The flat-diaphragm headset category may not be understood by ordinary friends, but those who like to listen to music or music enthusiasts know how much, flat-diaphragm headphones are generally synonymous with high-end headphones, and their strong resolution is its characteristic One, its acoustic structure is completely different from dynamic headphones. The film of open flat diaphragm headphones is much thinner than dynamic diaphragm, so thinner diaphragm brings richer details, but it has always been because of its high-end Positioning makes many audio enthusiasts unable to buy it. The headset we are going to talk about today is an entry-level cheap flat-panel diaphragm headset: HIFIMAN HE400se.

| Retro style, lightweight design

The HIFIMAN HE400se adopts a retro headphone with big earmuffs, a lightweight metal shell and a black metal mesh cover. It has a retro metal punk beauty, and this original aesthetic design makes this headset look very ” “Fever”, don’t look at the price of less than 600RMB, but it brings a sense of quality far beyond this price.

The HE400 series of headset is not a new product line of HIFIMAN. It is a very classic earphone series. It has won many international awards. In this generation, the earphone design has become more mature and lightweight. The metal shell, coupled with a new type of plating, combined with a simple and durable mechanical design, improves the durability of the headset, increases the life span of the original design by 30%, and enhances the weather resistance of wet areas.

The new plating layer on the metal mesh cover is not easy to peel off the paint, can resist the collision of daily use, and protect the extremely fragile flat diaphragm unit inside.

The headset model and brand LOGO are printed on the two sections of the head beam to enhance the recognition of the headset.

There are 3.5mm input jacks on both sides, metal jacks, durability is guaranteed, long-term plugging and unplugging will not cause mechanical damage to the interface.

The wire material of the headset is thick, the main line stage is strong and durable, and it is equipped with a 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter, which is convenient for audiophiles to connect to the amp with a 6.5mm jack.

The large and thick head beam provides good comfort when wearing. The leather-wrapped head beam brings a certain texture improvement. The metal and leather are a combination of highlighting the texture. The inner filler of the head beam is also made of material and thick. , Provides good softness when pressed on the head.

| Planar diaphragm and hearing experience

Below the huge unit is the sound structure of the flat diaphragm. Maybe the average enthusiast has less contact with the flat diaphragm. Our ordinary users are more exposed to the dynamic driver. The so-called “flat diaphragm” is simply a thin sheet. The principle of the diaphragm vibration is to evenly distribute the conductor layer on the surface of the diaphragm. When the diaphragm of the plane configuration is driven by electromagnetic force, the force is more uniform than that of the cone structure of the moving coil, so the sound loss is smaller and at the same time The diaphragm thickness is very thin, and the analytical power is significantly improved compared to dynamic.

Because of the configuration characteristics of the flat diaphragm, the HIFIMAN HE400se headset is an open design, which also makes the sound of the unit more transparent and atmospheric. Compared with the closed earphone, the sound field advantage of the open earphone is self-evident and more The large sound field and transparent sound give people a comfortable sense of hearing. The sound will not be reflected too much because of the closed design, and the sound will be more pure.

Using the DAC mode of HIFIMAN R2R2000, when the front is connected to a mobile phone or PC, the deep potential of the HIFIMAN HE400se can be fully developed. The HIFIMAN player can be used with the HIFIMAN player to drive the HE400se headset easily. The clear and bright sound is the most impressive thing about the HIFIMAN HE400se. In part, the large sound field performance brought by the flat diaphragm is also particularly amazing.

The flat-diaphragm unit headset will have more advantages when listening to some large-scale compilation songs. The image positioning of the musical instrument is very accurate, and it can hear more layers, and at the same time, the amount of information expressed is greater. Because of the shortcomings of dynamic headphones, the performance should be more balanced.

The frequency response range of HIFIMAN HE400se is: 20Hz~20kHz, impedance is only 25Ω, and sensitivity is 91bB, so it is an easy-to-drive earphone. This performance surpasses the quality of the previous generation of flat-diaphragm headphones, even if it is the mainstream Compared with dynamic headphones, it is also easier to drive. When the mobile phone is connected, the volume is already very loud when the volume reaches 70%. You can also get a good listening experience directly connected to the mobile phone.

In addition, the open design, the sound field performance of the sound is very good, suitable for listening to vocals and large-scale music, its high-frequency performance is a part I personally like very much, the performance of the middle and low frequencies can also meet the needs of hearing, especially the middle frequency The sleek and full, compared to the previous generation of flat-diaphragm headphones, there is a certain improvement.

| Hearing experience summary

HIFIMAN HE400se is a kindly priced flat diaphragm earphone. The easy-to-drive characteristics of the flat diaphragm earphone perform well on it. The retro design and lightweight materials make it fashionable and comfortable to wear, suitable for all-weather It can be used for listening to music, and there is no sultry feeling after wearing it for a long time. It is a good entry choice for enthusiasts who want to experience flat-panel headphones.

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