HIFIMAN’s new HE400se flat-diaphragm headphones simple evaluation


Once I chatted with a friend, I mentioned the earphone circle. In fact, the quality of the headphones of 50~100 dollars is quite good, such as KossPP, Creative Live2, etc., each has its own characteristics, some have strong low frequency, and some sound rendering dyed Comfortable, and the simple evaluation brought to you today is a new product from HIFIMAN: HE400se open flat diaphragm headphones.

Accessories: audio cable, 3.5mm+6.35mm dual jacks, warranty card.


The HIFIMAN HE400se headphones personally believes that its positioning is recommended for ordinary users. Before HE400se, in fact, HE400 series won many awards such as Goldenes Ohr in 2016. HE400se is newer and stronger. It is a small upgraded version of HE400 series. The left and right ear beams are printed with HIFIMAN and HE400se model logos.


The LR logo is printed on the inside of the head beam.


However, although most of the soft parts are leather, the HIFIMAN HE400se headphones that contact the ears and faces are made of cotton material. This cotton material is similar to the ear cotton material of Sennheiser PX100 and KOSSPP earlier. My personal concern is , Will the ear cotton part of PX100 and KOSSPP drop scum after two or three years of use? To be verified by time.


Whether it is the leather head beam, the ear bag part, the silver appearance, and the black metal grid coating, it gives people a rough and delicate visual experience on the senses. Due to the use of new materials, the total weight of the headphones is only 390g. Heavier and more durable.

Although the price is low-end, HIFIMAN HE400se is still equipped with 3.5mm and 6.35mm dual interfaces, even for advanced players, the accessories also give enough playability.


In terms of the wearing experience, I personally think it is good. The metal rod of the head beam can be stretched and contracted at will. However, I found that the coating is easy to peel off during use. It may be that I accidentally bumped it. Praise the HE400se because this headphones is not as chucking as many headphoness, and personally feels relatively comfortable.


Here comes the important point, in terms of sound quality, since this headphones is an open flat diaphragm, first of all, I think it is more inclined to monitor style.

Secondly, compared to dynamic headphones, HIFIMAN’s NEO ultra-nano diaphragm has a much better distortion rate. At least at this price point, I think the image is clearer, and the positioning of human voices and musical instruments in the sound field is more accurate and layered. With 25Ω impedance and high sensitivity, even old playback devices are easy to drive.

But if you are a lover who always likes to listen to rock and gothic styles, then this headphones may not be suitable for you. For example, I have a little brother who likes nightwish and German tanks for a long time, and HIFIMAN HE400se of the low frequency is absolutely large, but the personal feeling of diving is general, so if you listen to nightwish songs, you will find that although the low frequency is large, it will not bring you particularly shocking low frequency effects.


But if you only use it to listen to pop music, I think this HIFIMAN HE400se is very worth buying. I just said that the low frequency is large but the dive is not deep, and its intermediate frequency is absolutely not concave, and the high frequency and sound field and knot Like positioning performance is very good. Used to listening to the world’s best low frequency, buying HE400se headphones may bring you a different surprise experience.

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