Nowadays, there are so many brands of bluetooth headphones that consumers suffer from choice difficulties. It’s really difficult to choose, the better grade is too expensive, and the cheap sound quality is not good.

Bluetooth headphones have replaced part of the wired headset market because of their ease of use. However, due to the loss of transmission, the sound quality is still not comparable to wired headsets, and everyone is very tolerant of the sound quality of bluetooth earphones. Therefore, most of the cheap bluetooth earphones are mainly functional, and there are few upgrades in sound quality. But after all, sound quality is the soul of headphones. Isn’t there a cheap and beautiful bluetooth headphones to choose from?

I think Haylou W1 is doing a very good job. The price of this earbuds is low, but it uses a combination of knowles armature + composite diaphragm dynamic sound unit, which combines the advantages of moving coil and armature for better resolution and low frequency performance.

In addition, it also uses the Qualcomm 3040 bluetooth chip. This chip has strong performance, supports Bluetooth 5.2 protocol standard, aptx high-definition audio codec function, better advanced audio algorithms and binaural synchronization quality, and is an ideal choice for bluetooth headsets.

Although cheap, its appearance is not ugly. The oval charging case is small and exquisite, and the surface is frosted, which has a delicate touch and can resist fingerprints.

There are four LED indicators on the front of the charging case, which can indicate the power, without opening the lid to view. On the back is the Type-C charging port.

The handle of the earphone is shaped like a piano, with strong lines and a strong three-dimensional effect. The surface of the earphone is an anti-oxidation coating process, which is not easy to change color, and also has a good scratch and scratch resistance effect. The earphone cavity is full, combined with the biased sound hole, the shape is like a pea shooter, and like the beating notes on the strings. The sound hole is protected by a metal mesh cover for easy cleaning of earwax and other dirt.

The earphone handle is also a touch area, which supports rich operation content. There is an LED indicator light on the top of the earphone handle and a microphone hole for calls at the bottom.

Haylou W1 earphones are very light and have no weight. Its cavity is full, can fully fit with the ear concha cavity, and disperse the pressure, it is very stable to wear. The earphone also has an IP4 waterproof function, so sweating during exercise will not hurt it.

The touch area supports operation functions such as play/pause, cut song, answer/end, and reject. It is very convenient to operate without taking out the mobile phone. The mobile phone is very sensitive to operation and responds promptly.

Haylou W1 also supports “Xiao Ai” APP, which can be downloaded by scanning the code in the manual, and there will be a pop-up prompt when connecting. In the APP, you can complete the settings of sound effects, broadcast content, etc., and you can also talk with Xiao Ai to complete the voice assistant content such as weather broadcasts and contact queries. There is another advantage of APP support, which is to optimize hardware performance through upgrades.

Because of the Qualcomm 3040 bluetooth chip, the earbud has aptx encoding and decoding functions. Aptx is known as the patron saint of Qualcomm’s sound quality. It can transmit high-definition sound quality close to the CD level. Its audio sampling rate can reach 48KHz and the bit depth can reach 24 bits, which is better than non-Qualcomm chip headsets.

For the price, Haylou W1’s hardware configuration in terms of sound quality is very luxurious. But if you just stack the hardware and ignore the tuning, it is equivalent to giving you a super sports car, and then you put on the reverse gear and step on the accelerator.

The tuning of Haylou W1 is neutral and does not favor any frequency band. Through many days of audition, I was deeply impressed by its resolution and low-frequency texture. First of all, its analytical power is much better than similar competitors, knowles armature played an important role. The earphones sound transparent, without the feeling of dullness, and the sound details are rich, and they have a good display of the human voice. Secondly, its low frequency is flexible and shows high quality. The tuning of Haylou W1 earphones is also in place, with smooth connection between high and low, and the sound has a sense of hierarchy, and the sound quality is obviously better than that of competing products at the same price. There are also shortcomings, it is still a common problem of in-ear earphones, the horizontal sound field is not wide.

Aptx codec also has a better anti-delay effect. In the audio round-trip test, it got an excellent result of 119 milliseconds. The anti-delay performance of the headset is much better than that of the non-Qualcomm bluetooth headset. In actual use, the audio does not need to go back and forth, and the delay caused by the mobile phone system must be removed, so the final result is only tens of milliseconds, and there is basically no delay. It needs to be stated that this is a less rigorous test and does not represent the final result.

This anti-delay performance is very suitable for playing games such as “PUBG Mobile”, because this type of game relies heavily on sound performance and needs to respond quickly to information such as gunshots, footsteps, etc., so that the enemy can fire first. Haylou W1 responds to gunshots in a timely manner, and the sound with surround effects can create a sense of space, which is helpful for judging the direction and distance of the sound.

Haylou W1 earphone adopts an array of 4 microphone noise reduction microphones, which can intelligently recognize environmental sounds, and the voice is clear and there is less noise during a call. The Qualcomm 3040 chip also has excellent power consumption performance. Haylou W1 can last for about 6 hours in a single time, and it has 20 hours of battery life with the charging case.

The combination of knowles armature+ composite moving coil combination sound unit and Qualcomm 3040 Bluetooth 5.2 chip makes its sound quality very value-for-money. At the same time, the Qualcomm chip has outstanding anti-delay performance and is also very suitable for playing games. And the appearance of Haylou W1 is not sloppy because of the low price. Earphones less than 200 yuan are done very carefully, and the final advantages and disadvantages are summarized!

Beautiful appearance, good resolution and low frequency flexibility, and outstanding anti-delay effect.

There is no volume adjustment content for touch operation, you need to take out the phone to complete.

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