Lenovo LivePods LP6 bluetooth earphones meets esports dream


Lenovo LP6 TWS Gaming Earphones Wireless bluetooth Headphones HIFI Low Latency Noise Reduction In-Ear Earbuds

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Have you ever observed the life around you carefully? You will find that at least half of the ten people you meet on the road wear headphones. It can be seen that headphones appear very frequently in our lives. We use them to listen to music, answer the phone, play games, etc.

Lenovo Live Pods LP6

Different earphones have different focuses. Some earphones focus on the expression of music texture, and some earphones focus on the expression of sound in the game. The latter is naturally favored by game enthusiasts, but I will give you this time What is brought is a true wireless bluetooth earphones that is very suitable for esports games——Lenovo LivePods LP6 bluetooth earphones.

Lenovo Live Pods LP6

Packaging and appearance

Opening the express, we can see the black packaging box with the appearance of this earphones printed on the box, and the brand LOGO is marked in conspicuous red. The packaging is very simple, which is Lenovo’s always simple style.

Lenovo Live Pods LP6

Open the box, we can see Lenovo Livepods LP6, this earphones is still quite a lot of accessories, including instruction manual, charging cable, two pairs of silicone eartips, very conventional design.

Both the charging case and the earphones are designed in pure black, with the Lenovo brand LOGO printed on the surface. The surface is also designed with a super cool light, dark green light, full of esports sense.

Lenovo Live Pods LP6

The opening method of the charging case cover adopts the conventional open cover design. The volume of the charging case cover is too large. The style of the macho series makes game lovers shine. Of course, the most attractive thing is the cool lighting.

Lenovo Live Pods LP6

Although the charging case is slightly larger, it will not affect carrying. It is very convenient to put it in your pocket and take it away at any time.

Lenovo Live Pods LP6

The starting point of the Lenovo LivePods LP6 earphones is the earphones built for gaming, but in order to meet the needs of our daily life, it still uses dual-mode dual-decoding. Its game mode uses 32-bit Risc processor AGC precise control. It can achieve 0.06 seconds of non-inductive delay. The audio-visual mode uses AAC high-definition decoding to meet the different feelings of music and video in life.

Lenovo Live Pods LP6

Lenovo LivePods LP6 is still very easy to use. When we use it for the first time, we need to connect the bluetooth device of the mobile phone and the earphones. Later use becomes very convenient. It can be automatically turned on by opening the charging case cover.

Lenovo Live Pods LP6

The Lenovo Live Pods 6 earphones has no physical buttons. The operation process is completed by touch, which can realize real-time volume adjustment, answering/hanging up calls, etc. The most important thing is that the left earphones can be long pressed for 2 seconds to activate the voice assistant, and the right earphones long press The earphones mode can be switched in 2 seconds.

Use experience

We need to test the performance of Lenovo LivePods LP6 earphones when playing games. Everyone knows the extremely popular TPS shooting game “Game For Peace”. It is no exaggeration to say that this type of game is the “quality inspector” for low-latency earphones.

After this period of experience in the game, the delay of the earphones is almost no. The synchronization effect of the picture and sound in the game gives people an immersive feeling. Unlike some earphones without a game mode, the enemies are already there. He hasn’t heard footsteps even when he appears in front of him.

Lenovo Live Pods LP6

Lenovo LivePods LP6 definitely made me realize the power of the game mode. In the game, I can judge the enemy’s position by listening to the subtle sounds and quickly attack. I am also very satisfied in communicating with my teammates. , The most feared thing in the communication process is the interference of noise. Lenovo LivePods LP6 headphones have a good noise reduction process, which makes the communication with my teammates in the game extremely clear and smooth.

Lenovo Live Pods LP6 Lenovo Live Pods LP6

What everyone is most concerned about is the battery life of the bluetooth gaming earphones. The official verse is about 30 hours of battery life, about 10 minutes of fast charging of the earphones, and about 4 to 5 extra charging times in the charging case. After testing, the battery life is only 28 hours. About, the fast charging time of the earphones is longer than 10 minutes, and the extra charging times of the charging case can indeed reach 4 to 5 times. In fact, this battery life is sufficient.

Lenovo Live Pods LP6

I have been using Lenovo Live Pods 6 for a while, so let’s summarize the advantages and disadvantages:

1. The game mode of Lenovo LivePods LP6 earphones is great, especially when playing “Game For Peace”, it handles the sound in the game very well.
2. It can also meet our needs in music and video.
3. The earphones supports both Android and Apple systems.

The only disadvantage is that the light of the earphones is not bright when we use it.​​​​

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  1. Hi bro thanks For the Review i’m planning for buying these i have some doubts
    how to enable gamemode in these tws ? (How can i confirm it’s enable or not)
    How many volts and amp chargers for charging?
    Pls reply soon

      • Thanks A lot for reply please tell what kind of to use for charging these. And How is the sound Quality (Bass)..

        • Type-C cable for charging. For gaming headsets, don’t expect too much from the sound quality. After all, everyone has different requirements for sound quality and everyone’s sense of hearing is also different. You can go to the product details page to see other buyers’ reviews of the product.

      • Thanks for the review. It helped me to decide which fone to buy.
        For gaming mode, I just read the “user manual” (yep, I read it, in English, of course), and the instruction for gaming mode is: “short hold of multifuncional button for 2 seconds on right earbud to enter the games mode; Short hold again to switch to the music mode”.
        Now I am confusing.

  2. Hello Bro.
    Thanks for the review.
    I bought these too.
    I would love to know if it is possible to change the voice from Chinese to English?
    I would be very grateful for your answer.

  3. I hav been using these for a while. This is NOT great product. Mine came in chinese langauge. Cant change it. Battery usage is the same as every other pods i have used. Except the one side battery always lasts longer, since i got them.i always charge them together. For the price. NOT worth it.


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