When I was running, my AirPods accidentally fell and broke. I still need sports headphones


I love to listen to music, especially when I run. I didn’t pay attention to a section of the road recently and accidentally dropped my AirPods. Although it was not broken, it was just bumped, but it still felt distressed. Maybe I am not suitable for running with true wireless bluetooth headset. So, I considered changing to a sports headset.

Apple AirPods

I recently looked at the sports bluetooth earphones on the Internet and saw one that suits me very well. That is the HIK Z1S bluetooth sports earphone. Then I bought it and tried it. The effect is really good. I am satisfied with the following points.

HIK Z1S sports headset

One is the HIK brand, a team with 25 years of acoustic experience, and has also developed earphone products of internationally renowned brands. And HIK’s headphones have also been evaluated by major Internet celebrities, and their reputation is good! The brand team has a long history in order to have an extreme understanding of user experience. Just like Apple, it has a long history, so every time it launches a new product, it can capture the hearts of most people. Therefore, Apple is the world’s most valuable listed company.

HIK Z1S sports headset

The second is the HIK Z1S earphone, which uses Qualcomm’s flagship chip QCC 3034. For digital products, the chip is very important. This Qualcomm flagship chip fully supports Bluetooth 5.0, fully supports aptx HD, ACC high-fidelity audio coding, and supports aptx LL with a delay of about 60ms. What is the concept of 60ms, the best headphones on the market are just that. Support CVC8.0 call noise reduction, needless to say the importance of call noise reduction, the noise reduction ratio is increased by 20%, it is a very flagship chip!

HIK Z1S sports earphone

The third is the appearance of the earphone. It looks good. It is comfortable to wear in the ear and will not be tired after a few hours. It is said that this is a black technology, the dolphin bionic cavity is close to the ear canal, while ensuring the sound quality. The acoustic structure of the sound cavity is to learn from the natural world, to use nature as a teacher, and to apply it to headphones, that is, black technology. Then the earphone cable is an upgraded nylon cable. The quality is very light. It has no feeling when worn on the neck, and the black and white color is a decoration on the neck, which is very beautiful. The headphone cord is very hard and difficult to break.

HIK Z1S sports earphone

The fourth is performance. As a bluetooth headset without charging case, it can be used continuously for 10 hours after a single charge. All this is due to the low power consumption of the flagship chip. It can be used for 3 hours after 15 minutes of charging. . In terms of sound quality, there is such a professional team, and there is no need to worry, it is still very good at this price.

HIK Z1S sports earphone

If you are a sports-loving person, then it is recommended to use professional sports bluetooth headphones, because true wireless bluetooth headphones will still fall off if the movement is a little larger. If there are too many people on the runway, the earphones may be damaged by people behind. In general, this HIK Z1S earphone is very worthwhile, and I like it very much.


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