseus, MEES and other brands have adopted the JL solution. JL also released the AC700N series of TWS solutions this year.

Details of JL AD6973D.

The 24.000MHZ crystal oscillator provides the clock for the bluetooth chip.

The ceramic bluetooth antenna on the motherboard is used for bluetooth signal transmission.

The MEMS microphone of LaserDiao MD21 R121 is used for voice call pickup.

All components of Lenovo thinkplus Livepods LP40 true wireless earbuds.

|4. Summary

Lenovo thinkplus Livepods LP40 true wireless earphones have a rounded square design in the charging case, bright surface processing, compact and lightweight, and a smooth and round body. The handle-shaped shallow in-ear headphones weigh only 3.6g, and the shallow in-ear eartips design not only guarantees the comfort of wearing, but also improves a certain degree of airtightness, making the audio effect better.

In terms of internal circuit, the charging case uses Type-C interface input power, built-in 250mAh lithium ion soft pack battery, equipped with circuit protection board and lithium battery protection IC, the built-in battery is charged by INJOINIC IP5413 power management SOC, and the maximum charging current can be flexibly configured , And provide functions such as lithium battery charge management, power indicator, and boost for headset charging.

The Lenovo LP40 headset uses a 12.34mm large dynamic driver and a JYZ30mAh soft pack battery, which are connected to the motherboard through wires. The motherboard uses JL AD6973D4 bluetooth audio SoC, which can support bluetooth 5.3, built-in 32-bit DSP, supports AAC decoding, and supports neural network noise suppression and echo cancellation. Built-in single MEMS microphone for voice call pickup.

Source: 52audio

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