Headfonia announces 2020 HiFi Equipment Awards


The well-known foreign HiFi media Headfonia announced the 2020 annual award on December 15. Its Chinese brands Hiby, HIFIMAN, ShanLing, TUOPIN, 1More and other products have won awards. Headfonia said that this year’s new crown epidemic disrupted most people’s work plans, but there are still many bright new products this year. Portable players and in-ear headphones are still the most popular products, and there are also some great amps, DACs and headphones released. We select the best from the best, and select the most qualified product for each category.

Each editor of the Headfonia website gave their own awards, and QUCOX selected some representative award-winning products:

2020 products of the year

Astell&Kern SP2000, priced at 26,888 RMB.

Astell&Kern SP2000

Comment: This portable player has exquisite workmanship and outstanding sound quality. It is currently one of the best flagship players on the market.

Best universal bluetooth in-ear headphones:

Beyerdynamic Xelento wireless, priced at 7999 RMB.

Beyerdynamic Xelento wireless

Comment: This earphone has excellent wearing comfort and good design. The built-in Tesla dynamic driver provides excellent sound effects.

Best universal wired in-ear headphones:

Germany Vision Ears EVE20 6-unit armature earphones, priced at 11,800 RMB.

Vision Ears EVE20

Comment: This headphone has top quality and unique tuning style. Not only the sound quality of the headset is good, but the quality of workmanship and accessories are also first-class.

Best custom in-ear headphones:

Unique Melody/ UM MEST, the price is 10999 RMB.

Unique Melody UM MEST

Comment: This headphone uses dynamic + armature + static electricity + bone conduction 8 unit design, the sound has good speed, clarity and bass, and the sound field is profound. Bone conduction technology brings an unprecedented experience, and winning this award is effortless.

Best portable decoding amp:

EarMen Sparrow, priced at €229.

EarMen Sparrow

Comment: This product is very compact and provides reasonable sound quality at this price. If you want to choose a portable decoder with balanced output, this one is undoubtedly recommended.

Best small desktop decoding amp:

TUOPIN Topping DX7 Pro, priced at 3999 RMB.

TUOPIN Topping DX7 Pro

Comment: TUOPIN may be one of the most successful and most popular brands this year. The performance of this product surpasses many expensive products. It is compact and powerful, and has a variety of digital input functions.

Best large-size desktop decoding amp:

Burson 3XP, priced at $1344.

Comment: This product has excellent musicality and output power, which is impressive. It can drive many different types of headphones at high and low prices, such as HIFIMAN Susvara. This product can be loved and highly recommended.

Best entry-level headphones:

HIFIMAN HE-400i 2020, priced at $169.

HIFIMAN HE-400i 2020

Comment: When the judges received this product, they were shocked by the price. It is hard to imagine a product with such sound quality at this price. This product is most recommended for entry-level users and does not require much professional knowledge.

Best Portable Player (DAP):

Hiby R8, the price is about 12998 RMB.

Hiby R8

Comment: Compared with the annual product SP2000, this product is also worth recommending. Hiby R8 has gorgeous sound and many functions (4G, WiFi, etc.). It is a full-featured player with a good experience.

Best neck-mounted bluetooth headphones:

1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro, priced at $149.99.

1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro

Comment: The headphone has excellent workmanship and balanced tuning, which can stand out from many products. The active noise reduction function is effective and cost-effective.

Best bluetooth headphone adapter cable:

ShanLing MW200, priced at 698 RMB.

ShanLing MW200

Comment: The experience of using this product is very pleasant, and it can even replace TWS headphones. The sound quality of the microphone call is excellent, and it can be upgraded through the mobile phone OTA without obvious unpleasant defects.


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