JBL’s consumer-grade TWS is more optional, and the appearance design is diversified and color matching is more abundant, and there are many products with higher cost performance. Recently, JBL has launched an active noise cancelling true wireless headphones —— JBL TUNE 130NC.

Headphone Appearance Design

The packaging design of JBL TUNE 130NC continues JBL’s usual style, with a white background + orange LOGO, and a rendering of the product in the middle. There is a transparent window on the back of the box to see the headset body.

After unpacking, the products and accessories are clear at a glance. In addition to the earphones, there are replacement eartips and orange charging cables.

The JBL TUNE 130NC charging case adopts a flat design, and there is a battery indicator at the opening and closing of the top cover. The front of the charging case is the JBL brand logo.

JBL TUNE130NC has three colors in total: black, white and blue. The earphones are made of engineering plastics, and the weight is very light, so there is no sense of weight to wear. This wearing design looks a bit like SONY WF-1000XM3, but the actual wearing comfort is much better than WF-1000XM3.

The shape of earbuds is oval, a bit like large acacia beans. Although the exterior design is not stunning, it is still quite distinctive and highly recognizable.

Connection and Active Noise Cancelling

JBL TUNE 130NC earbuds uses Bluetooth 5.2, the bluetooth connection is stable, and the delay is relatively low. In actual tests, a relatively stable connection can be maintained even with a wall apart. The transmission protocol can support AAC, but unfortunately does not support APTX.

JBL TUNE 130NC has the function of active noise cancelling, which is more practical for those who commute by bus or subway. I tested it and found that the effect of active noise cancelling is quite good. It can reduce the environmental sound to a higher degree, and the background sound of subways and buses can be greatly reduced. The handling of wind noise is also relatively good.

JBL TUNE 130NC true wireless earphones are supported by APP, you can switch the working mode through APP, active noise cancelling, environmental mode, anti-lost mode, and you can also adjust EQ.


Sound Quality of JBL Tune 130NC

JBL TUNE 130NC uses a 10mm dynamic driver, which may be due to the addition of active noise cancelling and does not support the APTX HD transmission protocol. Although there is a little regret, I am worried that the sound quality will be compromised. After listening to it, I feel that the tuning level is still good, and the sound quality is also excellent. It can be seen from the packaging box that the low frequency has been strengthened.

The sound of JBL TUNE 130NC is still quite aggressive, with a strong atmosphere. The low frequency not only has a sense of volume but also has a pretty good texture, cohesive and flexible.

Although the low frequency is outstanding, it does not affect the vocal of the middle frequency. The vocal is a bit fresh, not mellow, and it is not deliberately modified to make the vocal stunning, but it still belongs to the smooth and natural category.

The high frequency is quite satisfactory and does not highlight the analytical power. The details of the Musical instrument are sufficient but not many. Overall, there is still a slight bias towards the middle and lower plate, and the tuning is still more pleasing to the ears.


In addition to active noise cancelling and better sound quality, JBL TUNE 130NC true wireless earbuds also have a long battery life. It can reach 10+30 hours of battery life when the active noise cancelling mode is not turned on, and 8+32 hours when the noise cancelling mode is turned on. For office workers who use daily commuting, it can be charged once a week.

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