iQOO Neo6 SE Review: The ultimate destination for game fans, high refresh rate + Snapdragon 870


On May 6, iQOO held a new product launch conference, bringing you a new product of the iQOO Neo6 series – iQOO Neo6 SE. As a product that focuses on balanced performance, it is not only equipped with the well-known Snapdragon 870 processor, but also uses the overclocked version of UFS 3.1, which can greatly improve the loading speed and opening speed of applications. It can be said that iQOO Neo 6 SE is very willing to use materials in terms of hardware for powerful performance and balanced experience.

iQOO Neo6 SE

iQOO has always regarded gaming experience as its main selling point, and the iQOO Neo6 SE, which focuses on balance, is no exception. Next, I will show you the real performance of iQOO Neo6 SE in terms of performance and experience through actual testing.

iQOO Neo 6 SE Specs:

  • 6.62″ AMOLED Screen
  • Snapdragon 870 5G mobile platform
  • 64MP+8MP+2MP Rear Cameras
  • 4700mAh Battery + 80W Fast Charging
  • $330 – Check latest price on: AliExpress

01/ Appearance: Retro design, tribute to the classic

iQOO Neo6 SE adopts a unique retro design language, which brings a new visual sense to everyone through a unique design. Not only that, iQOO Neo6 SE also guarantees a good feel in the grip. Generally speaking, it is very difficult for a straight-screen mobile phone to be absolutely round. The iQOO Neo6 SE completely wraps the screen frame with the arc edge of large curvature, even if it adopts a straight screen design, it can have a good feel.

iQOO Neo6 SE

The most outstanding design of iQOO Neo6 SE is the image module on the back of the fuselage. According to the official introduction of iQOO, the lens module part of iQOO Neo6 SE refers to 35mm film and Polaroid photo paper, showing a unique retro style. In the cloud-level part of the lens module, hardcore gamers should be able to recognize at a glance that Neo adopts a pixel-style design, which is also very consistent with the product positioning of the Neo series. And gradually formed the unique design language of iQOO Neo6 series.

iQOO Neo6 SE

On the front of the fuselage, iQOO Neo6 SE uses a 6.62″ high-quality AMOLED screen, and the screen resolution of 2400×1080 can bring you a more delicate screen look and feel. iQOO Neo 6 SE also supports three-speed adjustable refresh rate (60Hz/ 120Hz/smart switching), which ensures that you can enjoy a high refresh rate while bringing you a low-power experience. Not only that, this screen also has HDR10+ certification, 100% P3 color gamut, SGS Eye Care Display certification, etc.

iQOO Neo6 SE

iQOO Neo6 SE brings you three colors, blue, neon and orange. I tested the orange version this time. Through the unique spraying process, the color of the fuselage will show completely different visual effects with different angles and different lighting, and the unique texture makes it more textured.

02/ Performance: Snapdragon 870

The iQOO Neo6 SE is equipped with a 7nm process Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G mobile platform, combined with an overclocked UFS3.1 high-speed memory chip, laying a solid foundation for powerful performance. In order to better verify the performance of this phone, we will comprehensively evaluate its performance through benchmark tests and game testing.

As usual, we will give priority to benchmark testing, this time we will test “AnTuTu” and “3DMark” respectively.

Through the benchmark test, we can see that the iQOO Neo6 SE scored 752,382 points in the AnTuTu test and 4,263 points in the Wild Life test in 3DMark, which can meet the various needs of everyone in daily use. Next, is our game testing session. We chose two games, “Genshin Impact” and “Honor of King” this time.

“Honor of King” frame rate

In the “Honor of King” game, the iQOO Neo6 SE supports 120Hz high frame operation, and after 15 minutes of the game, its average frame rate is 119.7 frames. The frame rate of iQOO Neo6 SE is relatively stable in the game, and there is no large frame drop. The game is also very smooth, and there is no obvious stuttering phenomenon, which can bring you a smooth game experience.

In order to bring you a rich sense of game operation, iQOO Neo6 SE brings you an X-axis linear motor and closed dual stereo speakers, so that every skill release can get timely feedback during the game. It allows everyone to have a close interactive connection with the mobile phone, which greatly improves the immersion of the game.

“Genshin Impact” frame rate

In the “Genshin Impact” game with a maximum of 60 frames, the average frame rate of iQOO Neo6 SE was 50.1 frames. In the actual game experience, iQOO Neo6 SE experienced slight lag and frame drop. Generally speaking, it is normal for a mobile phone to experience heat and lag when faced with a high-load scenario. In order to ensure the basic game fluency, it is correct to reduce the frequency of the processor reasonably. Although a lag occurred during the game, this phenomenon can be dealt with in time, and the overall performance is not bad.

In addition to smooth operation, iQOO Neo6 SE also uses LTM local color mapping technology to finely divide the display content into multiple areas to achieve pixel-level dynamic contrast adjustment. To put it simply, when we play games outdoors, the screen will not only automatically adjust the brightness, but also control the display of the screen, so that the details of the dark parts of the screen are richer, and the bright parts are not overexposed.

iQOO Neo6 SE

If you want the performance to be released without reservation, the heat dissipation capacity of the mobile phone is also very important. The iQOO Neo6 SE is equipped with a cascade liquid cooling system, and the total heat dissipation area reaches an astonishing 36907mm². In addition to five layers of three-dimensional graphite, iQOO Neo6 SE is also equipped with a large-area liquid-cooled VC soaking plate, which can focus on cooling for locations with high heat generation. To better verify its cooling capabilities, we took temperature samples before and after gaming.

“Honor of King” temperature before and after the game

“Genshin Impact” temperature before and after the game

Through the temperature comparison before and after the game, we can see that the temperature control performance of iQOO Neo6 SE is still very good. In the “Honor of King” game, the temperature increased by only 7.5°C, and the maximum temperature after the game was 40.3°C. The temperature increased by only 10.6°C during the “Genshin Impact” game, and the maximum temperature after the game was 43°C. The comprehensive temperature control effect is very good, and the temperature of the fuselage is controlled within a reasonable range.

Overall, iQOO Neo6 SE performs very well in terms of performance, both in benchmark tests and temperature control. In order to meet your various needs in the game, iQOO Neo6 SE also brings you a brand new sidebar of the game box, which integrates the sidebar of the game box with the floating window to make the game experience more enjoyable and reduce interactive interruptions.

03/ Image: 3 rear cameras, a new upgrade for night scenes

In recent years, with the rise of short video, the mobile phone imaging system has become a key development area for all manufacturers. iQOO has not only been outstanding in performance, but also emphasized the balanced experience of the product. This time, iQOO Neo6 SE adopts a rear three-camera design. The three cameras consist of a 64MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 2MP macro lens, which are mainly used to shoot very subtle objects in daily life. These three lenses take on the needs of landscape, portrait, and object shooting respectively, and they are very advantageous in terms of utilization and application scene division.

iQOO Neo6 SE

Main camera proofs

iQOO Neo6 SE

2x proofs

iQOO Neo6 SE

Ultra wide-angle proofs

iQOO Neo6 SE

Night scene proofs

Through the above sets of proofs, we can be sure that iQOO Neo6 SE can meet the basic needs of everyone’s daily shooting. In the daytime, iQOO Neo6 SE performs very well in terms of color and details. For scenes with multiple colors, it can accurately restore the color of objects without over-optimization. In terms of night scenes, iQOO Neo6 SE also showed a very high level. In low-light environments, we can still get a picture with excellent color. In terms of details, iQOO Neo6 SE captures almost all the details of the building, which is enough to prove the powerful resolution capability of this 64MP main camera.

iQOO Neo6 SE


Not only that, iQOO also unlocked a lot of very useful camera functions for us. We brought you a slow-door shooting, which includes six creative shooting modes: “traffic, graffiti at night, waterfalls, pedestrian fog, dazzling fireworks, and brilliant star trails”. We only need to select the corresponding mode, and through the powerful image algorithm of iQOO Neo6 SE, we can bring you photography works with excellent visual effects.

04/ Battery Life: Dual-cell 80W flash charge, faster and safer

Mobile phones are the most widely used tools in our daily life, and battery life has gradually become an important criterion that cannot be ignored when purchasing mobile phones. This time, iQOO Neo6 SE not only brought you a large-capacity battery with 4700mAh, but also brought you dual-cell 80W flash charging technology. To ensure that everyone can have a long battery life at the same time to achieve faster charging speed.

After five hours of violent testing, the iQOO Neo6 SE has a remaining power of 40%. Among them, the game consumes the most power, consuming 14% of the power, which basically meets the needs of users for a day of heavy use. It is only the most basic requirement to meet the long battery life, and the charging efficiency is the key point. We then conducted a 30-minute charging test on the iQOO Neo6 SE.

Through testing, we can find that iQOO Neo6 SE can provide users with the ability to quickly charge for a short time when the battery is almost exhausted. It only takes five minutes to recharge the phone by 29%, and after that, it will increase by about 10% every five minutes. In the end, it only takes 30 minutes to fully charge the 4700mAh large-capacity battery, which is very good compared to mobile phones of the same price.

iQOO Neo6 SE

Of course, while enjoying the convenience brought by fast charging, we should not ignore the risks brought by high-power charging equipment. iQOO Neo6 SE is individually optimized for secure fast charging. Not only the dual-cell design scheme and FFC technology are used, but also the charging interface is coated with “rhodium ruthenium” metal coating, which is more resistant to corrosion and wear, and effectively prolongs the service life.

05/ Conclusion

iQOO Neo6 SE

Through a comprehensive review of iQOO Neo6 SE, I believe that everyone already has the most basic understanding of this product. For an entry-level performance product, iQOO Neo6 SE has brought a lot of surprises to everyone. In terms of performance, its performance can be ranked at the forefront of its competitors. In terms of taking pictures, it can also meet everyone’s daily needs. In terms of user experience, iQOO Neo6 SE continues iQOO’s consistent high standards and can bring you an extraordinary experience of using the phone.

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