Like most brands, in order to target different consumer groups, Huawei mobile phones also have multiple series of models for everyone to choose from. Among them, there are not only the Mate and P series, which are positioned as high-end, but also the nova series for young people and trendy people.

Many people’s first impression of the nova series is “beautiful appearance and good photos”. Since the birth of the first nova, each generation of nova series mobile phones has been imprinted with a unique trend impression, which can be said to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, “vase” is not the label of the nova series. In terms of innovative experience, the Huawei nova series also performs well.

This month, Huawei brought the latest member of the nova series —— Huawei nova9 SE. In terms of design, Huawei nova9 SE inherits the aesthetic genes of the previous generation. The front is equipped with an ultra-narrow bezel full-screen screen, and the back is a classic star ring design. Coupled with a slim feel, the beautiful appearance is attractive at first sight. In terms of video, the new Huawei nova9 SE also brings innovative Vlog shooting methods such as multi-camera shooting and dual-view video. At the same time, with a 100MP main camera, with the blessing of HarmonyOS, taking pictures is even more exciting. So how does this new machine perform, I will explain it to you based on the actual experience of the past few days.

Huawei Nova 9 SE specs and features:

  • 6.78″ screen, 2388×1080
  • Harmony OS 2.0
  • 108MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP
  • 16MP front camera
  • 66W fast charge
  • 4000mAh battery
  • €305 – Check latest price on: Amazon DE, Amazon US, other Amazon countries

01/ Ultra-narrow border, shining star ring

When “young”, “fashion” and “trend” become the labels of a mobile phone, it is conceivable that the level of appearance of this mobile phone will not be low. Obviously, Huawei nova9 SE is a new mobile phone with a level of appearance online.

The front of Huawei nova9 SE is equipped with a 6.78-inch flat screen with a central punch-hole design. The 1.05mm wide screen frame can be said to be one of the biggest highlights of this phone screen. The ultra-narrow bezel design is the ultimate, and the screen ratio is as high as 94.85%, which is not inferior to some high-end flagship smartphones, and even exceeds.

The quality of the screen itself is also very good. In addition to the large size, the screen of Huawei nova9 SE has a resolution of 2388×1080, supports P3 wide color gamut color, the display is relatively clear, the color reproduction is also in place, and it looks more comfortable. At the same time, the screen of Huawei nova9 SE also supports 90Hz refresh rate and 270Hz touch sampling rate, and the overall fluency is good, whether it is application animation or operation experience is very smooth.

Looking at the back, the Huawei nova9 SE camera module follows the classic star ring design of the nova series, and the symmetrical camera module creates a sense of order and beauty. The back cover of the phone comes in three colors: blue, white and black. This time I got the blue version.

In order to better highlight the high-gloss effect, the back shell of Huawei nova9 SE also adopts a double-film double-plating process, with curved glass, so that the fuselage can refract dazzling light at different angles.

In terms of interfaces, the bottom of Huawei nova9 SE is a Type-C charging interface, a speaker and a noise-cancelling microphone. The left border is the power fingerprint integrated button and the volume button.

In addition to the level of appearance that attracts young people, Huawei nova9 SE also controls the thickness and weight of the body very well. The thickness of the fuselage is only 7.94mm and the weight is 191g. Because the glass back shell is 3D slightly curved, the body is more rounded, and it can fit the inside of the palm very well when holding it, and the one-handed holding experience is very good.

From the design point of view, Huawei nova9 SE has the ultimate screen immersion experience, stylish colors, simple and smooth body, as well as the texture workmanship and thin feel that only high-end mobile phones have. This is indeed a very beautiful phone, and I believe it will meet the aesthetics of young users.

02/ Harmony photography supported by 108MP, can take pictures and videos

As mentioned at the beginning, the Huawei nova series has always been a level of appearance and taking pictures, which is also reflected in the Huawei nova9 SE. In terms of parameters, Huawei nova9 SE is equipped with a 108MP AI four-camera system at the rear. It is equipped with a 108MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, a 2MP depth-of-field lens, a 2MP macro lens and a 16MP front camera. The focal length of the rear lens is relatively rich, which can take into account various scenes in daily life.

Thanks to 100MP, Huawei nova9 SE can turn on high-pixel mode and take ultra-high-resolution photos. The extremely high resolution of the picture enables the photos to retain clear details even after multiple magnifications.

High pixel mode

This photo was taken in high pixel mode, and the overall photo is still very clear. Even after 3x magnification of the image area in the center of the frame, you can still get a high-quality cropped photo. It can be seen that the enlarged sample still has enough fine details, and the reflection on the water surface and the texture of the hull are clearly visible.

Main photo sample

In standard mode, after multi-pixel synthesis of the main photo sample, the brightness, color, and dynamic range of the picture will be further improved on the premise of maintaining fine image quality, which also brings a better visual perception. Let’s take a look at this set of daytime proofs. In scenes with sufficient light conditions, the main camera proofs of Huawei nova9 SE have delicate picture quality and accurate colors, and indeed have a performance above the standard.

Night scene proofs

In the night scene scene, based on the large 1/1.52-inch sensor, Huawei nova9 SE has stronger light receiving ability, and can present more picture details in the case of poor light. With the nine-in-one pixel fusion technology, it can also effectively control noise, improve the brightness of the picture, improve the dynamic range, and improve the imaging quality of the night scene environment.

Ultra wide-angle proofs

In terms of ultra-wide-angle, the performance of the 8MP lens is also remarkable. Ultra-wide-angle is generally suitable for shooting tall buildings or spectacular natural landscapes, and the frequency of daily use is still very high.

In addition to a balanced image configuration, based on HarmonyOS 2.0, Huawei nova9 SE also brings a wealth of Vlog video shooting gameplay. The one-stop concept runs through the process from shooting to editing, making video creation easier and more freehand, and ordinary users can also shoot more wonderful works.

For example, in the eyes of video experts and shop-exploring bloggers, the most frequently used dual-view recording function is to turn on the front and rear cameras at the same time for video recording. And appear in the same video in the form of upper and lower split screens.

Dual scene recording supports enabling picture-in-picture

It even supports the picture-in-picture recording of the front and rear cameras, and the scene of any one of the lenses can be presented on the main framing screen in the form of picture-in-picture. And it can be switched arbitrarily, the switching process is smooth and natural, and the shooting process will not be interrupted.

Users do not need to download a third-party APP for editing of the material that has been shot, and the mobile phone has a built-in editing application. In addition to various clip templates and music libraries, the new version also includes subtitle recognition, automatic music card points, and dynamic photos, making it easier for you to edit Vlogs with richer effects.

More and more young people are beginning to use Vlog to record their own life, and mobile phones have naturally become the first choice as a portable imaging tool. Huawei nova9 SE is a device that supports one-stop Vlog video shooting from the early stage to the later stage. Now that it has been blessed by HarmonyOS, it is indeed a very suitable choice for Vlog lovers.

03/ Stable and smooth game performance, amazing charging experience

Although the overall design of Huawei nova9 SE is more inclined to level of appearance and photography, it can also meet daily needs in terms of performance. In order to let everyone feel the performance of Huawei nova9 SE more intuitively, I have selected two popular mobile games, “Honor of King” and “Game For Peace”, and run the game with the highest picture quality at the highest frame rate. And use the professional software PerfDog to record the frame rate, let’s take a look.

“Honor of King” average frame rate 59.6fps

In “Honor of King”, under the high frame rate and ultra-high resolution settings, in more than ten minutes of games, the average frame rate of Huawei nova9 SE can reach 59.6fps, and I have also conducted multiple tests. In the case of three consecutive games, Huawei nova9 SE can basically stabilize at around 60fps without any stuttering.

The average frame rate of “Game For Peace” is 29.9fps

In “Game For Peace”, the performance of Huawei nova9 SE is also remarkable. The frame rate of the whole process can basically be stabilized at around 30fps, even in some scenes with dense buildings and fierce battles, the frame rate can be guaranteed to be stable and smooth.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei nova9 SE is not only equipped with a 270Hz touch sampling rate screen, but also supports the industry-leading ten-point super touch technology. Simply put, the screen touch response is faster and more responsive, especially when playing games that support multi-finger operations. For example, in a music rhythm mobile game or an fps shooting game, the faster response effectively reduces the latency, and there is no lag that seriously affects the experience.

In terms of battery life, Huawei nova9 SE is equipped with Huawei’s 66W super fast charge and has a built-in 4000mAh battery. Due to the use of dual low-voltage charge pump technology, three-pole battery and other technologies, the charging efficiency is higher, charging 15 minutes to 60%, and it can be fully charged in 35 minutes.

04/ Universal card + desktop pet, unique desktop experience

In terms of system, Huawei nova9 SE is equipped with HarmonyOS 2.0 from the factory. As a new-generation system for the Internet of Everything era, HarmonyOS 2.0 is not only less difficult to use, but also has impressive performance in terms of fluency and operating experience.

First of all, in terms of personalization, Huawei nova9 SE supports the new universal card function, which can make users’ daily use of the machine more efficient.

For example, when users need to listen to music, they can quickly call up the music service card by sliding up the music icon on the desktop, so as to easily play music. When users need to check to-do items, they can also quickly call up the memo card to check the daily work content. It can be seen that the universal card makes information transmission more direct, and many functions can be directly achieved in one step, making human-computer interaction more efficient.

At the same time, these service cards also support various forms of customization. When the user icon swipes up to call out the service card, you can also click the “staple” button in the upper right corner of the card to send it to the desktop, and you can arrange your favorite desktop style by matching the universal cards of different APPs.

In addition to meeting the personalized needs of young users for desktop style, thanks to the blessing of HarmonyOS 2.0, Huawei nova9 SE also has a desktop pet function. We can turn on this function in the theme application, there are currently two pets to choose from: BRUCE and B.DUCK.

When we choose a pet, we can see it on the mobile phone desktop. It is worth mentioning that desktop pets are designed according to the living habits of real life entities. During 24 hours, pets also get up, sleep, play, and interact with users. The pet will even remind you of the weather, holidays, steps, battery power, and more.

Although it is an electronic pet, we should not forget to feed the pet. Feeding can make pets gain growth value, and gradually upgrade to unlock pet special effects. Watching pets grow up a little bit, I believe there will be more sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


The above is the entire evaluation content of Huawei nova9 SE. Personally, in the same price model, the overall experience of Huawei nova 9 SE is quite good. The thin and light body, ultra-narrow screen frame, plus unique colors and craftsmanship, the level of appearance of the whole machine is higher, and it is also very in line with the aesthetics of young people. And thanks to the support of HarmonyOS and the 100MP main camera, Huawei nova9 SE can easily handle whether it is taking pictures or vlog shooting.

As for battery life, system experience, etc., Huawei nova9 SE also has remarkable performance. Overall, as a Huawei Harmony phone, Huawei nova9 SE smartphone can basically meet our daily needs. At the same time, it also has a unique user experience, which is worth considering and choosing.

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