What do headphone enthusiasts give for Christmas? HIFIMAN RE2000 simple review


The annual Christmas is coming again. Have you thought about what to buy for your boy (girl) friends? In fact, there is no good choice, front-end player, earphone, amp, whichever is no problem, this time I chose three types of earphones, HIFIMAN RE2000 silver Hi-Fi earphones.

HIFIMAN RE2000 silver Hi-Fi earphones

There are two versions of HIFIMAN RE2000, one is a silver aluminum alloy version, and the other is a brass cavity plated 24K gold version. The price difference between the two is huge. The silver version is 4499 RMB, and the gold version is 10860 RMB. Friends who are not on a budget recommend buying silver. The version is good, and if the front-end is not particularly good, it is difficult to play the required quality even if you buy the 24K gold version.

HIFIMAN RE2000 silver Hi-Fi earphonesHIFIMAN RE2000 silver Hi-Fi earphones

The product accessories are still very rich, a total of 6 pairs of eartips, friends who don’t like too thick bass can choose two-section eartips and three-section eartips to reduce the low-frequency sense, as well as ear hooks and single crystal copper silver-plated HiFi cables.

HIFIMAN RE2000 silver Hi-Fi earphones

The HIFIMAN RE2000 earphones unit interface is not mmcx but a dual-pin method. Both are widely used in high-end headphone brands. The mmcx connection can be blindly plugged, but after a long time it will not be firmly attached, and the dual-pin connection You need to be careful at the time, but the connection is very close, and the virtual connection will not appear for a long time to avoid the bias.

HIFIMAN RE2000 silver Hi-Fi earphones

HIFIMAN RE2000 around-ear earphones are still very comfortable to wear, and this method can effectively avoid the stethoscope effect. When talking with people, you can also directly remove them and hang them on the ears, which is very convenient.

HIFIMAN RE2000 silver Hi-Fi earphones HIFIMAN RE2000 silver Hi-Fi earphones

The information content of HIFIMAN RE2000 silver belongs to a consistent style, with high density, solid and mellow middle and low frequencies, bright high frequencies but without any burr. Whether it is low-frequency human voices or high-frequency female voices, RE2000 gives excellent sound field performance, and the separation is about the headphones. It’s also obvious. The imaging and positioning are clear, and the three-frequency connection is smooth, without obvious defects. The sound is true, clear, accurate, the position of the instrument is clearly identifiable, the sound field is very open, and the details are dense. Use this earphone as a Christmas gift for your best earphone enthusiast. He (she) will love it. Choose it for this Christmas gift.

Hifiman RE2000 Silver Topological Diaphragm Dynamic In-Ear Earphones HIFI Non-destructive High-Fidelity Around-Ear



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