Honor Earbuds X2In mid-2020, Honor launched an entry-level TWS headset product——Earbuds X1. With high-quality workmanship and good functional experience, it has long occupied the e-commerce platform TWS earbuds sales list for a long time. Recently, the iterative upgrade of this product Honor Earbuds X2 true wireless headset was officially released, and brought many upgrades.

Honor Earbuds X2 adopts a handle-shaped semi-in-ear solution in appearance design, still uses a pure white body, and maintains Honor’s high-quality requirements for products. The configuration uses a 12mm large-size dynamic driver, upgrades the bluetooth 5.2 technology, supports dual-microphone calls and noise reduction, and has a single 6-hour battery life of more than 28 hours. Let us experience this product in detail below.

Appearance Design and Comfortable

Earbuds X2 charging case continues the rounded square design of the previous generation, and the texture is similar. Piano baking paint process treatment, the whole machine feels smooth and round. There is a chamfer at the front opening, which can be easily opened with one hand. The lower indicator uses red and Honor classic blue colors to feedback the charging case status.

Earbuds X2 earphones use a handle-shaped semi-in-ear design to provide a more comfortable wearing and listening experience. The texture is consistent with the charging box, and the smooth and round body is comfortable to wear and skin-friendly.

The earphone handle adopts an oval cylindrical design, and the back touch area is designed with a flat surface, which is convenient for users to operate blindly. There is a noise reduction microphone next to it, which is used for voice calls to pick up external environmental noise.

The earphone charging contact is located at the silver tail plug of the earphone, and a call microphone is placed in the middle, which is closer to the mouth when worn, and can accurately pick up the human voice during a voice call.

The earphone in-ear curve is adjusted through ergonomic simulation, which can naturally fit the auricle, and with a lightweight design, it provides a comfortable, lightweight and long-lasting wearing experience.

Honor Earbuds X2 true wireless earphones continue the texture of the previous generation in the overall appearance design. The body processed by the piano paint process is smooth and round and comfortable to the touch. The wearing comfort has been further optimized. The handle-shaped semi-in-ear design, the ergonomic simulation and debugging in-ear curve, and the lightweight body provide a comfortable and stable wearing effect.

Connection and Interactive Experience

The foundation of all TWS earbuds lies in a stable connection. Earbuds X2 true wireless headset upgrades Bluetooth 5.2 and SAW anti-interference technology, and the connection is farther and more stable. In the experience, there is no disconnection or intermittent audio playback in the two situations where the straight line distance is unobstructed 10 meters away, the many equipment in the office and the three walls are blocked.

When connected, open the cover and automatically power on to enter the bluetooth pairing state. Search for “Earbuds X2” on the mobile phone to quickly pair and connect. After the first pairing is successful, it will automatically reconnect after opening the cover, which is very convenient to use. The bluetooth connection/disconnection is accompanied by a water drop sound effect, so that the user can know the status of the headset in time.

In terms of control, Honor Earbuds X2 TWS adopts a touch operation scheme. You can operate multiple functions by lightly touching the touch area on the back of the earbud handle. It supports multiple modes of double-click, triple-click, long-press, and double-headphone simultaneous long-press, which realizes pause/play, wake up voice assistant, upper/lower song cut and enter/exit game mode control, with rich functions, clear logic, and easy to use.

Sound Quality of Honor Earbuds X2

The audio experience mainly includes listening to music, video, and games. The music experience focuses on audio quality. In addition to sound quality, video and games also need to ensure low latency to provide smooth and comfortable use.

Earbuds X2 true wireless headphones use a custom 12mm bio-diaphragm, a large dynamic, and a lightweight copper-clad aluminum voice coil. In the sense of music listening, it focuses on low-frequency effects and presents surging sound effects. With a semi-open listening method, the sound field is open, natural and full. In the experience of “Let’s go——Full Trunk”, the fusion of various instruments is clearly presented. In the performance of “Bomb Digga Woo-Jhameel”, the details of the vocal sense of the front music and the back are like singing in your ears.

In the exclusive APP of the same name of Earbuds X2, there are also preset 8 types of equalizers: standard, jazz, vocal, dance, country, natural, classical, and popular. The fun of using the product.

In terms of movie watching and gaming experience, based on Bluetooth 5.2 technology, its standard mode has been able to respond well to application scenarios such as video refreshing and movie watching. As for the gaming experience that has higher requirements for delay, after the game mode is turned on, both the “Game For Peace” and the “LOL” experience have a smooth game experience with audio and video synchronization.

Voice Calls and Battery Life

In addition to the audio-visual experience, another major use scenario for TWS headsets is voice calls. However, since the earphone is worn away from the mouth when used, it is more susceptible to the influence of the external environment, making the sound heard by the other party noisy and unable to clearly obtain correct information. Although Honor Earbuds X2 true wireless headset is an entry-level product, it is equipped with high-end product application technology in terms of call noise reduction.

Honor Earbuds X2 is equipped with dual microphone units, beamforming technology enables it to pick up surrounding sounds more accurately, and adopts DNN neural network call noise reduction algorithm, in different usage scenarios, intelligently filter environmental noise and provide clear voice Call effect. Whether in the office scene in the workroom or the noisy street during lunch time, the call quality can still be clearly seen.

Honor Earbuds X2 is based on optimized low-power chips. When fully charged, the earphone music can last up to 6 hours in a single time. With the charging case, the overall battery life can exceed 28 hours, which can satisfy users for 2-3 days of daily use. . Convenient Type-C charging, with better compatibility, no need to wear additional charging equipment when traveling or on business trips, making it more convenient to use.


Honor Earbuds X2 is a good choice for users who want to switch from wired earphones to TWS earbuds. First of all, in terms of appearance, Honor’s high-quality requirements for its products have continued to this product. The headset has a strong overall texture and excellent workmanship, and the semi-in-ear ergonomic design also provides a long-term comfortable experience.

In terms of functional experience, there will be many changes from wired to wireless. Honor Earbuds X2 can help users get started quickly through convenient connection and interaction. The stable connection provided by bluetooth 5.2 and SAW anti-jamming technology, and the single 6h and overall 28h battery life provided by the optimized low-power chip also reduce the insecurity of users using wireless headsets.

In terms of audio experience, the biggest change from wired to wireless is the loss of sound quality and delay. Earbuds X2 provides good audio effects and lower delay through the combination of hardware and software configuration. The multiple preset sound effects of the exclusive APP are also as satisfying as possible. The preferences of different users. In terms of calls, the dual-microphone + DNN neural network noise reduction algorithm ensures the clear audio quality used in daily full-scene calls.

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