JBL REFLECT MINI NC active noise reduction earbuds review


As I mentioned in my previous TWS headset experience sharing, the era of TWS true wireless headsets for all has arrived. The rapid popularity of TWS headsets is the result of meeting the needs of users for more comfort and convenience, and is the market’s choice.

Among the many products, many headphone brands have launched products with their own characteristics, so when we choose these products, will we encounter these problems: whether to give up beautiful headphone appearance for the sake of sound quality? Give up sound quality and battery life for sports wear? Give up the active noise reduction function for the price? Children make choices. As adults, we don’t choose, we all have! Is there a product in the commercially available TWS headset that can meet our needs?

Today, I will share with you a smart, cost-effective noise-cancelling sports flagship headset——JBL REFLECT MINI NC that we accidentally discovered that can meet our various needs.


Since it is said that it has a strong overall strength, its “main hit” advantage has the following points:

  • Long battery life, fast charging
  • Intelligent active noise reduction
  • IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof
  • JBL family design style
  • Excellent sound quality in the same class
  • Powerful adaptation APP
  • With Tencent voice assistant

| 1. The fusion of classic design and fashion


As the world’s largest professional speaker manufacturer, JBL’s position in the audio field is unquestionable. In recent years, JBL’s products, with beautiful colors, unique shapes, and iconic big LOGO matching, have made it undisputedly a trendy brand in the audio industry, with unique brand characteristics, and people can recognize JBL products at a glance.

JBL REFLECT MINI NC has four colors to choose from: polar night black, turquoise green, aurora blue, and glacier white.


In terms of color selection, black and white are the safest, but they are also slightly mediocre. I chose aurora blue in aurora blue and turquoise green. After the arrival of the goods, I was very satisfied with the choice when I saw the actual product. JBL’s Aurora Blue is deep and lively, resistant to dirt and personality.


In addition to the standard charging case, manual, warranty card and charging cable, there are also two additional sets of eartips and earwings of different sizes, that is, a total of three sets of L/M/S, which can meet different auricle and ear canal sizes. User needs.

Here I need to mention the two pair of earwings that are included. You must try them out after you buy them. I actually didn’t involve changing earwings when using various earphones before. Because of the large cavity of this earphone itself, it is better to choose earwings one size smaller, so that it can be worn comfortably without causing earwings during exercise. Of slipping.

| 2. Long battery life and good fast charging speed


In this era when all electrical equipment is paying attention to ultra-long battery life and fast charging, as a wireless headset product that we use every day, battery life and charging speed are particularly important.

With the noise reduction function turned on, the JBL REFLECT MINI NC earbuds can be used for nearly 6 hours on a single charge, and the charging case can fully charge the earphones nearly 2 times. In terms of charging speed, it takes about 30 minutes to fully charge the headset and 90 minutes to fully charge the charging case. When charging, the white indicator light strip on the side of the charging case will respond and display according to the charging progress.

According to the daily commute of 2 hours to and from get off work + 1 hour of exercise, it can be used for nearly a week, which is very good for the small-sized TWS headset. I mentioned that JBL supports fast charging, which can basically charge for 10 minutes and last for 1 hour. In this era of fragmentation of charging time, fast charging not only solves the problem of user anxiety about battery power, but also keeps the headset sufficient at any time.

| 3. The feeling of noise reduction

JBL REFLECT MININC true wireless sports bluetooth earbuds uses ANC technology. Noise reduction is divided into two forms, active noise reduction and passive noise reduction. Passive noise reduction, for example, when we cover our ears with our hands, the outside sound will be reduced accordingly. This is the simplest passive noise reduction. So what is ANC? ANC, the abbreviation of Active Noise Cancellation. A simple understanding is to actively resist noise, so how do headphones actively resist noise? The earphone picks up the noise through the microphone and sends it to the ANC control processor. The processor generates an anti-phase sound wave to cancel the noise, and then outputs it through the earphone unit to change the noise-reduced sound.


Active noise reduction allows us to be immersed in our own small world in different environments. Whether it is the subway in the morning and evening rush hours, the noisy vegetable market, the collision of equipment in the gym.

In addition, smart ambient sounds can also effectively perceive external sounds. For example, if you meet an acquaintance during a run, you will no longer have the embarrassment of wearing earphones without hearing the other person saying hello to you, and you can talk freely without taking off the earphones.

JBL REFLECT MININC itself is an in-ear passive noise reduction earbuds, coupled with the blessing of ANC active noise reduction, the overall noise reduction effect has reached a relatively good level.

| 4. IPX7 waterproof and sweat proof


The IPX7 waterproof rating means that the product has a waterproof rating of 7, which means that the product can be used normally without being affected when the product is placed in a water depth of 1m and soaked for 30 minutes. Although I did not conduct such a direct and rigorous test, the actual test showed that it was no problem to withstand the sweat of running and the shower in the gym.

| 5. Excellent sound quality in the same class


As a sports earphone, and it is also a sports earphone of JBL brand, I thought it would be an earbuds with sufficient low frequency, audible middle frequency, and lack of high frequency. When I started to play music with headphones, it really gave me a surprise. Thanks to the 6MM high-specification waterproof multi-layer diaphragm drive unit, the distortion is lower, the low-frequency elasticity is sufficient, the mid-frequency human voice is heavy and heavy, and the high frequency is certain The height of the high-speed transient response is faster while retaining the traditional advantages, making the sound range wider. Generally speaking, the tri-band performance is relatively balanced, which makes people forget for a while that this is a functional noise-reducing sports headset.


Share the experience of a few popular songs:

勿忘心安: the vocal part of the previous a cappella performed well, and the separation of the middle part of the instrument was relatively good, there is no cluttered sense of hearing, and some instrument details can still be heard.

破茧: This song mainly tests the effect of heavy bass. The first half of the vocal sounds very good, and the performance of the back bass at the beginning will not be roaring or messy.

The last great Americandynasty: As the number of musical instruments increases in the middle of the song, the vocals will not be overwhelmed by the increasing number of musical instruments. It does not sound very irritating and can be listened happily.

| 6. Powerful adaptation APP


Find the earphones function


In the APP settings, there is a function of “find my headset”. After you click to enter, you can see the two logos of the left and right earphones. If the line color is obvious, after clicking, the response earphone will emit a loud high-pitched “di” sound, which can be penetrated within the effective range of bluetooth or a cover like a clothes pocket, which is convenient find the headset. If the color is translucent, it means that the headset is not connected to the bluetooth of the device. If it is not connected, it will be embarrassing. It may mean that the headset has ran away from home.

Through the APP, the noise reduction level can be selected according to the current actual situation. There are 15 levels of environmental sound controllable noise reduction. At the same time, the ANC noise reduction button in the interface is convenient for real-time comparison. Different levels can be selected for different situations to achieve the most comfortable personal noise reduction experience. .

Environmental sound control

In the APP, you can turn on the ambient sound control button, and control the surrounding environment through smart ambient technology. Two modes are provided, one is environmental perception, which is to perceive outdoor environmental sounds and maintain interaction with the surroundings. The second is free talk. This mode allows you to have a natural conversation with others without taking off the headset.

Smart audio and video mode

There are three options under this setting. One is the standard mode, which is suitable for maintaining stable connections in areas with many people. The second is the audio mode. The third is the video mode, which synchronizes video and audio. In addition, this mode is similar to the game/esports mode of other TWS headphones and is an ultra-low latency mode. It can be selected according to different situations.

In addition, there are functions such as EQ adjustment, product description and firmware upgrade on the APP.


| 7. With Tencent Xiaowei voice assistant

AI intelligence is a hot topic in recent years, each with its own strengths. The JBL REFLECT MINI NC bluetooth headset is equipped with Tencent Xiaowei voice assistant, which can easily call various services with Tencent Xiaowei APP and gesture operations on the headset. What I set up is to press and hold the right earphone and the music is paused. When you hear “Tick”, don’t let go and say your needs, you can talk to Xiaowei.

But compared to our commonly used XiaoAi and Tmall Elf. Xiaowei still has a lot of room for improvement.


JBL REFLECT MINI NC is an excellent earphones with excellent software and hardware coordination. Through APP EQ tuning, the JBL REFLECT MINI NC tri-band equalization makes the overall listening experience of the headset very good. With the help of excellent digital active noise reduction technology and excellent waterproof and sweat-proof performance, you can get a better experience in sports. The advantage of fast charging speed also allows users to have a very low sense of power during use, which satisfies fragmentation. Requirements for charging. JBL REFLECT MINI NC, as the flagship of the current brand of sports headphones, is believed to capture the hearts of a large number of users with its excellent comprehensive strength.


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