Langsdom GT4 true wireless earphones: personalized translucent cavity design, 4-core dual dynamic, surging sound quality


Guangzhou LANGSDOM Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on audio and wireless communication technology, integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Its own brand LANGSDOM products cover wired headphones, neck-mounted headphones, true wireless headphones and gaming headsets.

Langsdom GT4 true wireless earphones is a TWS headset product equipped with dual dynamic drivers. It is also very personalized in appearance. It also supports games/music dual modes, high-definition calls and other functions, providing the best in multiple scenarios Use experience.

Langsdom GT4

The Langsdom GT4 headphone charging case adopts a square design with rounded corners. The body has a smooth and rounded texture. The top design is very distinctive. It has a double “crescent” hollow and a metal mesh is set inside to enhance the product’s individual characteristics.

The charging case open the cover anti-magnetic design provides a smooth feel, supports the Hall magnetic switch, the cover is automatically turned on and enters the pairing mode, after the pairing is successful, the subsequent use of open the box and pair devices automatically is very convenient to use.


Langsdom GT4 earphones adopt an ergonomic oblique in-ear design. The ear-in angle has been optimized hundreds of times to fit the ear structure comfortably, providing a comfortable and stable experience for long-term wearing.

In appearance, the back of the earphone adopts the same hollow design as the charging box, and the inner side adopts an advanced translucent cavity design process. You can intuitively see the dual dynamic driver structure inside the earphone, presenting the aesthetics of industrial design. The overall design is unique and highly recognizable.


The most prominent feature of LangsdomĀ GT4 in functional configuration is of course the sound unit. A single earphone is equipped with two graphene diaphragm dynamic drivers, 4 speakers in both ears, 4 cavity sound, and professional team tuning to provide deep and shocking audio effects, and the listening sound is loud and majestic.


The headset uses a dual-mode Bluetooth 5.0 chip, supports dual-channel transmission, direct connection between the left and right ears, and single- and dual-ear modes for easy use. Support music/game dual mode, the game mode can further reduce the delay effect, providing a smooth game experience with audio and video synchronization. The built-in smart high-definition microphone provides clear audio quality for voice calls and game communication.

Langsdom GT4 true wireless headphones adopts touch operation for interaction, supports single/double-click/triple-click/long-press multiple interaction modes, distinguishes the use of left and right ears, and provides rich interaction options. The headset can be used to pause/play, switch between previous and next music, volume +/-, wake up the voice assistant and switch game modes, and realize various controls when using the headset without a mobile phone.


In terms of battery life, the Langsdom GT4 true wireless dual dynamic headset is based on a low-power bluetooth chip. The single battery life of the earbud is about 5 hours when it is fully charged, and the battery life can reach about 30 hours with the charging case. Long-lasting battery life provides support for music and games.

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