Apple launches a new color scheme for HomePod mini, with a variety of colors to choose


October 19, Beijing time. Apple released three new products, namely AirPods 3, MacBook Pro and HomePod mini in 3 new colors. Today we will talk about this HomePod mini.

Apple HomePod mini

Apple released the HomePod mini in two colors, white and black in 2020, and added orange, yellow and blue in this conference. A total of 5 different colors of HomePod mini can be decorated in different scenes, providing users with more personalized color expressions.

The appearance of the HomePod mini speaker adopts a circular shape, the surface is wrapped in a seamless woven mesh, and the overall height is about 9cm. The backlit touchpad on the top of the speaker can produce different color fluctuations based on voice interaction. In terms of functional configuration, HomePod mini is equipped with an Apple S5 processor with a built-in ultra-wideband chip, which can accurately locate the latest Apple models and other smart home devices. Based on a powerful ecosystem, seamless connection between multiple devices is achieved, bringing an immersive 360° audio experience.

From the appearance point of view, these colors are very bright and full of personality. New products in three colors of orange, yellow and blue will go on sale in November, priced at $99 (price is 749 RMB in China), which is the same price as the white and black HomePod mini.

Prior to this, 52audio disassembled the white Apple HomePod mini smart speaker. HomePod mini not only supports 360° audio, intelligent assistant, home control, combined stereo and other functions. It also supports the broadcast function, which can connect to Apple’s ecological equipment in real time, and transmit information to each other in the form of broadcast, which increases the use scene and interest of the product.

Apple HomePod mini

The Siri intelligent assistant function can be said to be one of the highlights of the HomePod mini speaker, which can help users deal with many daily tasks, such as weather forecasts, playing music, and schedule reminders.

HomePod mini can also listen to Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, exclusive radio programs, and also supports music apps such as QQ Music, NetEase Cloud Music and Kugou Music, providing entertainment experience for all users. The Apple Music library contains tens of millions of songs, as well as thousands of select playlists carefully selected by top musicians and music critics, including hundreds of new playlists customized for Apple Music’s voice control solution. And a wealth of exclusive radio programs and other original content.

Through this conference, smart Siri has also been paid attention to by more people, and HomePod mini can create a deeply integrated personalized experience for iPhone users. Siri can recognize the voices of up to 6 different family members, recommend music and podcasts tailored to their preferences, and respond to their needs for reading messages, reminders, memos, etc.

In general, this Apple conference released three new HomePod mini colors: orange, yellow, and blue. The performance is the same as the white and black colors released in 2020. Which one of the three new colors do you like best?


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