Jabra Elite 7 Active

The Jabra Elite 7 Active is mainly aimed at people who like sports. Its small size and exclusive intelligent noise reduction algorithm are excellent, so it is very popular. Two of the ten may be using Jabra.

Jabra Elite 7 Active specs and features:

  • Unique Jabra ShakeGrip technology
  • IP57 water and sweatproof
  • 8-30 hours battery life
  • support fast charging and wireless charging
  • Ultra-wide frequency response custom diaphragm
  • 11-level intelligent noise control
  • Multi-ecological compatibility, multi-device switching, single-binaural mode
  • Exclusive App
  • $130 –  Check latest price on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany or other Amazon countries

Appearance Design & Comfort

Small and portable is the unique design of the Elite 7 Active, which can be easily put into a pocket. The earphones also use a unique liquid silicone material, which is relatively non-slip and waterproof. Jabra has carried out multiple comparisons, screening and analysis of the ear canals of different sports groups, fully considering the ergonomic design, which is more suitable for the human ear and can be placed in the ear canal very firmly.

I didn’t expect Jabra to detail the wear and go deep into the app’s intelligent detection, which shows that Jabra is very concerned about users. I also felt this detail in my actual experience. If I don’t wear it properly, it will remind me if I wear it properly when the App detects it. When I wear it, the earphones will not fall off when I shake my head while running, indicating that Jabra also collects ear canal data in various regions when it is designed, and there will not be much difference in use by any group of people.

Package contents include: charging case, warranty, Type-C charging cable and EarGels silicone eartips. The earphones are pre-installed with S earbuds by default, and M and L are also available.

ShakeGrip & Battery Life

Unique ShakeGrip technology is designed with the needs of athletes in mind. During the research and development process, through cooperation with many sports experts, the ear canal design of different groups was compared, and after continuous screening and feedback, the final design was formed. Its wearing method is slightly different from traditional in-ear headphones. When inserting the microphone into the ear canal, the microphone is aimed at the ear canal, so that it is properly worn.

Not only that, if the app is installed, it can intelligently detect whether the headphone is worn stably through the app, and the user will be reminded if it is not stable. The Myfit function will also remind you how the fit is, and give you appropriate advice on what size eartips to wear.

I think 8 hours of single use, 30 hours of use with the charging case is still a long time. If intelligent noise reduction is turned on, the battery life in different noise reduction modes consumes different amounts of power. I am used to turning on the 5-level noise reduction every time. After turning on the noise reduction, the single use time is about 5 hours, which can basically meet the use of a day. And Jabra Elite 7 Active supports fast charging, basically charging for 1 hour, enough for a week of business trips. The remaining power of the headphones and charging case will also be displayed in the app.

Calling & Noise Control

Call quality has always been my focus. For example, in shopping malls, buses, subways, especially on the way to work by electric vehicles, the effect of anti-wind noise is very important. The Jabra Elite 7 Active didn’t let me down either, and the 4-mic HD calling technology is very powerful. When making a phone call in a shopping mall or on a bus, the surrounding area seems to have intelligent noise reduction turned on, the vocal effect of the other party is more prominent, and the surrounding ambient sound is weakened. Even if I ride an electric bike to work, the other party can hear the wind, but they can also hear my voice clearly, so that I don’t have to speak loudly, and the other party can hear it clearly.

Noise control is the highlight of the Jabra Elite 7 Active, with a total of 5 levels of noise reduction, 5 levels of transparency and power saving modes. Turn on transparency mode when running outdoors, you can listen to music and pay attention to the ambient sound at the same time. When there are vehicles coming and going behind you, the whistle can be heard in time to avoid accidents. If you are in the gym, you can turn on the noise reduction mode, which can well shield the surrounding noisy ambient sound and at least reduce the noise by 70%. This effect is completely sufficient for sports enthusiasts.

Sound Quality & APP

My style of listening to music is biased towards European and American vocals, rock, electronic and so on. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Jabra Elite 7 Active was able to capture more detail in the sound. Wireless headphones are limited in sound performance, but more prominent in high-frequency music and vocals. High frequencies like piano instruments can hear more sustain, more transparency, and cooler vocals. Low frequency extension is limited, and the overall default tuning is more mid-high frequency.

The Jabra Sound+ APP can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. The interface is very simple, you can check the current headphone status, power, etc. In the App, you can set different EQ sound effects, upgrade the firmware, detect the fit of the ear canal, and adjust the level of noise reduction. Not only that, you can also test the listening configuration through the App to optimize the listening experience. You can also play white noise to help you sleep better. If the headphone is lost, you can locate the headphone through the App.

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