JBL FLASH true wireless sports earbuds Under Armour joint version teardown


JBL Under Armour FLASH True Wireless Sport In-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds

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JBL is a well-known audio brand under Harman Kardon. Its products mainly include speakers and headphones. JBL FLASH is a true wireless sports earphones product with a unique appearance design, and has successively launched a joint version with Dwayne Johnson and Under Armour.

This time, the Under Armour joint version will be disassembled. The charging case is made of metal matte, with a sliding switch compartment design and engraved with Under Armour brand logo. The earphone is a bean-shaped in-ear design with earwings to improve the stability of sports wear. Support IPX7 waterproof to ensure normal use in the case of sweating. Supports intelligent perception function, you can learn outside sounds without removing the earphones, and improve wearing safety.

52audio also disassembled JBL LIVE 660NC over-ear noise reduction headphones, JBL LIVE PRO+ true wireless noise reduction earphones, JBL C260TWS, JBL FREE II, JBL Free true wireless bluetooth earphones, JBL CHARGE 4 and JBL FLIP 5 bluetooth speakers. Let’s take a look at the appearance design and internal structure configuration of this product.

|1. Appearance of JBL FLASH true wireless earbuds

The JBL FLASH charging case adopts the appearance of a rectangular parallelepiped, a metal material, and a lanyard, which improves the portability when going out.

Under Armour Co-branded version is engraved with Under Armour brand LOGO on the charging case body.

One end of the charging case cockpit is equipped with a Micro USB charging port, a dust plug, and four indicator lights on the top.

Micro USB charging port.

The other end is a lanyard, which pushes inward to open the lid.


JBL FLASH true wireless sports earphones open the cover status display.

Part of the product parameters and various certification information are engraved on the side of the charging case cockpit.

The JBL brand LOGO and “Charged Sound-Engineered for Sport” are printed on the other side.


The overall appearance of JBL FLASH earbuds.

Metal contacts in the cockpit for charging/communication of the headset.

The appearance of JBL FLASH earbuds has an embossed Under Armour brand LOGO on the back, which is also a function button.

Headphone indicator, used to feedback bluetooth pairing status.

There is a microphone opening at the bottom of the headset for voice calls.

The metal contacts for charging/communication of the earphones are arranged in the grooves, which can avoid direct contact with the skin when wearing them and prevent them from being corroded by sweating.

The inner side is also engraved with the L/R logo, and next to it is the tone cavity tuning hole.

After actual measurement, the overall weight of the JBL FLASH true wireless sports earbuds are about 118.6g.

The weight of a single earphone is about 8.1g.

|2. JBL FLASH charging case teardown

From the appearance part, we have a detailed understanding of the unique design of this product, and then enter the disassembly part to see the internal structure configuration.


Remove the metal casing of the charging case.

The charging case cockpit and shell spring snap structure. When pushing forward, the spring squeezes the buckle to contract, and when it is not pushed, the spring gives a rebound thrust to fix the cockpit.

Pry open the back cover of the charging case cockpit to see the battery unit.

Charging case Internal lithium battery model: GSP723292, voltage: 3.7V, capacity: 1500mAh/5.55Wh, from GreatPower, made in China.

The information on the battery cell is consistent with the external label.

Remove the battery and the internal structure of the cavity.

The battery is equipped with a circuit protection board and a protection IC.

Spot weld the positive and negative nickel sheets of the battery on the back of the protective plate.

Take out the main board unit and the circuit on the back of the main board.

The inside of the cavity is used to attract the magnet of the earphone.

Pogo pin connector for charging/communication of the headset.

Four LED power indicators.

Micro USB charging interface female socket.

Nanxin APM4953 dual P-channel enhancement mode MOSFET.

Power inductor with silk screen C.

The IC of the silk-screen BFLBMB.

8205 dual NMOS tube.

Microchip PIC16 microcontroller is a 20-pin flash memory, 8-bit microcontroller using XLP technology.

Microchip PIC16 details.

|3. JBL FLASH earbuds teardown

Enter the disassembly part of the earphone and pry the earphone along the moulding line.

In the internal structure of the front cavity, the wires are welded on the small board.

The magnet in the front cavity is used to attract the charging cockpit.

The internal components of the back cavity are all fixed on the plastic frame.

Remove the back cavity shell, the front cavity charging board and the speaker unit are connected to the main board through a cable.

The inner structure of the back cavity shell, the middle is the function button keycap, and the bluetooth antenna metal contacts are located at the edge.

The main board unit is fixed at the bottom of the frame, and the top pin on the main board corresponds to the antenna contact inside the housing.

The micro buttons on the main board are used for operation control.

Take out the internal components of the headset.

The front circuit of the main board unit includes the acoustic structure of the microphone and the key switch.

The circuit on the back of the motherboard has components such as a microphone, a main control chip and a crystal oscillator.

Metal copper pillars for charging/communication of earphones.

There is a cable on the back of the small board to connect to the main board.

On the back of the speaker, the wire is soldered to the back panel.

The front of the speaker.

The speaker is compared with the RMB coin.

After actual measurement, the size of the speaker unit is about 5.8mm.

GreatPower steel shell button battery is used inside the earphone.

The other side of the battery.

BES BES2000 bluetooth Audio SoC, supports bluetooth v4.2 standard, supports up to 192KHz/24bit audio, supports EQ and subwoofer enhancement and other audio technology, audio output signal-to-noise ratio is as high as -105db. In terms of scalability, it can support adaptive active noise reduction.

The BES2000 series chips support 5 analog mics or 8 digital mics, and integrate Cortex-M4F CPU as a processor. The CPU integrates a third-party voice activation algorithm, which can wake up the mobile APP and background cloud server through the BLE function of the BES2000 chip.

According to 52audio, the true wireless headsets of many audio brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Honor, JBL, 1MORE, Baidu, OnePlus, Transsion, etc. have adopted BES chips.

The crystal oscillator that provides the clock for the bluetooth chip.

Silk screen LFAM IC.

TI BQ24040 linear charger, supports a maximum charging current of 1A, used for charging the built-in battery of the headset.

The MEMS microphone of LaserDiao HO405 is used for voice call pickup.

Bluetooth filter.

All components of JBL FLASH true wireless sports earphones.

|4. Summary

JBL FLASH true wireless sports earphones are unique in appearance design. The metal charging case has a strong texture. The sliding switch compartment is unique in design and easy to use. The bean-shaped in-ear earphones are also very distinctive in appearance, earwings and IPX7 waterproof, sports and fitness wear are stable and not afraid of sweat.

In terms of internal circuits, the charging case uses a Micro USB interface for input power, a built-in 1500mAh large-capacity battery, and is equipped with a circuit protection board and a protection IC. Microchip PIC16 microcontroller is used on the main board for complete machine control, and Nanxin APM4953 dual P-channel enhanced MOSFET, etc.

The internal structure of the JBL FLASH earphone is regular. A 5.8mm dynamic driver and a small power input board are installed in the front cavity, which are connected to the back cavity main board through a flat cable. The headset uses a steel shell button battery, the main control chip is BES BES2000 bluetooth audio SoC, supports bluetooth v4.2, supports up to 192KHz/24bit audio, supports EQ and heavy bass enhancement and other audio technology. A MEMS microphone is used to pick up voice calls.

Source: 52audio

$149.95 on Amazon US

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