KZ ZEX Pro earbuds review: How about electrostatic earbuds for under $40?



Have you heard of electrostatic headphones? Different from ordinary headphones, electrostatic headphones use the principle of high DC voltage polarization, which has the characteristics of higher accuracy, higher resolution, thinner diaphragm and lower distortion. However, due to the complex process and technical difficulty, the price of electrostatic headphones is also more expensive. So can a $50 budget buy electrostatic headphones?

Recently, I purchased a pair of electrostatic headphones for less than $40 – the KZ ZEX Pro hybrid six-unit electrostatic earbuds. Let’s take everyone to experience this electrostatic earbuds.

Accessories & Design & Comfort


The KZ ZEX Pro earbuds adopts a consistent and simple design as a whole. Ditch the flashy packaging for higher specs. Accessories include: 6 pairs of eartips (S/M/L), headphone cable, warranty card and a storage box.


The KZ ZEX Pro earbuds are very cool, similar to the professional earbuds worn by celebrities performing on stage. ZEX Pro earbuds use a combination of aluminum alloy panels and resin cavities. The translucent cavity design not only enhances the beauty and texture of earbuds, but also allows users to see the internal sound unit. There is a KZ logo on the surface of the shell, and a CRINACLE cartoon logo on the surface of the cavity. In terms of appearance design, the KZ ZEX Pro earbuds are quite beautiful in appearance, and are co-branded headphones with a “high level of appearance”.


KZ ZEX Pro is an in-ear design, but because of the ergonomic design, there is almost no chance of the headphones falling off when wearing them. During the actual measurement, there was no discomfort in the ears even after 4 hours of continuous use. More importantly, the earphones are securely worn, not only fitting the auricle, but also the headphone cable is wound around the ear.

Noise cancelling & Playability

The KZ ZEX Pro electrostatic earbuds themselves do not have a noise cancelling mode, but they can “physically noise cancelling”. The ZEX Pro earbuds have excellent sound isolation. In the scene where the TV is still playing, after wearing headphones, almost no outside sound can be heard. Even in noisy streets and shopping malls, it can well block outside noise.


The playability of the KZ ZEX Pro earbuds lies in the headphone cable, which uses an improved 2PIN plug-in structure. The standard headphone cable has been upgraded with professional silver-plated double parallel cables, which can effectively improve the low frequency elasticity and increase the sense of atmosphere. At the same time, this headphone cable has also passed the 50,000 swing test and is durable.

The fun part is that KZ ZEX Pro can turn wired headphones into wireless headphones by simply replacing the KZ AZ09 Pro wireless bluetooth headphone ear hooks. That is to say, if you don’t want to use wired headphones, you only need to use it with the AZ09 Pro to become wireless headphones.

Sound quality of KZ ZEX Pro


The KZ ZEX Pro uses a “Electrostatic+Dynamic+Balanced Armature” hybrid three-unit configuration. To fuse 3 kinds of high-performance sounding units together is an extremely test of the tuning ability of the manufacturer. ZEX Pro earbuds have built-in 6.8mm electret electrostatic driver, 30095 high frequency balanced armature driver and 10mm double magnetic dynamic driver, together with the function of electronic frequency crossover board, which comprehensively improves the performance of this earphone in high, medium and low frequency.

In the actual experience, the most amazing thing about KZ ZEX Pro earbuds is the performance in high frequency and extremely high frequency. Thanks to the low distortion of the electrostatic unit and the thin diaphragm, when listening to Kenny G’s “Going home”, the drum sound is clear and bright. The extension of the saxophone is very prominent, the layers between the instruments are clear, the climax part is comfortable and wide, and the overall performance is amazing.

When listening to “有些”, I can easily capture the calmness and hoarseness of the human voice. And even if you’re not a professional, you can hear the singer’s transformation of vibrato and transpose. The bass performance is powerful and the resolution is moderate, and the whole song will not feel tired and noisy.


For less than $40 electrostatic earphones, the KZ ZEX Pro is a solid value for money. If your budget is around $50 and you want to buy an electrostatic earphones, you might as well consider the ZEX Pro electrostatic earbuds launched by the Chinese brand KZ.

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