Recently, all I have seen on social media are friends sharing their pictures of visiting the Forbidden City to experience the historical atmosphere and admire the yellow leaves in the sky. If this leisurely trip is coupled with beautiful music, it would be too pleasant.

In order to realize this desire to be accompanied by music anytime, anywhere, the world-renowned audio brand JBL launched the portable player JBL GO music BRICS series in 2015, which relies on its compact body, colorful colors, affordable prices and The sound quality performance in the upper reaches of the same price has won unanimous praise. After 5 years of development and 2 generations of change, JBL GO3 was released in October 2020. Will it be as powerful as the previous two generations? What is the upgrade of the third generation over the previous generation? Is it worth buying? Today, I will take you in-depth understanding of this JBL GO 3.

| JBL GO 3 Appearance: Fashion trend color matching, colorful mood

JBL GO3 uses a small and transparent packaging box, you can see the color of the GO3 inside, which is convenient for everyone to see the real thing when buying offline. Some information is clearly marked on the packaging box, such as  JBL GO3 can achieve 5 hours of continuous playback performance, IP67 level of waterproof and dustproof, and support for Bluetooth 5.1.

After opening the package, JBL GO 3 is firmly wrapped in the internal plastic film, so you don’t need to worry about bumps caused by bumps during transportation. A Type-C data cable with JBL logo, manuals and products are included. Related documents. The addition of Type-C allows JBL GO3 to have better travel portability than the previous generation. After all, one less data cable will reduce the possibility of losing something.

In terms of color matching, JBL GO3 can provide up to 10 colors of appearance for consumers to choose from, and it is currently on the market gradually. JBL adopts popular colors inspired by street fashion trends on GO3, and introduces brand-new tones and color combinations, making JBL GO3 stand out no matter where it is placed, and you can choose different colors according to your mood and preferences.

JBL GO3 has changed the square shape design of the previous two generations and adopted a rounder edge to make the overall look more lovely. The body is printed with a large JBL silicone logo on the front, which is very recognizable. The special weaving material covers the body of JBL GO 3, which ensures the music playback effect and optimizes the hand-held feel.

The volume addition and subtraction and playback buttons are designed on the top of the fuselage, with only three silicone raised buttons, which are more eye-catching. The bottom is a non-slip rubber strip, which can reduce the vibration of the body during playback and improve stability and anti-slip.

The power button, indicator light and Bluetooth connection button are all designed on the right side of the fuselage. On the left side is the built-in USB Type-C interface and a woven anti-skid rope, which is more convenient to carry. Both sides are made of silicone material, waterproof and wear-resistant.

Due to the ingenious weaving process, JBL GO 3 has the IP67 level of dust and water resistance, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of dust. At the same time, it can ensure that the top is 0.15m-1m from the water surface for 30 minutes without affecting performance and leaking water. It greatly enriches the usage scenarios of JBL GO3, not only can you use it at the swimming pool, but also enjoy music in mountain climbing and cross-country.

| JBL GO3 experience: clear and transparent, steady and powerful bass

The most important thing for a Bluetooth speaker is to hear it first, and then pursue it. JBL GO3 adopts the more advanced Bluetooth 5.1 solution on the market. Compared with the mainstream products at the same price, the Bluetooth 4.2 solution has been further upgraded, and it has been optimized in terms of device directional search signal. After actual measurement, when the signal source and JBL GO3 are separated by 15 meters, and there are signal interference from multiple electronic devices, JBL GO3 can still ensure the sound is smooth and not stuck. This is enough to prove the performance of JBL GO3 in connection reliability.

Now that the connectivity is guaranteed, let’s experience the sound quality of JBL GO3. Thanks to the use of a 4.2W full audio sound unit that is 35% upgraded from JBL GO2, Harman Algorithm DSP data processing module, and the newly added JBL PRO SOUND legendary sound system, JBL GO3 has achieved the best in the same level of products. The performance of the sound quality. The output volume is guaranteed to the greatest extent, and the output capability of bass audio is improved.

After our audition, JBL GO3 performed particularly well at a comfortable volume, and the human voice in popular music was clear and transparent. In terms of bass, although limited by the size of the body, the bass output capability of JBL GO3 is still not inferior to larger players. The bass is steady and powerful, the bass control is easy to control, clean and neat, and strong energy bursts out of the small body. The high-frequency performance is also quite surprising, smooth and delicate, especially for some orchestral instruments, JBL GO3 can show the original tone of the instrument and restore the authenticity of the music.

The size of the sound is the key to evaluating a small portable player. The sound pressure of JBL GO3 shocked our friends in the evaluation team. When playing at full power, the entire floor of the office can be heard clearly. It can be seen that JBL has the ability to adjust the fast sound unit.

In addition, in terms of battery life, it can fully charge the battery in 2.5 hours, while supporting 5 hours of battery life, giving JBL GO 3 a reliable battery life.

| Summary

After a period of use, JBL GO3 inherited the usual exquisiteness, compactness and portability of the JBL GO series, and improved the lack of sound quality of the previous two generations. The woven body and non-slip belt make it have a better carrying experience. The simplified convex silicone buttons facilitate its daily use experience. The addition of Type-C and IP67 also makes JBL GO3 a better Application scenarios, whether swimming or climbing, JBL GO3 can be your reliable “music friend”.

The use of larger speakers and JBL sound effects allows JBL GO3 to play satisfactory music for you anytime and anywhere, making your travel more leisurely and comfortable. If you also want to be accompanied by music all the way when you travel, then please do not miss JBL GO3, I believe its performance will bring you surprises.

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